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Part 41: The Adventure Has Ended For Your Group

Part 40: The Adventure Has Ended For Your Group

It's the final update. Here's the team you voted for, let's do this!

Eh? I could have sworn...

Dyed in Blood

Yes, Dyed in Blood is really used for the post-game superboss. It doesn't have its own track. It's kind of weird.

I'll take the heat, so get out there!

What a swansong this shall be!~

Even abominations can't handle cuteness.

I'm going to not question that and put all my faith in everyone!

Feels like we're missing something. Eh, probably not important.


Level: 70
HP: 90000
STR: 585
VIT: 170
AGI: 160
LUC: 80
TEC: 160

EXP: 0

Explode: Doesn't use a body part. A Fire attack that deals 900% damage to the entire party. Has a 100% accuracy modifier and a 200% speed modifier.
Frigid: Doesn't use a body part. A Ice attack that deals 900% damage to the entire party. Has a 100% accuracy modifier and a 200% speed modifier.
Storm: Doesn't use a body part. A Volt attack that deals 900% damage to the entire party. Has a 100% accuracy modifier and a 200% speed modifier.
Slash: Uses the Arms. A Cut attack that deals 200% damage to a single target 4 times. Has a 98% accuracy modifier and a 120% speed modifier.
Rush: Uses the Arms. A Stab attack that deals 130% damage to random targets 3-6 times. Has a 98% accuracy modifier and a 120% speed modifier.
Smash: Uses the Legs. A Bash attack that deals 150% damage to the entire party. Has a 98% accuracy modifier and a 120% speed modifier.
Cyclone: Uses the Legs. A Bash attack that deals 125% damage to the entire party and ignores DEF modifiers. Has a 90% accuracy modifier and a 50% speed modifier.
Segment: Uses the Head. Heals the user by 24,000HP. Has a 100% speed modifier.
Pollen: Uses the Head. Attempts to inflict Blind/Paralysis/Confusion/Sleep/Curse/Terror/Petrify on the entire party. Has a 25% infliction chance and a 150% speed modifier.
Resolve: Uses the Head. Neutralises all buffs on the party. Has a 10% speed modifier.
Wall: BUGGED: Never used. Uses the Arms. Nullifies all physical damage for 5 turns and reflects it back at the party. Has a 300% speed modifier.
Membrane: Uses the Arms. Nullifies all elemental damage for 5 turns and reflects it back at the party. Has a 300% speed modifier.
Entangle: Uses the Legs. Attempts to inflict Head/Arm/Leg bind on the entire party. Has a 90% infliction rate and a 50% speed modifier.
Necrosis: Does not use a body part. Attempts to inflict Instant Death on the entire party. Has a 90% infliction chance and a 50% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
150% 150% 150%
150% 150% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities
0% 10% 0%
0% 0% 0%

Normal: Demon Core. 100% chance. Sells for 18,000en.
1 required for Masamune (Ultimate Katana, ATK+240, STR+15, must be restocked)

Rare: None

Conditional: None

You know, when it comes to EO LPs, everyone is waiting with baited breath to see how the postgame superboss is tackled, the real anticipation of how much bullshit can this game really throw at you. Well, it's been a long journey, with a lot of twists and turns, good times and bad, but we're here at the end. So what's in store for us? Hehehehe... I'm glad you asked!

To explain everything about this boss requires the entire update, but this guy has some super devastating skills, but gives you a lot of free turns with the elementals, so of course a Protector is a must. Due to how overwhelming its physical attacks are, and with how busy your Protector is going to be, Immunize might be possible to ignore, but it forces this battle on even footing with you and allows you to start tapping away at its monumental health without endless healing and reviving. Once you have these two aspects down and don't really stray from it, you should be pretty good, since a lot of this fight's bullshit is either triggered by doing something it doesn't want you to, which we'll cover soon enough, or through rare skills at certain health thresholds. It all depends on how lucky you are, but no matter what, it's going to be a long fight, so I hope you like seeing its ugly mug, it consists of two thirds of the update!

You ready for the final challenge? Because boy is it a doozy! This is the fight I was referring to when I said you need Immunize! Primevil's physicals just deal way too much damage due to its massive STR stat! Certain party comps can get away without using Immunize, but that requires severe exploitation of the game mechanics and Primevil's AI. So in a casual playthrough, yeah Immunize is pretty much mandatory. Wait a sec... oh no. Ohhh no, this is not going to end well.

Primevil is pretty much the same in EOU, but with the added fun of Activate.

It's starting off with one of its deadlier skills, Rush. While Bait is going to be just wonderful in its fight, that's how much damage Primevil does with just Sapping.

