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by Dr. Fetus

Part 57: Slaughterhouse


PC-88 Version

: It contains a wealth of information on this country. So long as High Lagaard endures, one of my tasks is to update the Chronicle from time to time. Now that you're full citizens of High Lagaard... Why don't you take a look at the Chronicles when you have some free time? Poring over the Monstrous Codex is well and good, but you might learn something here too. I expect great things from you.

PC-88 Version

: How did you know about that?

: I'm constantly hearing people here talk about your guild. Guild Firefly is becoming known as experienced explorers. But don't be overconfident. Always focus on the task at hand. That's all the advice I have for you. Never underestimate the Labyrinth.

PC-88 Version

: We're just kind of worried about something.

: Why don't yeh ever come in here with a big smile on yer face? Lighten up! Can't yeh feel the way every face in the bar turns in yer direction when yeh step inside? There are even some folks who started their own guilds all because of yeh! Yeh want my advice? Act a little more like me! Haw haw haw!

: It didn't bleed much, but it really, really hurt! It made me think about you, though... You might get wounded a lot when you're in the Labyrinth. Does it always hurt that much?

: Sometimes, but I'm there to handle any injuries!

: When you're not being too sluggish to heal everyone.

: Yeah that's true.

: From now on, I'll study much harder! I'll ask my father to make you the best armor! I'll do whatever it takes to keep you from being wounded in the Labyrinth!

PC-88 Verison

: Ah, we're fine. I think.

: I heard the third Stratum is a freezing land of snow and ice. You're veteran explorers, but extreme cold can be bad for the human body. Be careful!

: I can't quite reach the top shelf... Can you put this up there? Perfect!

: What's in there?

: Huh? Oh, it's a box of fine china. I wasn't using it now, so I was going to put it away. I brought them out specially for an important guest.

: Oh, I'm so honored!

: I don't think she was talking about us.

: Bahaha! You're important to me too, but if you broke them, you'd find some way not to pay! Well, I guess the food tastes the same no matter how you serve it. But my daughter insists on using the nice dishes. The guests do seem happier that way, so... I thought it couldn't hurt to dust them off this once! Bahaha!

: Alright, you guys stay here. There's something I need to do.

: Ah, that quest?

: Yep. Don't worry about me, I'll be right back.

For this quest, you'll want one of these. It acts like a level 2 Stalker. You don't want to get into any battles along the way.

The text for a few things is a bit different when you're going solo, like getting a preemptive strike on an enemy. It's a nice touch.

: Whoa! Almost got myself into trouble there.

PC-88 Version

You need to be facing north to trigger this event.

: Hey, I been waitin'. You took the request, right? Yeah, the client couldn't make it. He sent me instead. See that crack by your feet?

You look closely, and there does seem to be a crack that one person could squeeze through. It must be the one from the quest you accepted at the bar. This crack, and the one that the thief reported, must be one and the same.

: Uh huh. What about it?

His words seem somewhat suspicious, as if he's pushing you into the crack. Should you trust the guard and reach into the crack?

: Yeah, I don't trust you.

: Heh. What's wrong? No need to be scared.

The guard laughs derisively and tells you that he'll be here whenever you're ready. His manner is unnaturally smooth... It doesn't seem like the movements of a guard. You feel uneasy, and consider abandoning the quest entirely.

You don't fail the quest if you do that. You can check again and say yes. So this time, let's trust the guard.

: Fine.

You reach for the shining object through the crack, but you can't quite grasp it... You feel a faint tremor, then a definite shake. It feels as though you're jumping... You wonder why the guard hasn't warned you of anything amiss, but he's nowhere to be found.

: Where did he run off to?

The ground's shaking is now incredibly intense... Something is wrong. You turn around... A monster is directly in front of you! You were so focused on the crack, you never noticed it! Worse, the tremors you feel are from the creature's footsteps!

: Oh, not good!

You dodge its lunging bite, barely managing to unsheath your weapon! Fight for your life!

