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Part 47: Hellion: The Flame Demon

Hellion: The Flame Demon

Before we actually fight Hellion properly, I would like to do a damage comparison of our offensive classes. Mainly to show you what our guild members are capable of. What I did was give everyone except Bellamy a Power Ring (he has an Apt Piece instead.) and have Frederik use Warmight on them. So, let's have Ken use Midareba.

Yeah, he's by far our best damage dealer. He has a ridiculously high strength gain which makes his physical attacks hit really hard.

Nick's damage is fairly decent, but his real damage skills are the bait skills, which we won't be getting for a while.

Fedot's Ricochet dealt the same amount of damage 5 times. His damage isn't as good as Ken's, but it's definitely better than most other members.

Pauline's Apollon in action. She only has 24 strength, so this isn't an impressive number, since the damage modifier for it is 480%. For most other classes that would lead to a much bigger number. How about 2-Bolt?

OH GOD SURVIVALISTS ARE WORSE THAN I- wait, it's only level 4. How about a level 10 version?

Better, but not by much. And it only hits twice at max level. This is really bad compared to Ricochet. Fedot was hitting harder, and he can hit more times with that move.

Decent damage, but this isn't Ling's best damage skill. We'll be getting that one later.

This is pretty much Emilia's best skill, aside from maybe her chaser skills.

If you think this is low damage, keep in mind that Freeze is only level 3. What would the damage be like at level 10?

Whoa. I told you he was a bit ahead of the curve in damage. Now back to your regularly scheduled update.

PC-88 Version

This is the team that we'll be rolling with for Hellion.

: Alright, we're gonna be taking down Hellion. Anything else you all need to do before we go?

: Finally, some action. I'm ready. I ensure you that I won't disappoint.

: Ti, do! Ah, that's how it went! Oh, yes. I am ready!

: I suppose.

: Oh after I'm done with that thing, it'll be begging and squealing for mercy!

: Alright then. Let's go.

PC-88 Version

PC-88 Version

You sense a horrible presence beyond the fluttering red leaves... It knows you're here, but for now, it's content to watch your every move. This must be the Hellion you were sent to defeat... Draw your weapons and challenge the fiend!

: What the hell? It has hair? It looks like some sort of deformed person with that.

: A very fat deformed person with long and smooth hair.

: Where do you think it gets it styled?

: Focus!

: Yes, admiring its hair is an excellent use of our time.

Nick's role is gonna be trying to arm bind the thing, and deal some damage to it.

Aegis is gonna tank all the single target hits, and make sure that he and Nick can barely take any damage.

Fedot is gonna get rid of the first turn confusion, and any other status effects the party might get hit by. He'll also be dealing some decent damage while he's at it too.

Bellamy is all about the damage and one of the better damage dealers for the fight.

Gilbert's gonna be supporting. After he's done laying down Bravery, he's gonna be healing since we don't have an actual healer on the team.

Let's do this.

Video: Hellion

PC-88 Version

The chances for Nick landing an arm bind aren't great, but I might as well have him do something.

Aegis is ensuring that Inferno and his regular attacks always hit him.

Fedot's pretty slow, so I have him preemptively queue up a Medishot in case anyone gets confused.

Bellamy has a decent enough TP pool to spam this a few times.

Gilbert's only job is to boost the party's damage slightly.

: Why can't I tie up these big guys?

: Come and get it!

: May you all bravely fight!


: Oh no! Was the next note a G-sharp major or an I flat-minor?

Thankfully Fedot didn't get hit by this so he can cure Nick and Gilbert instantly.

: Don't worry, I got you covered!

: Oh phew! It worked! I mean, HA! It worked!

Aegis is now gonna shield our front lines, while Nick keeps attempting to land his arm bind.

Fedot is now gonna use Ricochet while Bellamy just spams Freeze for the rest of the fight.

Gilbert's job is done, he's not gonna do much now.

: I am an impenetrable wall. You are nothing.

: Come on!

: Oh phooey. I thought I could've done more.

: Need to mix in the sulfur. Add in 10 mg of potassium nitrate... Okay, here goes!

Ricochet went off three times here.

: Oh ho! That's was explosive! So what do you think is gonna be the most meaty part of him? The arms? The legs?

