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Part 59: Artelind and Wilhelm

Artelind and Wilhelm

First thing I remember to do is to level up Stamina to 2.

The other thing I did was to buy Emilia a sword. So she can use Tornado again.

Video: Artelind and Wilhelm

PC-88 Version

As you open the snow-encrusted door, you step into a hall lined with beautiful pillars.

PC-88 Version

This is the last time this song plays in the game. So take a listen if you haven't.

Just as you reach for the door, you freeze, sensing a dreadful presence...

You recognize the sorrowful voice as the marksman known as Der Freishütz. He stands between you and the door, directing a piercing glare at you.

: I told you and I told you! Don't you value your life in the slightest? But you didn't listen, and now there will be consequences!

The old marksman takes aim with his guns, proving that this is no idle threat...

Another voice echoes through the area, breaking the tension between you and the gunner.

: They passed the first Stratum, then the second... finally reaching these Frozen Grounds.

Artelind's voice is serene, as if reciting from memory.

: Here... she lost her life in this forest of snow, protecting her comrades. Only her...

Her smooth facade begins to tremble, and she stops there, trying to contain her sorrow. The old marksman takes up the story's thread for her.

: Have you heard the legend that this Labyrinth is governed by the ruler of the heavens? He became fascinated with her soul after she died, giving her eternal life... after a fashion. But what this overlord calls eternal life is to give up your hold on humanity. The overlord's 'gift' turned her into an inhuman fiend!

With measured steps, Artelind walks closer to you.

: If you go on ahead, you won't have a choice. You'll have to fight our transformed friend. But no matter what she looks like now... no matter what she is... she's one of us.

The black-haired witch's face hardens into a fiery glare as she brandishes her staff.

: Here they come!

So we've got a mini-boss here.

HP: 1900
STR: 48
TEC: 50
VIT: 55
AGI: 55
LUC: 40
Exp: 98000*
Item Drops: Curse Garb - Unlocks Curse Mail
-Cloth stained crimson with maidens's blood.
Description: One of Guild Esbat. This young but skilled War Magus is among the most talented in the Dukedom.
Weakness: N/A
Resistance: N/A


Blind: Uses the arms. Deals moderate damage. Binds the head if the target is blinded.
Thread: Uses the arms. Deals moderate damage. Binds the arms if the target is paralyzed.
Poison: Uses the arms. Deals moderate damage. Binds the legs if the target is poisoned.
Cage: Uses the arms. Deals heavy damage if the target is asleep.
Dance: Uses the legs. A heavy slash attack that deals splash damage.
Blossom: Uses the head. Heals both her and Wilhelm for 164 HP.
Deathash: Uses the head. Deals moderate Ice damage.

HP: 1700
STR: 48
TEC: 50
VIT: 55
AGI: 55
LUC: 40
Exp: 98000*
Item Drops: Shot Shard - Unlocks Zamiel Gun
-Spent shells that never err, as if demon-guided.
Description: One of Guild Esbat. An old man known as Der Freishcütz, he acts as Artelind's guardian.
Weakness: N/A
Resistance: N/A


Fireshot: Uses the arms. Deals heavy Fire damage.
Iceshot: Uses the arms. Deals heavy Ice damage.
Voltshot: Uses the arms. Deals heavy Volt damage.
Shooting Spree: Uses the arms. Deals medium stab damage to the party.
Joyshot: Uses the arms. Deals light stab damage to the party, Can inflict Blind, Poison, Paralyze, and Sleep. Poison deals 70 damage.

*Total exp for defeating both.

They can be kind of a tricky fight if they catch you off guard, but this is actually a fairly easy fight. In most circumstances anyway. See, while they're considered boss enemies (Don't bother with Climax.), they're susceptible to status effects and binds. Especially binds. Arm binds completely shut Wilhelm down and seal off most of Artelind's skills. If you can land a Hexer's Poison on them, the fight will be over a lot quicker. Even if you don't have those, just dealing a lot of damage will take them down quickly, and a Protector can really reduce the amount of damage your party takes. This is also the only fight in the game where a Protector's Antiall is worthwhile since Wilhelm won't be able to touch your party for the most part. Both of them hit pretty hard, but Wilhelm is the bigger threat. Take him down first. If he lands the status effects from Joyshot, Artelind will be able to shut down your party and go to town. Heal those status effects immediately if you can.