PC-88 Version

: Really?

Yeah, they make you fight a Clawbug. Not even a powered up one. It's just a regular Clawbug. Kind of odd since a questline forced you to fight 3 different FOEs with a solo party member in the first game. One of which was the Killclaw which still had the instant death attack back then.

Most of the time it'll try to bind your head, which could be bad if you brought an Alchemist to deal with it for some reason. Most other classes won't care.

If I wasn't being an idiot I could have killed it in one turn with Voltshot. But I used Fireshot instead.

So my Gunner nearly died here.

: Pfft. Nothing compared to a bear or a tree. Oh well, I'm sure they won't mind a second helping of roasted beetle.

You still get exp from the battle since it wasn't an FOE, despite the music.

PC-88 Version

However, he has disappeared into thin air. There isn't a soul to be found anywhere.

: Of course he ran off.

You shrug and reach back into the crack to retrieve the shining object. But you stop upon realizing that the shining object has also disappeared!

: What the- where the hell did it go? Wait. He must've taken it while I was busy with that thing. Ugh.

You are forced to admit that despite your efforts, you have nothing to show for them. You must return to the bar and explain what happened!

PC-88 Version

: Ah, yeh're back! How was it?

: Fedot! Are you all right!?

: Yeah. I just had a run in with a monster. Lost the treasure to the thief while I was busy.

: Yeh see? I told yeh...! The guard was really that thief of course. He used yeh as bait to lure the monster. I'm truly sorry to tell yeh this, but the reward he left has vanished too.

: WHAT!?

Goddammit game!

: I won't let this go... How dare he violate yer trust like that? Oi, wait here. This isn't much, but I think yeh should have it instead of the reward.

: The nerve of some people.

: Awww, don't look so down! Cheer up! A job well done is its own reward, eh?

: Wasn't this the listed reward?

: Er, thanks.

Yeah the game fakes you out there. This is the same reward that was listed. That whole spiel about Cass replacing the reward was just flavor text. Now that we've got that done, we can go ahead and accept all the new quests that are available.

The next quest in The Beautiful Queen questline.

: Oh! Oh! We have the pawn, don't we?

: Oh, yeh saw the quest? The reward is a Rook! The client owns a shop, and I hear he's a collector of the Master Craftman's pieces. I hear he wants a Pawn and a Bishop. Yeh've already got the Pawn, of course. So just find a Bishop someplace else! How hard could it be? Although, I dunno who might have one, or where to start looking... Well, just talk to everyone yeh know and and try to track it down! G'luck!

: Just where do we start looking?

: Oh, I believe I heard something about a Bishop at Sitoth Trading last time I was there. I think I heard something about beauty as well. Oh by the way, more food please.

: Just make sure it doesn't come with the cheese this time. What idiot would eat that garbage?

: Grr...

: Wait a minute. Ha ha ha! You guys should take this one!

: Haw! Wondering what that one's about, are yeh? The lad were rejected... again. Yeh remember when yeh found that Ice Sheet for him? Well, he went to the girl to present his gift to her... And all he got in return was a blank stare! Haw haw! I knew she wouldn't be so easy to flatter as all that. But the lad won't back down yet. If the first gift was rejected, he wants something better. But I doubt he'll find anyone who'd...

: Oh they'll help!

: Uh, sure.

: Eh? Yeh're willing to help him!? Yeh're too soft...

: I'm curious to see how this will turn out myself. Perhaps it will blow up in his face again? That would be amusing.

: Ahh, now I see! Yeh just want the reward and the joy of seeing him fall on his face again, eh?

: Caught red-handed.

”begin nice?”

: This Ice Branch he wants should be somewhere on the 14th floor. Come now, though... Don't risk yer life trying to make a fool of the poor lad! Well, g'luck!

I already have the Ice Branch. It's just in storage, I'll pull it out later.

: He saw right through us- huh!? Cass? What's with this one!?