: I'd prefer not to let any part of that thing near my mouth.

: I'm out of here!

: I don't wanna do this! That pain is just too much!

: Yes yes, keep whining while the rest of us go and do something useful.

: Where are you going to run to? There's no way out aside from our Warp Wires.

: I'll think of something!

: Give me that Warp Wire!

: Oh calm down you big babies.

: Will you all be quiet? I don't have an unlimited supply of these!

: HA! Finally!

: Not so tough now, are ya?

Remember how I said that most bosses are immune to instant death?

Hellion isn't one of them.

: I'd like to see this immortal monster come back after I do this to it!

: What the hell are you- oh god, everyone look away!

: Why- Oh dear god.

: That's just barbaric and wrong on so many levels.


PC-88 Version

In fact, in order to get Hellion's conditional drop, you have to kill it with instant death. For the record, RNG instant death like the Ronin's Issen or Kubiuchi will work. It's just a really bad idea. See, Hellion is actually resistant to instant death. Really resistant. To the point where a max level Kubiuchi only has a 1% chance of landing the instant death if the Ronin's luck is lower than Hellion's. 2% if it's equal, and 3% at 99 luck. Yeah, you're intended to use Climax for this. Hellion is the only boss you can kill with instant death. Well, there's one other boss it works on. But you can't cheese the rest of the Stratum bosses this way. Because Climax works on it, fighting Hellion over and over is a good way to grind and make lots of money, since her conditional drop sells for 30,000en too.

PC-88 Version

: What? That's it? Sheesh, didn't expect that to work.


: Congratulations Nick, you broke our Troubadour.

: What? It worked, didn't it? What's he crying about?

: How about that you tied-

: Please don't describe what happened. I'm still trying my best to forget about it.

: Whatever, let's just move on.

There's no in game text after you kill Hellion. Anyways, the party got level ups, with Fedot and Bellamy getting two.

Nick puts another point into Cuffs.

Aegis levels up Shields to 3, which unlocked all the Anti-elemental skills.

I had Fedot put his points into some stats, because honestly? There's not much else a Gunner wants.

Bellamy put his points into Analysis, which now gives a 20% to weakness damage.

And Gilbert puts another point into Bravery. It's now a 23% damage boost.

We're done with the 2nd Stratum for now.

PC-88 Version

Welcome to the 3rd Stratum, the Frozen Grounds.

: Ah! A beautiful white blanket covers the land! It is like bliss. Achoo!

: G-glad you snapped out that quickly. It's freezing in here.

: Hmm, I do think I figured out what the next Stratum will look like. If it's not the floating castle.

: Looks like we're still kind of far from it.

: How did you figure that out? We just stepped in here.

: You didn't notice? Well I see no reason to tell you.

Your mission to defeat the Hellion is complete. You should return to town now and report to the Duke's Palace.


As a nice little touch, the footstep sounds change when you're in this Stratum. It sounds like you're treading through snow instead stepping on some grass.

: Well, let's report to Dubois about our... success.

: You're going to leave out the part where Nick, er...

: Yes.

PC-88 Version

PC-88 Version

: This puts you among the elite rank of explorers skilled enough to challenge the third Stratum. Not many in High Lagaard ever achieve such strength...

: Ha! We'll get to that floating castle in no time!

: Your confidence suits you, but do not get carried away as your adventures continue. Ah yes, and as Minister of the Grand Duchy, allow this old man to present your reward.

: That's it?

: Really? Well at least we still have Hellion's Claw to sell.

: Quiet.

: You've outdone yourself this time! It pains me to interfere with your triumph, but... Guild Firefly, will you heed an old man's request? I'm sure you remember your mission to help create the medicine for the Duke. But I fear the Fire Plume you retrieved for us... will not be enough.

: And why is that?

: Only lately have we discovered the other ingredients necessary to save the Duke's life. Would you be so good as to lend us your strength to find the rest of them?

: Okay. So what do we need to look for?