The problem is we don't have any of those! We have 3 supports and 2 damage dealers. But I guess it could be worse.

Emilia's job is to deal some damage with Tornado. Her chasers don't deal enough damage for me to justify using them. There's also one other problem with them.

Frederik is gonna buff Fedot's and Emilia's attack power, and heal everyone when necessary.

Fedot is gonna spam Ricochet for the whole fight.

Maverick is really slow, so he's gonna heal up any survivors for the turn.

Gilbert will sing Bravery, and then do various support duties.

: Thanks Frederik. Okay, ready, aim...

: You shouldn't be doing this! Just get out of our way!

: I don't think they're gonna listen!

: Stay strong everyone!

Emilia dealt some decent damage and Gilbert's Bravery is up. Now I just need to get Frederik's Warmight on her-

: GAH!


: Crap! I was too slow again!

: Big mistake.

Correction: Emilia's job is to be a meatshield. Neither Emilia or Frederik will survive if both Artelind and Wilhelm decide to target the same person. I can't use her chasers since Maverick and Gilbert will be occupied with support duties. And they don't justify me using Fedot's elemental shots because Ricochet deals far more damage than her chasers. Fedot is essentially my only damage dealer while Emilia is stuck on support duties. He has to carry this team through the fight on his own. Long story short, this party sucks and I hate you all.

Maverick and Gilbert's job is to make sure that the front line doesn't fall, otherwise Fedot will be left vulnerable. Emilia and Frederik are just gonna try to keep themselves alive so the rows don't switch. Now why don't I just have them both defend? It doesn't help, they still get 2-shotted.

: Egh, they really know how to fight.


: Just hang in there!

Now for the next turn, I was going to have Emilia heal Frederik and Gilbert revive him. Unfortunately...

: Whoops!

: My mistake.

I forgot that Emilia is faster than Gilbert. I ended up wasting the heal.

: Sorry I couldn't do anymore...

: We need to protect Fedot. He's our only chance of getting out of this alive.

: I'll keep you up for as long as I can.

Fortunately Artelind didn't use Dance so I still have a frontline.

: I'll hold out for as long as I need to!

: Just keep fighting!

: Well. I'd say this fight's just about done.

And this fight is pretty much over. Once one of them gets taken down, the fight gets a lot easier. Both of them hit really hard, but they can only kill someone if they both attack the same person. It's a lot easier to recover from a heavy hit instead of a death.

Wilhelm finally realized that he should be attacking the back row, but it's too late at this point.

: Well, I guess I'm the better marksman.

: Okay, payback time!

: It is over.

PC-88 Version

PC-88 Version

They gaze at you with stunned countenances, unable to believe what has happened.

: I didn't think... you'd become so strong...

Artelind lifts her gaze to the sky as she mutters these words. The old marksman behind her breaks his silence to address your party.

: You have won, Firefly. We cannot stop you. If you want to move on, then so you shall. However... I have one favor to ask. If you move onward, you will inevitably encounter the Ice Princess. You'll have to fight her. But... it was the ruler of the skies who put her in that state. For her sake... I want you to find the floating castle that even we couldn't reach. When you meet that overlord, kill him. In memory of all his explorer victims...

The old marksman trails off, hanging his head. He places a hand on the still-silent Artelind's shoulder, leading her away into the snow.

: Explorers that get turned into monsters. Huh. Wasn't really expecting any of that.

: Come to think of it, didn't Hellion resemble a-

: Yeah, I don't want to think about it.

Don't throw these two drops away! This is a one time fight, and you can't do it again. That means there's no way to get more of these. If you do, you're locked out of completing the Gear Registry and getting the War Magus' best armor!

PC-88 Version

The equipment you unlock from these drops are not limited in stock, so you can buy as much as you want.

The Zamiel gun does provide a nice increase in attack, but it has an accuracy penalty. Also if you were wondering if Atlus was referencing the German opera, they were. Zamiel (called Samiel in some versions) is the name of the devil that provided Caspar with 7 magic bullets. The first 6 bullets will kill whatever the shooter wants, but the last one was controlled by Zamiel. The last bullet was intended to kill Agathe, who Max was trying to win the affections of, but it missed. Which is what the accuracy penalty is referring to.

Artelind's drop creates the best armor for the War Magus. I won't buy this until much later.

If you want to know how the fight would go with a better party, here's a video of it.