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Part 25: We'll Fight Them, Eh, Now, I Guess (Guild Edda VS Golem and Wyvern)

Part 24: We'll Fight Them, Eh, Now, I Guess (Guild Edda VS Golem and Wyvern)

50 Cullinan required for Adamas (Accessory, DEF+6, Physical Resist Up 15%, must be restocked), sells for 130,000en


If you raise that amount of money by yourself, then it's yours. Otherwise, keep dreaming pal.

About seven grind sessions to fuel my medicine black hole later (seriously, use a Medic) and we've unlocked this hunk of hunk. Maybe we could use it before the game ends, but it's the best accessory, no doubt. Anyway, bosses or whatever, this update is really short, so you can guess what happened.

Why the fuck does a 15% damage resistance accessory need 50 materials to unlock it each time you want to buy one!?

He's still drooling.

He;s thinking about thos jewels.

Well a quick walk should wake him up.

I haven't missed this place.

Okay, I think this is the last time we'll ever go through B2F. Man what a shitty floor.

Pretty sure one of the main reasons floor jump got introduced in EOU was to make it so that players didn't have to deal with EO1's shitty map design.

I'm baaaaaaaack!

Scatter About VS Golem

Well we're off to a good start~

I don't need to see, anyway.


Level: 30
HP: 7000
STR: 200
VIT: 120
AGI: 30
LUC: 30
TEC: 30

EXP: 0

3-Hit: Uses the Arms. A Bash attack that deals 130% damage to a single target 3 times. Has a 90% accuracy modifier and a 50% speed modifier.
Hammer: Uses the Arms. A Bash attack that deals 150% damage to a single target. Has a 95% accuracy modifier and an 80% speed modifier.
Block: Uses the Arms. Reduces physical damage by 70% for 3 turns. Has an 80% speed modifier.
Ward: Uses the Arms. Reduces elemental damage by 25% for 3 turns. Has an 80% speed modifier.
Flash: Uses the Head. Attempts to inflict Blind on the entire party. Has a 25% infliction chance and an 80% speed modifier.
Regen: Uses the Head. Recovers 280HP for 3 turns and revives at 1750HP when killed while this skill is active. Has a 50% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
50% 50% 50%
125% 125% 125%

Disable Vulnerabilities
5% 10% 10%
25% 25% 25%

Normal: Golem Rock. 40% chance. Sells for 1200en.
Required for nothing

Rare: None

Conditional: Statue Arm (Kill with Instant Death). 100% chance. Sells for 5000en.
1 required for Meteor Axe (Ultimate Axe, ATK+240, STR+14, must be restocked)

Okay, now let's properly fight this boss, since even though we've got a level advantage of +12 (76% less damage given and 108% more damage dealt), it's not a big deal and Golem is still a pain to naturally take down. 3-Hit is the biggest problem, but at least we've got Wagner for when it puts up some damn buffs. We're just mainly chewing through the resistances and the high VIT. Also a guaranteed Blind at the start is annoying, but at least it didn't tag anyone important.

They got rid of the elemental weaknesses in EOU. Thanks for that.

Even if you're stronger than Golem on paper, the fight is still going to take a while because it is a giant wad of stats. And that giant wad can make up for the level deficit it has by the time you fight it. it just hits hard and that's basically it. Using Oils are pretty much the best way to take it down, because otherwise, your physical attackers will do nothing to this hunk of rock.

Ahah, I saw you blink, bitch!

Oh hey, that's an annoyingly good defensive position. Why didn't I think of that?

Now this is what I came to see.

Fighting Golem without oils of some kind will be quite a tedious battle, as elemental damage is pretty nice!

Of course if you're one of those people who didn't realize how damn good the oils are (which is nearly everyone who played this game), you'd basically be relying on an Alchemist to carry you through this fight.

Move those big arms of you yes please you shall~

I wish I was deaf, not blind.

One, two, three. Shame they don't go all that deep.

Nice to land that early, it's only a 20% chance.

That basically shuts down Golem's offensive skills, and is one of the few times the developers have mercy on you. Unlike most other bosses where locking out their skills will basically just have them punch you in the face, Golem will deliberately use its attacking skills 90% of the time, giving you a free turn. The remaining 10% was supposed to be casting Regen, but due to a typo in its AI... it skips its turn entirely if it tries to go for that. Whoops!

So, uh, do I need to do anything? Just slash and have fun?

Looks like it, try not to hurt yourself.

Eventually this boss will do something.

This going about as well as last time?

Well Aryll took some time to get going...