: Ahh, perfect timing! I was waiting to give this job to yeh! You remember the doctor's assistant? That lovely lass yeh took into the forest? It appears she's gone missing. The doctor's desperate, and he was looking for yeh earlier. Run over to the hospital so yeh can get the details from him. G'luck!

: We better hurry. What the-

: Get this panda off of me!

: Rip his head off!

: Ling, stop it!

: Let's just get going.

: I asked at the Flaus Inn, and they said you'd gone out, so I was about to search for you. Do you remember my assistant, who went with you to get samples of the withered trees? I haven't seen her all day!

: Ah yes, I do remember her!

: Did you get into a fight with her?

A fight...? No! Of course not! The experimental salve for the disease is gone, too. She must have taken it into the forest! But we don't know if it'll work yet--and going in there alone is practically suicide!

: She didn't have anyone escorting her!? Where would she even go?

: The trees closest to one of the Geomagnetic Fields are on the 15th floor... She must have headed there! Please don't let anything happen to her! Help her! I'm begging you!

: We're on it!

: Wait, hold on, let me clean this area first... Oh no! S-Sorry, I slipped... I was just organizing today's incoming items. After I clean them, I give them to my father so he can check their condition. Some stuff needs repairs and things, so... Hm...? What's wrong?

I have no idea what this question has to do with anything.

: Hee hee! So I'm not the only one who spaces out sometimes, huh?

: Now what do you mean by that?

: Oh, I just meant... It seems like you guys are serious all the time. I was just surprised. Well, please come back anytime!

She's the one we need to go to for the Bishop.

: Oh! P-Please don't look at me like that... I get so nervous... Huh? O-Oh, of course! You meant the items, not me... Hee hee! Phew...

: Hey, what's that?

: Oh, this? It's some kind of decoration... Looks like it's made of metal. Oh! I know! It's one of those chess pieces that everyone's looking for...

: May we have it?

: Oh, you want it? Hmm... I'll have to ask my father.

: I don't know if we have time for this. We need to find Angie fast.

: …Ohhh, all right! I think it'll be okay to give it to you--I mean, you're Firefly! But I'll still have to charge you for it... Is that okay?

: Yeah sure, just hurry. We need to get moving.

: Let's see... Oh, no! It's so expensive... It costs 2,000en.


That would probably be expensive if I didn't farm for boss conditionals.

: Oh, sorry! I guess it's too expensive to ask you to pay that much on the spot, huh...? I'm sorry... I'm so useless... Um, I'll set this one aside just for you, so... When you want it, come talk to me! I'll be waiting!

: ...Sure, we'll buy it.

: Umm... One, two... Okay, got it! Thank you so much! I'll explain everything to my father. Hee hee, thanks! Here you go! Don't forget to look around the rest of our current inventory!

: Ahhh! I knew yeh'd find one! Give it here, and let's see! Hmm, so this is the Bishop piece, eh? Looks smart... just like me! Haw haw! All right, here's the reward. Great job! G'luck next time, too!

Acts like an Alchemist's level 2 Blades.

The message for getting the Ice Branch.

: Ahh, welcome back! Yeh lot are getting good at this! Alright, let's see here... So this is it, eh? Women are like magpies... they'll swoon over anything shiny. I like fine jewelry myself, of course, but only because I can make some money off it! Anyways, here's the reward. I'll take care of the rest. Thanks!

The rest of the quests we can finish on the next trip. But first, let's get those first two rocks for Under Maintenence.

PC-88 Version

The first one is in this spot on the 3rd floor.

As you come closer, they are revealed as a group of miners with a guard standing watch. When the miners notice you, they briefly stop their chatter, then quickly resume it. The soldier, on the other hand, greets you warmly.

: Hey, I've heard about you. You came to take the rock back to town, right? Thanks a lot! We just finished cutting it. It's really heavy... Make sure you don't strain your back.

Behind the guard, you see a huge rock that's been carved into a neat square. It's the size of one of your guild... It won't be easy to take it from the Labyrinth. You thank the guards, and the whole party pitches in to heft the rock back to Lagaard. ...You now have the first rock.