: Then you'll help us? Many thanks... I'll waste no more time in explaining. Your next objective, the Snow Bloom, grows on the 12th floor of the Frozen Grounds. I had assumed it would be a fairly easy task, and sent in the guard corps... But not a single member has yet returned with a Snow Bloom. Guild Firefly, I believe you are our best hope in the matter. Go to the 12th floor and work with the soldiers there to obtain the Snow Blooms. We need four flowers in total. I realize it's a lot to ask, but we're counting on you.

Let's see what he has to say normally.

: The third Stratum- Aaaachoooo! Has severe winter chills flowing through the air.

: Ahh, of course. You've reached the third Stratum, the land of ice... You have my sympathies. If you haven't experienced a Lagaardian winter, know that the cold is considerable. Newcomers to our country often find it difficult to cope. But you're a hardy breed. You should have no troubles. I expect great things from you.

PC-88 Version

: An entire level covered in snow and ice... What causes this climate change in each Stratum? Speaking of which, I don't know if you're aware, but this town gets very cold in the winter. If you walk around in that kind of clothing, you'll catch a severe cold. That's all the advice I have for your. Never underestimate the Labyrinth.

PC-88 Version

: I heard yeh bested a huge fiend up on the 10th floor! No need to be shy! C'mon, tell us all the story!

: Well we fought the thing and Nick killed it.

: Awww... being all humble about it spoils the fun! Relax once in a while! Enjoy life! Working is good, but yeh need yer downtime!

: I'm not trying to be humble. So, what's on the board this time?

Oh this one is pretty bad.

: Whoa, this one sounds like it has some nice pay!

: That quest, eh? It might be kid of a hassle... Yeh sure about this?

The game even warns you about it.

: Well, yeh know the Duke's Palace isn't that far off, right? Naturally, his daughter lives with him. Us common folk don't hear much about their daily lives, since they're up in the palace, but... The Duke's daughter is having a birthday soon. There's a big celebration every year, and usually the whole city bands together to buy a gift. Usually it's a jewel. We have lots of jewelers, but not many quality stones. I think yeh can see where I'm heading with this. Sorry to ask yeh to do our dirty work, but... Well, look at it this way: do a good job, and yeh're that much closer to the Duke's daughter! Yeh can find precious stones on every floor up to the 10th, in at least one area per floor. Take yer time and find as many precious stones as you can, then bring 'em right here! Best of luck!

So this is another “tile hunt” quest, and you're not given a single hint aside from being told there's one on each floor. You only need one to finish the quest, but finding all of them gives you the maximum reward.

: What do we need to do for this one?

: Ahhh, that quest, eh? Great! It was actually requested with yeh in mind. I'm not sure who exactly posted it, but it's from the hospital. Just go to Lagaard Hospital as usual if yeh want the details.

Now this quest is kind of infamous. It's a huge pain to complete.

: How are we going to do this one?

: Hmm... taking that one, eh? It's rougher than it looks. A bit of history to start... Yeh ever heard of the Master Craftsman?

: Er, no. Do tell.

: He lived in lagaard long ago, and he was so talented, he even made the Duke's throne. His last work was a chess set.

: Wait, what's chess?

: Yeh don't know chess? It's a type of board game, see. There's six types of pieces in chess, and 32 pieces all told. Lots of craftsman give their own special touch to the pieces. Some collect them just as art. It's the same for this Master Craftsman's pieces... Yeh get the drift, eh?

: You still didn't explain what chess is.

: You don't know what it is? I thought someone who claims to be royalty would've known. I'll tell you about it later. Go on.

: One of the nobles around here is after the most important piece, the Queen. It's a rare piece, so yeh're on yer own in finding it, unless... Well, if yeh meet with someone who's got one, they'd want all the other pieces in trade. G'luck with this one!

: Wait, where do we start? How do we know where to look for these?

: He just posted another request up on that board. Oh, it's Cass'.

This quest unlocks immediately after accepting “The beautiful Queen.”

: Haw haw! I knew yeh'd take this one, since I'm the client! Yeh remember the quest yeh've got going, where that noble wants the Queen piece?

: Well we did just accept it.