Ahaha, these numbers are looking familiar. Between Defender, Sapping, Arm Bind, back row reduction and level difference, Golem isn't doing all that much. Really, who needs Immunize?

I love seeing bosses be able to do nothing.

You guys could've warned me that was coming...

Oh right, we've gotten so used to fighting this guy, we just closed our eyes on instinct.

My, what a tale this shall be! I killed the beast! I killed i-

Gotta stay focused until the last second!

But of course, meaning I killed the beast! I killed it!


Surprise, even without Regen, the boss actually has 7700HP. As you can see, it made zero difference since Wagner went first. Overall, not a bad boss considering we took 62 total damage, but you can see why defensive buffs are so important.

Golem still has an endure passive, but Poison, Curse, Petrification, and Instant Death can bypass that entirely. Of course due to how shitty that endure is, you've probably won if you managed to trigger the worse version.

Zero exp and zero unlocks, how worth it!

You wouldn't start getting properly rewarded for optional boss fights until EO3.

Alright everyone, keep quiet...

Dyed in Blood VS Wyvern

Don't turn around, don't turn around, don't turn around~

You never notice how loud something is until you try to be sneaky about it...


Level: 40
HP: 8000
STR: 260
VIT: 107
AGI: 88
LUC: 44
TEC: 88

EXP: 0

Sky Ray: Uses the Head. A Volt attack that deals 150% damage to a single target. Has a 95% accuracy modifier and a 50% speed modifier.
Talon: Uses the Arms. A Cut attack that deals 135% damage to a single target. Has a 100% accuracy modifier and a 150% speed modifier.
Tailwhip: Uses the Legs. A Stab attack that deals 125% damage to a single target, then to the left and right of the target. Has a 95% accuracy modifier and a 95% speed modifier.
Tornado: Uses the Arms. Only used on the first turn. Attempts to inflict Leg Bind on the entire party. Has a 90% infliction chance, a 95% accuracy modifier and a 100% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
75% 75% 75%
50% 75% 0%

Disable Vulnerabilities
5% 10% 0%
10% 10% 10%

Normal: Tough Wing. 40% chance. Sells for 1100en.
1 required for Wyvernmail (Heavy Armor, DEF+26, All Resist Up 5%)

Rare: None

Conditional: Tough Fang (kill within 3 turns). 100% chance. Sells for 5000en.
Required for Call of the Wyvern

Of course, Golem was just a starter and this... well it's a bigger starter, the main course is next update, but it's not something to take lightly. All of its attacks are pretty nasty, since you want to defend against Tailwhip instead of nullifying Sky Ray, but this impossible wall we faced now so long ago is definitely doable now. At least by getting a free turn we also ignore Tornado, though leg binds don't matter to anyone.

Tornado's used on a set timer in EOU, making it much more dangerous since you're left wide open to low-accuracy attacks.

Wyvern isn't too bad to deal with once you can go toe to toe with her. She only has a few attacks to look out for. Tornado was basically the game giving you mercy if you decided to try to fight her back during the mission to snatch her egg.


Gah, yep, it knows we're here now.

Now this is much better than that dumb stone... thing.

How do you get used to the cold, Ryu?~

Boy have you seen my gloves?

I feel like sis has gotten even cooler.

Hah, unintentional ice puns.

Stop whispering and get back to work!

Survivalists, fuck yeah.

While not as shocking as last fight, I need to get used to this chill~

Despite Tailwhip doing the most overall damage, I'm still trying for an arm bind, since, for one, Immobile is only level 1 so it's a 6% chance compared to a 7% chance from using Abdomen (you take what you can get, alright) and it'll stop both Talon, but also reduce its damage output overall, so it's the best option. I guess.

By stacking all these buffs, from Defender to Sapping to F.Guard, Wyvern is a lot less scary, though the turn putting Defender back up and not using F.Guard is a little risky, as the damage to Liana shows. Still, we should be just fine.

Gah, hothothot!

Uh, what element does frickin laser beams fall under?

Well that was fun, I almost started to worry towards the end there~

You're a damn liar and you know it.

Took less time to kill than Golem as Liana will exploit your lack of Stab resistance.

1 Tough Wing, 1 Red Beak and 5 Steel Chips are required for Wyvernmail (Heavy Armor, DEF+26, All Resist Up 5%), sells for 7200en

I think Lavin will get this, Gerson has enough DEF to work with, it's pretty nice! Pretty short update I know, but next time, we've got the entirety of B20F to do. Ugggggghhhhh...

Our ultimate goal is to find every last scrap of material in the forest... and for that to happen, we'll need your cooperation. I hope you'll continue your hard work.

Uh, got it. I just report their findings, so can I go now?