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Part 88: The Home Stretch: Floors 22-25

The Home Stretch: Floors 22-25

Well, this is the last stretch of the game. Unlike most of enemies in the first half of the Stratum, the enemies step up their game here. There's a few new FOE types as well, although they're much more manageable than the Evildras and Beamedges. Elemental attacks, especially Volt attacks, are going to be very useful in this part of the Stratum. Petrification makes a return as a status effect.


: Ken has both Kienzan and Midareba to dish out lots AOE and single damage.

: Bellamy has access to single target and AOE Volt attacks, and he has Megido on top of that.

: Fedot is a great all rounder. He has access to both physical and elemental attacks, and can cure some status effects.

: Pauline is very fast and can deal a decent amount of Stab damage to enemies. She also has 1st Turn for support. She also has a passive that can help our party get preemptive attacks more often.

: Emilia has Tornado which can deal an okay amount of physical damage, and her chasers for elemental damage. A team needs to be built around her to take advantage of that.

: Nick is going to have an easier time taking out the FOEs in this part of the Stratum because they're a bit weaker. In fact, it's tricky to get past some of them and fighting them can be more convenient than that.

: Ling can dish out a ton of damage with Rampage, but thanks to Loyalty, he's gonna need a lot of medical support.


: Aliara has both Poison and Torpor, which is useful for disabling the enemies. She also has Corrupt to provide infinite TP to the party if Frederik is on the team. Dampen is also very nice for handling elemental resistances.

: Frederik is a fast healer and can heavy boost our offensive classes' damage with Warmight. He can also provide infinite TP to the party if Aliara is on the team, although that's a bit trickier to pull off in this part of the Stratum.

: Gilbert can imbue our party's regular attacks with elements, and has a couple of songs that can boost our party's damage, their max HP, and their status effect resistance.

: Aegis is a defensive support. He can Provoke enemies into attacking him and use Front Guard to increase the front lines' defenses. He's a very sturdy party member, and is probably the least likely to die.

: Maverick is a strong healer, and can heal up status effects and binds. Petrification does show up here, so the former is pretty useful.

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