: I told yeh before, but it won't be easy to come across. Many nobles collect the Master Craftsman's stuff, and they won't part with it for nothing. But they just might trade it to yeh for a piece they don't have. Now then... To tell the truth, I myself have one of these chess pieces! A man were in here once, and he paid with this piece instead of money. It's the only one I have. But it doesn't interest me much, and I know yeh need it, so I can't hide it away. So I'll swap it to yeh for a few things from the Labyrinth. Here's what I want... 1 Blood Rock, 1 Red Pine, and 3 Tri-Fruits. Bring me back all that, and I'll fork over my piece. G'luck!

Another fetch quest. Let's see what else is available.

Oh that's right. See, we can only take five quests at a time. If you want to take any more, you need to abandon a quest.

In fact, I'm abandoning The beautiful Queen. The reason for this is because it's gonna do noting but take up space in our quest log. All accepting it does is trigger the Quid pro quo quest. When it's time to turn in that quest, we can accept it again and report in. Why not just leave it in there until we're done with it? Oh that's because The beautiful Queen is a questline that forces you to go through a huge chain of deals before you're able to complete it. As for how long this chain of deals goes on, we can't turn in the quest until the postgame. Yeah, see why this quest is considered a pain? The small reward of the Beast Bell is pretty much there to trick you into thinking that this quest is smaller than it really is.

This quest is actually part of a quest line. One that's needed to access an optional boss.

: Ah, we must do this one!

: How're things? I was waiting for yeh to take this one. Why? Well, cause the client asked for yeh specifically. It's the owner of the Flaus Inn, the place where yeh stay and store yer items.

: Yes, we're familiar with the place.

: Go ask at the inn for all the juicy details. G'luck!

: I heard that you made it to the third Stratum. Are you okay?

: Oh, we're fine. It's juat a bit cold up there.

: I mean... I knew you'd be fine. I was just... a little worried. It's your job to explore, but please be careful in there!


The Bomb Axe is one of the best Axes in the game, and it's unlocked from selling that Sharp Claw.

PC-88 Verison

: Haha, we have so many patients these days, it's automatic for me to ask that. Sorry! As for the quest, we need to build up our stock of medicine for times like this. Could you please retrieve some medicinal components from the Labyrinth?

: What do you need?

: We need 5 Mint Leaves and 3 Beast Hides. I'm fairly sure you can find them all on the 10th floor. We can't let patients go untreated for lack of supplies. If you find what we need, take it to the Stickleback Bar. I have every confidence in you!

As for his normal dialogue.

: It seems half the patients I treat these days are talking about you.

: Just what are they saying?

: What do they say? Ahaha... Nothing that important. They're trying so hard to catch up to you that they overstrain themselves and get injured. I'm not really thrilled at the prospect... But injuries come with the territory for explorers. We can handle almost any wound here at Lagaard Hospital, so please come by anytime!

: Whoa! Even the other guilds are looking up to us now! I think everyone knows who we are now! Isn't that great?

: Yes. So great. I'm absolutely bursting with pride.

: You don't sound excited.

: Really. I must be tired from the battle earlier.

: Oh, okay then.

: I'm so happy you agreed to help out like this! It makes me want to give you a great big hug!

: That won't be necessary. Really.

: Do you know my daughter?

: Who?

: Oh... Maybe you still haven't met her. How silly of me! She knows about you, so I assumed you knew her just as well. Wait here one minute while I go get her!

: Very good, dear! Now run along and play, all right? Isn't she just adorable!? She gets that shyness from me. I couldn't tell you while she was in the room, but her birthday is coming up. She's taken a shine to you ever since you started staying here. This might not be your usual kind of quest, but I want you to get her a present. Anything will do! Just as lng as you think she'll like it. Thanks a bunch! Bahaha!

And her regular dialogue.

: Cause if you are, there was something I wanted to ask you to do for me.

: Such as?

: There's a big sale going on nearby, and I need people to come with me.

: Uh, we are quite busy right now!

: Huh? No? Oh... Well then, I'll ask some of the barflies. They could use some honest work! Oh, and my daughter might want to come. She'll be back soon. She's out shopping now. Have you met her yet?

: What? But. You. Just.

: She looks just like me when I was younger. Can you imagine? Bahahaha!

: Hey, long time no see! Don't you remember me?

: Remind us, cause I don't.