: So heavy.

: Just keep holding on.

You can only carry one at a time. These boulders need to be taken back to Cass before you can grab another.

PC-88 Version

: I have to say, I'm not best pleased about it blocking the entrance like that... I'd better tell the guards to get it out of here, quick. Great job, yeh lot. Now for the next two!

The second one is on the 5th floor. Just go to the 2nd Stratum and backtrack from there. It's easy to get to.

PC-88 Version

Although Chimaera may have respawned at this point.

But it should be easy to take down now.

Both Emilia and Fedot got level ups from that.

Emilia gets an increase to her TP pool.

2-Hit's chance got increased to 6%.

It turns out to be another square-cut boulder, lying placidly on the ground. You achily remember the quest you accepted at the bar... You agreed to bring three boulders from the Labyrinth for the road construction.

Okay seriously, how much proofreading was done on this game?

You can choose to have the whole party hoist the rock, or ignore it for now. You now have the second rock.

: Oh, my back is going to hurt for weeks.

: Same here. I don't think this is good for my posture.

PC-88 Version

: I told yeh to cut that out! How are people supposed to come in for a brew like this!?

: It's a heavy rock!

: Well, yeh must be tired, so I'll call the guards at once. Just one more left! Yeh can do it!

The last one is on the 14th floor. Oh and you might want to travel at daytime when you first get there.

PC-88 Version

HP: 246
AT: 28
DF: 28
Exp: 2044
Skills: Rend, Ice Fin
Item Drops:
-Common: Red Fin - 1 needed for Scale Boot and Talwaar (Sword.) 2 needed for Cotardie. 5 needed for Gendawa (Bow.)
--Beautiful and flexible reddish-white fin.
-Rare: N/A
-Conditional: Red Scale - Kill with Fire. 1 needed for Iron Saker (Gun.)
--Merman scales turned red in the heat.
Description: A higher form of fishman that compensates for its environment through its mastery of ice.
Weakness: Volt (150%)
Resistance: Ice (0%)

They're just slightly tougher Fishmen. Rend just hits harder than a regular attack, and Ice Fin just deals some minor Ice damage. There's nothing noteworthy about them other than their high resistance to Ice.

Just getting the conditional drops since there's really nothing much to say about these enemies.

PC-88 Version

There's a Helldra guarding a tresure chest down here. While you can get to the chest at night, it's much easier to get it in the daytime.

Hamaos are handy consumables. They restore both HP and TP.

After another battle, Frederik gets a level up.

Unfortunately I was confused at the time and thought the requirements for Cursecut was 10 STR Up and 6 War Edge instead of the other way around. So I wasted two skill points. Good going Fetus.

Here's the Mine point on this floor.

New monster, and the one that has the drops we need for Cass' quest.

Blue Gel
HP: 243
AT: 27
DF: 27
Exp: 1126
Skills: Acid, Fluid
Item Drops:
-Common: Blue Core - 1 needed for Haze Rod (Staff) and Goliath (Axe.) 10 needed for Fire Saker. (Gun.) 2 needed for the quest Yggdrasil cider.
--Cubic core that's cold to the touch.
-Rare: N/A
-Conditional: N/A
Description: A flexible lifeform that has learned the trick of shaping itself like various human weapons.
Weakness: Fire (200%), Volt (200%)
Resistance: Physical (25%), Ice (0%)

The next in the Gel family, and they've picked up a new trick. Fluid decreases your party's agility, meaning that they'll be slower and miss more often. Kind of annoying.

Let's see Shocker in action.

: Let this spark ignite the fires of your life!

: Ugh, my boots are all sticky!

: I can barely move.

: Zip zap!

Nothing much to them. They can be pretty annoying if you don't have any elemental attacks, but that goes for a lot of enemies in this Stratum.

Another shortcut we can't access yet.