Suffice to say, it's not enough. Yes, Gerson still has the Pain Shield, but that shouldn't matter.

Why in the all holy hell did you take the Pain Shield to this fight.

Honestly, it doesn't matter that much. Primevil's attacks have 2 outcomes. They either kill you, or don't. There's not much of a middle ground there. And it doesn't have too many disables on hand. And if they come out during the fight, you were already screwed. So you might as well boost that damage per turn a bit with Smite whenever you can.

Well at least it's going for me...

Man this is one tough cookie to crumble!

Hmm, not even Sapping and 1st Turn Defender are enough to stop someone dying from enough Rush hits. Bit annoying.

A bit.

Again, Immunize is basically mandatory if you don't know how to handle this boss. If you do, you can get by without it and not worry about the concept of damage outside of 3 turns where you're worrying about RNG instead.

Still, not all of its attacks are equal, Smash is usually a breather turn that won't kill anyone from full health. All of this assumes you have SOME defensive measures, since it will annihilate you with anything otherwise.

Okay, while this is showing very handily that you need Immunize for an easier time, this isn't what I'm wanting to show, it pointless going beyond turn 4 in this case.

At least by tweaking the RNG and using a different skill at the start of the battle, we can have it use Smash instead, much better.

Ah, my life's worth!~

Huh, where did my bloodlust go? Oh wait, it's still there, lurking forever.

Woah, I'm surprised my shield's catching all this!

Oh hey it grew back a tentacle you lopped off.


So one of Primevil's big no-noes is having more than 9 buffs on the party. If you do, it wipes them with Resolve and then you're in big fucking trouble, since it then has a chance of using, at random, ANY of the elementals, Segment, or Pollen. We got off super fucking lightly, but it makes a Troubadour nearly impossible to use, since you can only defend against one elemental, guess wrong, you're dead. Now, sure, you CAN have Immunize and then use a song when one person is dead so everyone else benefits for the rest of the battle, but they're unable to do anything else aside from making puny potshots or using various items. For this reason, Wagner will not have a shot of killing Primevil, sorry.

Love how one class is almost completely useless.

One class? Try two! Take a good look at Primevil's resistances. It's immune to all disables aside from stuns. Hexers basically can't do anything aside from debuffing it. And the only debuff worth a damn is Sapping, which isn't enough to take its physicals out of overkill territory, so uhhh... But yeah, don't overbuff. You'll either get nuked for overkill damage, get the entire party disabled, or have to redo a good portion of the fight because the boss uber healed itself.

We're given a few turns to recover, but there's one way around Resolve.

As you'd expect from a superboss, it uses extremely dangerous elemental attacks, but in a set pattern. Want to know it? If the turn is a multiple of 4, use Storm, multiple of 5, use Explode, and multiple of 6, use Frigid. But remember that the internal counter starts at 0, so you need to -1 from every division you do and, as we saw, turn 0 is Explode. Calculate wrong, you're dead. Oh wait, you don't know the pattern to begin with, so die lots of times to figure it out! But what about other numbers that fall under both? Don't worry, the game plans for that, if it's a multiple of both 4 and 5, use Explode, for 4 and 6, use Frigid, for 5 and 6, use Explode and for all three, use Explode. Have fun working all that out! Or just use a guide that tells you what turns you use your Anti skills on, like a savage!

Unfortunately, the boss only operates partially in a pattern, as its attack rotations aside from the elementals are basically random. So there's no way to prepare for those completely.

Aw fiddlesticks...

Aw fuckin cunt rag...

Oh hey, here's the final physical attack you'll likely see, Slash, without boosted Immunize, just kills the target, it deals 800% damage, basically, no one's surviving that without a lot of damage mitigation AND Defend, if you're not using Boosted Immunize you fucking madlad. And if your Protector dies the turn before an elemental, or is otherwise incapacitated, you're fucking dead, start over. Now some of you might think, hey, to get past all the random elementals when you get stuff wrong, or to lessen a Protector dying, or to bruteforce the turn counter, you could use multiple Protectors that use different Anti skills! Great idea! Primevil accounts for that.

If you used two or more of the different Anti skills the previous turn, then it has a chance of using any of its most dangerous skills, Necrosis, Pollen, Cyclone, Smash or Rush at random. This AI check is the second one, so there's no way to avoid it, with one exception I'll mention later. This is also, weirdly, the only appearance of Cyclone, there's a fair few bugs and attack tables that are never used in Primevil's AI, so some of the rarer skills would've appeared in those if they weren't empty and made it use its default table. There's plenty more where that's from.