: You don't? Oh, we see each other all the time. I'm a doctor's assistant at the hospital. Don't you remember at all...? Well, just don't forget next time, or I'll be mad for real! By the way, why the puzzled look?

: We're looking for a birthday present for the Flaus innkeeper's daughter. Do you have any ideas on what to get her?

: Well, that's an unusual sort of quest. A birthday present for a young girl... Hmmmm... Hey, I bet she'd like a copy of the Index of Medicinal Herbs! Or maybe some parasite samples!

: Uhh...

: They're easy to buy. Some are as long as your finger, and some have suckers on their cuticula...


: Well... maybe not. Ordinary girls would probably want to stay away from that stuff.

: You think?

: How about flowers, then? I hear you can find some beautiful ones south of the 2nd floor.

Wait, lemme mark this down.


: Hmmm... that suggestion might be too ordinary, though. Sorry! Why don't you ask around town? I'm sure someone in Lagaard has a good idea for a present. Good luck!

: Hey, do you know what would make a good present for the Flaus innkeeper's daughter?

: Huh? A birthday present for a little girl? Hahaha... why ask me about that? I know plenty about child physiology, but nothing about child psychology. Sorry, but I can't help you. I recommend asking a woman instead. Maybe you could ask my assistant... if she's here. Oh, you already did?

If you said no to her earlier, you can ask her here about a present.

: We're trying to find a birthday present for the Flaus owner's daughter. What do you think would be a good present?

: What...? A birthday present for the girl at Flaus Inn? Hee hee!

: Hmm?

: Oh! I didn't mean to laugh at you. I mean, you're such capable explorers... It's funny to see you with no idea what to get a girl for her birthday! It's kinda cute.

: Uh.

: N-Not that I mean to say I think you're cute or anything... Sorry! That came out wrong. Ummm... Let's see... She might like something that's shiny, or pretty. Do you know the Whistling Bird? It has multi-colored feathers, a long tail, and a great voice. It's rarely seen, but it has a habit of collecting shiny rocks and things for its nest. You might be able to take one from a nest on the southeast of the 10th floor.


: Well, that's just what I would want, though. She might not like it. You should ask other people! Good luck!

: It's a quest we're trying to figure out. The one about finding a birthday present.

: Eh? That quest? Here, talk to Cass... Tell me yer troubles. A birthday present for the innkeeper's daughter...? Alas, I've no clue what she'd want.

: Well, I ask we better ask someone else.

: But look, I'll help yeh out... I know where yeh might be able to find something valuable. Two days back, a caravan of merchants was attacked on the south side of the 9th floor. Then fled from the demons and left behind two wagons filled with treasure! I bet yeh could find some nice swag there... Oh, and keep this a secret, eh?

: Why?

: Why? Well, I want my share! Haw haw! I don't know if they'll have been carrying around anything she likes, so keep asking around. G'luck!

: We're on a quest to find a birthday present for the innkeeper's daughter. Do you know what we should get her?

: A birthday present for the girl at the inn? What possessed you to come to me for advice...?

: Well, you're a girl, and the doctor told us to ask them for advice.

: Y-You fool! Well, I'm sure I can think of something. Let's see... How about a sword? These are dangerous times. If she starts training now, she'll be ready to deal with attackers.

: That's a good point, but...

: You seem unsure. Well, perhaps she'd like some berries? After all... who doesn't like berries? You can find high-quality berries in the northwest region of the 7th floor. It's ordinarily not berry-picking season, but I'll grant you special permission for now. But it might be wise to seek more recommendations around town, just in case. That's all. If there's nothing else to discuss, clear out.

So this is another fetch quest, and we've gotten all the locations for possible presents. Yeah, it's another tile hunt. It's a pain. At least we get hints for these this time.

: We're looking for a birthday present for the little girl at the inn. Any ideas?

: Ah... a birthday gift for the girl for the girl at the inn... A very difficult problem. As a member of the our board of education... I still have no insight into young girls. Would that I could help you, but my primary duty is to the nation as a whole. I cannot set aside time for one individual citizen, adorable though she may be. I suggest you ask others in the city... they may be able to offer more useful advice. Forgive me for not being able to help. May you have luck in your quest.

So what do you think would make a good present for her?