This next room is a Darksoar minefield, and it can be kind of tough to sneak past all of them.

PC-88 Version

But at this point, we can take them out easily. Fedot's Ricochet needs to hit 4 times to kill them in one turn, but they're not a threat anymore.

Dust isn't even a one hit kill anymore.

At this point my party was running low on HP and TP so I decided to go back. Also, there's something you can only get at night on this floor.

PC-88 Version

I also realized that while I upgraded my party's armor, I forgot to upgrade their weapons. I am good at video games.

Oh, now they should be hitting a lot harder.

I went ahead and pulled out the other items for that quest I had in storage.

: Oi, I've been waiting for yeh! Yeh lot find everything?

: Yeah, here it is.

: Let me see... Nice! Very nice! Now to brew up a batch and stick the Firefly name on the label, and...

: What?

: Eh? I didn't say nothing! Yeh heard wrong! Here, take yer reward! Yeh're satisfied, right!? S-See you!

PC-88 Version

Notice how Tornado is gone from her skill list. Tornado is a sword skill, and Emilia is wielding an axe right now so she can't use it. So we went from having little AOE to no AOE at all. Be careful with stuff like that. So let's see how much of a damage increase her new axe gives her.

Ooh, very nice.


: That was terrible.

Fedot's new gun also provides a nice damage increase.

PC-88 Version

Fedot could kill these in one turn with a Bravery and Warmight buff, but only if Ricochet hit 4 times. Now that he has a new gun, let's see if he can kill them in 3 hits.

: We're gonna have a huge feast for the next few days!

: I am curious as to what bird blood- I mean meat tastes like.

: Wha?

New equipment can really make a difference.

PC-88 Version

He doesn't notice you, so you call out a greeting.

: Hey! What are you doing here?

: W-Whoa! Gah! S-Sorry, I dozed off there... You're the ones who took the quest, right? Good... I had to stay here and wait for you. It's about time you got here. The rock's right over there. Have at it!

He grins at you, then jogs back to the Labyrinth's entrance. You wearily think back to your quest... isn't it finished yet? You were tasked with bringing back three rocks from the Labyrinth back to town. You've already discovered two, which makes this the last rock! Your party gathers around the rock, pooling your strength to lift the boulder. You now have the third rock.

The Take point is also in this room.

Here's another Darksoar.

Correction, another dead Darksoar.

: Hey, what's that?

It's mostly covered in snow, making it difficult to tell what it is from your position. You can investigate the shining object further or ignore it and continue forth.

: Oh, what's this?

When you approach the object and pick it up, it is revealed to be a rusted sword. You wonder whether to take it with you, when a low rumbling echoes through the area.

: It's an avalanche!

It is the sound of snow and boulders sliding down the mountain! The swords owner must have been crushed by an avalanche! You retreat from the approaching wall of snow at full speed, but it's too late! Your comrades are swallowed into the moving wall of snow and slammed into the ground!

: I'm all right. I think.

: I believe I may have suffered some slight drain bamage.

: What a cruel twist of fate. To never be able to walk again.

: Don't be a baby. Just get up.

: Just come over here and I'll fix you guys up.

Three party members lose some HP here. Nothing a Salve 2 can't fix.

Maverick gets a level up and levels up Scavenge to 4.

The room down here connects to the shortcut we found earlier.

A Helldra blocks the treasure chest in this room. You have to come here at night in order to get it.

The Gountlet is an okay piece of equipment I guess. I never really bothered much with the arm armor in the EO games.

And don't bother checking this corner. You'll just get yourself trapped.

: It's been a while since this happened.

: Well, time to go back.

PC-88 Version

: Fantastic job! Yeh really showed them what yeh can do! The reward's over on the table. I can't wait to see what Lagaard looks like with improved roads! Even I 'spected sometimes that all yeh can do is find treasure or slay beasties. Seeing yeh lot help out the town like this... I'm touched! ......

: Yeah that's great, let's go-

: I'll get yeh someday for this!

: Make haste!