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Part 46: Strategic Notes: Hellion

Strategic Notes: Hellion

HP: 2100
STR: 40
TEC: 42
VIT: 40
AGI: 42
LUC: 32
Exp: 54000
Item Drops:
-Common: Red Wings - Unlocks Malice Rod (Staff) and Hamao III. Limited Stock.
--Grotesquely large wings, surrounded by flames.
-Rare: N/A
-Conditional: Sharp Claw - ??? Unlocks Bomb Axe (Axe.) Limited stock.
--Thin, sharp demon claws that can slice any prey.
Description: A demon that protects the Auburn Thicket. It's scorching breath turns away intruders.
Weakness: Ice
Resistance: Fire


Roar: Uses the head. Attempts to confuse everyone.
Inferno: Uses the arms. A heavy hitting single target fire attack.
Embrace: Uses the arms. A melee attack that deals splash damage. Deals moderate damage with a high chance of inflicting Terror.
Kingfire: Uses the arms. Hits the party with a light fire attack.
Atrocity: Cannot be blocked with binds. Hits the party with a heavy fire attack. Erases all buffs. Only used when the party has a total of 11 or more buffs.

Hellion actually isn't too difficult. With enough preparations, it's a fairly easy boss. On the first turn, it always uses Roar to try to confuse your party members. Roar and Embrace are it's most threatening attacks, since the worst thing that can happen in this fight is not being able to attack it, or heal up from its attacks. Once it gets below 45% HP, it'll start using Kingfire. Inferno and Embrace hit pretty hard, but Kingfire isn't too much of an issue. The fire attacks are actually physical attacks with a fire attribute attached, so building up a lot of defense can neuter his offense. Notice how most attacks use the arms. If you can land an arm bind on her, she can't really do much to you. She'll use Atrocity if you have too many buffs on the party, so we can't get too crazy with buffs. This is kind of a harsh introduction to the fact that some bosses do not like your party having too many buffs. Still, your party shouldn't have too much trouble with this fight. The next boss is a different story, but that's for another time.

Let's get to voting. Here's your choices, but unlike the previous votes I'm placing a restriction on this one. Nothing too big. You just can't vote on this party member.


: Nick is banned because I'm actually bringing him along to the fight. So don't bother voting for him. He's a decent enough damage dealer, and landing an arm bind on Hellion would be really helpful, along with one other reason.


: Fedot is actually one of the best party members to bring along to the fight. As long as he doesn't get confused or terrified himself, Medishot will be able to cure the party from Hellion's status effects. He also has good physical damage with Ricochet and can strike Hellion's weakness with Iceshot.

: Bellamy is another good choice to bring along. His ice spells can deal a ton of damage to Hellion, and since the fight is taking place in the 2nd Stratum, he'll be a bit ahead of the curve damage wise compared to everyone else. If Frederik or Gilbert is in the party, his damage will be boosted even further.

: Ken is also another good choice. He does a ton of single target damage, which is great in a boss fight. Unfortunately the only elemental attack he knows is fire typed, which isn't effective against Hellion.

: Emilia is actually one of the weaker candidates. Her damage output is okay. Not terrible, but there are better choices.

: Pauline is an okay choice for damage. She has a maxed out Apollon and a decently leveled 2-Bolt which should do some okay damage to Hellion. Not one of the better choices.


: Gilbert is one of the better party members we can bring along. Not only can he buff the party's attack, he can make it so that the regular attacks of any physical attackers have the ice element attached, which can make short work of Hellion.

: Frederik is another good support to bring along. He's a very fast healer, and his attack buff is much stronger than Gilbert's, although it is single target. He has Salve 2, so he has access to AOE healing.

: Aegis is another good choice for a support. Since Hellion's attacks are all physical, Front Guard will heavily reduce the damage our front liners will take. Front Guard can also be cast from the back row in case we end up having 3 frontliners for some reason. He can also make it so that Hellion's single target attack always targets him. He's even better if Gilbert and Frederik come along since Front Guard will be our only form of defense, since using a Fire Mist will tip our party over the buff threshold and cause Hellion to use Atrocity.

: Maverick isn't really one of the better choices for a support. All he can do is heal, and he's not really good at that job since he's so slow. He does have Salve 2 which he can spam every turn for some sort of proactive healing, except that will eat through his TP fast.

: Aliara is actually one of the worst choices for this fight. She can't really do much since her only available skills are poisoning or trying to put Hellion to sleep. They're helpful if they actually land, but the chances of that happening are pretty low. Still, poison does deal good damage and buying us a free turn and boosting someone's damage is nice. If she had Revenge, she could 1 or 2 shot Hellion, but she doesn't.


: Ling is a panda. He honestly can't do much aside from uncontrollable tanking, and trying to eat Hellion for lunch. He can deal decent damage with Devour, but his defensive capabilities are a bit lacking.

Vote for up to any three party members except for Nick. Votes must be bolded. The category thing is more to give you a clearer idea of how I'm gonna be using the party members. You can vote for three supports or three damage dealers or any combination if you want. Top 4 choices get to face Hellion.