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Original Thread: There's no sidestepping this labyrinth! Let's Play Etrian Odyssey



Dare you brave the depths of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth?

Etrian Odyssey is an old school RPG. Well, it was released in 2007 on the DS, but everything from its minimalistic design, map drawing and horrendous bugs definitely harken back to the days of those early NES games. Being the first in the series, it's very rough around the edges and has quite a lot of problems, both in its mechanics and in its overall design.

Despite that, if you're in the mood for a pretty hard dungeon crawling experience, with trap skills, overpowered classes and pure, simple map drawing, then this is the game for you. Well, maybe the sequels might be a better fit, it's absolutely fascinating to see the series improve and develop as it goes on, making them some of the best RPGs on the DS and 3DS. But it's always good to go back to where you started, so you can wonder how the hell this series ever got off the ground.

This will be a Narrative LP that goes over all the juicy details of the game and as to why I'm LPing this game? Uh, well, I don't have 3DS capture, nor the hardware to really run Citra, and all the other DS EOs have been LPed! So process of elimination, really. Fret not, I still love this game to bits, so I'm perfectly happy to be able to LP a game from my second favourite series ever! Not only that, but I'll be joined by both the 3DS LPer, Ragnar Homsar and the DS LPer, Araxxor, as co-commentator, so this LP will surely be as good as Infinity War.

Of course, big thanks to Araxxor for helping me with a lot of prep and to various EO sites to collaborate all this info. I want this LP to be the place of the most accurate info we have on this game, since there's still a fair few things we don't know!

Table of Contents

Update 0: Welcome to the Town of Etria
Update 1: The First Foray
Update 2: Early Encounters
Update 3: Two Stern Guards
Update 4: Making a Killing
Update 5: Awoouu (wolf Howl)
Update 6: Wimpy Wolves Wahey (Guild Edda VS Fenrir)

Update 7: 2HKO
Update 8: Spikes, Secrets and Scorpions
Update 9: But Wyvern
Update 10: Up and Down Eight and Nine
Update 11: Tenfloor
Update 12: Watch out for that tree! (Guild Edda VS Cernunos)

Update 13: Blue and Back Again
Update 14: Ants? Ants.
Update 15: Ant This Fun? (Guild Edda VS Royalant)
Update 16: Aryll Used Guillotine! (Guild Edda VS Golem)
Update 17: Wild Waterways
Update 18: Finally Finishing Floors!
Update 19: Always Take Your Shots (Guild Edda VS Cotrangl)

Update 20: Go With The Flow
Update 21: Short Seventeen
Update 22: Your Floors Are Like My Bank Account, Bro, Empty
Update 23: Bushed Out
Update 24: We'll Fight Them, Eh, Now, I Guess (Guild Edda VS Golem and Wyvern)
Update 25: Miss me yet? (Guild Edda VS B20F)
Update 26: Big Bird's Bullshit Break (Guild Edda VS Iwaopeln)

Update 27: Two Determined Women
Update 28: Three Floor Wonder
Update 29: Getting Lost in the City
Update 30: Hell of an Optional Time
Update 31: Going Down
Update 32: Smackdown ft. whatshisface (Guild Edda VS Etreant)

Update 33: Hell-o There
Update 34: Proper Postgame Introductions
Update 35: FOE in the Deep
Update 36: Five Fools or One Chilly Billy?
Update 37: Half-Self From Mad Doubt
Update 38: Long and Winding Road
Update 39: Wait a minute, did you just fight a bunch of dragons in one update?
Update 40: The Adventure Has Ended For Your Group

Side Courses

01: Stats for All Of Us
02: Damage Formula
03: AI, eh?
04: Encountering
05: Feat of Patience
06: Disablement Hierarchy

Class Overviews

Landsknecht Overview
Survivalist Overview
Protector Overview
Dark Hunter Overview
Medic Overview
Alchemist Overview
Troubadour Overview
Ronin Overview
Hexer Overview
If you're still hankering for map drawing goodness, then this forum has seen plenty of excellent LPs over the years:

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See why I want to do an LP of this game before it gets snapped up? There's also the super mega Etrian Odyssey Discord!
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