I love how the Anti skills can skew encounter design so much that enemies need to specifically be able to counter it.

I dunno if I would really say skew in this case. Primevil is the only enemy that does anything of the sort in this game, and superbosses countering specific strategies is not going to be anything new as the games go on. But yeah, no cheating! Playing blind? Tough, suck it up. If you know the pattern, this won't be necessary at all, and the only time to really use multiple anti skills would be if you enraged Primevil by triggering Resolve. Which then triggers a different enrage phase. So using multiple anti skills won't be necessary if you know what you're doing.


Help me, Karin, you're my only hope.

With some of the preamble out of the way, let's start this fight properly, with the team you voted for! You can probably guess what'll happen next.

Well that may have just stubbed your toe, uh, tentacle, whatever, but there's plenty more to come!

If you're basically done with the game, or don't fancy learning all the tricks and various trapfalls, then Boosted Immunize solves most of your problems! Like I mentioned, regular Immunize makes this battle a level playing field, but using Axcela IIIs and chugging them down makes this superboss a breeze! This is the one situation I would consider using them, since it's cheaper and easier to have the whole party feed Axcela IIs to your Immunizer, but we don't have the time for that, everyone has their part to play.

Now while Immunize is basically mandatory, boosted Immunize isn't. It makes things easier, but it's not needed to win the fight. The damage reduction from Immunize itself already makes it possible to win the fight. So don't fret too much if maintaining a boosted Immunize is too much for your party.

Oh and while you can use a boosted Immunize to tank the elementals, I really wouldn't recommend doing so. They deal so much damage that even reducing their damage output by 85% will still have them deal a good chunk of damage to the party, leaving some classes near death despite that. They hit that hard.

And the best thing, Bait deals the same amount of damage regardless of what the attack actually did, so long as the target survives. Oh we're about to have a lot of fun.

Hah, if you're not pressing hard enough, these spikes only tickle me. Remember me, for I am the meat shield!

Alright, I'm standing right next to you, tone it down.

Unfortunately Cheese is also relatively useless in this battle, especially when Boosted Immunize makes Sapping pointless. Still, Frailty and doling out items is still very helpful, but since Primevil is immune to everything bar Stun, Hexers have very little reason to be here. But we've got enough firepower that we can spare the slot. Just one though, there's not enough leeway in this fight to still include the entire guild, sorry Wagner and Cattail Prophet!


Yet again, I almost feel sorry for it.

Well, okay, I included Cheese so the postgame superboss does SINGLE DIGIT DAMAGE! Immunize is fucking broken and I love it so.

Bottoms up! Wahoo, let's get smashing face- woah!

Alright, I know you're excited, but focus.

Well that looks pretty, wonder what it does?

Hrgh! Who knows, little busy!

Now this is a rare sight. So we're now in phase 2, every quarter health, Primevil changes its basic moveset and adds in some dangerous stuff. To begin with, if nothing else is triggered, it uses a variety of physical attacks, including the melee attack, which seems hilariously out of place. Once it goes below 75%, it adds Entangle and Membrane into the mix. Both of these skills are actually incredibly dangerous and if you get Primevil down to this stage around this time, then you are in a LOT of trouble, for two completely different reasons. Let's go over Membrane first.

Heyyyyyyy, Simone, when did your sword get all bennnnnndy, ehehehehe...

Is, uh, she swaying somewhat, or...?

FIRE! What was that? Little busy!

So once it uses Membrane, it then leads into NECROSIS! That's really fucking bad, but it actually has a 20% chance of using... HP Up. Uh, yeah, that's definitely a bug, so if you've wondered why Primevil just sits there after using Membrane, congrats you got super lucky. However, it using Membrane now is amazing, since using the elementals overrides it using Necrosis, so it using this now is very helpful, it's just a load of free turns!

Necrosis is a very infamous skill. A 90% chance to instantly kill the entire party! What counterplay do you have to this? Ummm... Well there's the Wyvernmail armor, which provides a 5% resistance to death. Except only the Landsknecht and Protector can wear it. The Halo Aspis provides a much more respectable 50% bonus! Except again, it's only useable by the Landsknecht and Protector. The only option that's available to everyone is the Jewel Eye accessory. Which only provides a 20% resistance to death. You can stack them up for a total of 60%, reducing Necrosis' hit chance to... 54%. Not great, and going all in on accessories means that you are wearing no armor. Which is actually important at this point, because that means that even through Immunize is reducing the damage, since you have no armor, Primevil's attacks will still deal a lot of damage because you're wearing nothing.

Essentially if you ever see Necrosis come out, you are basically fucked and Primevil has decided that you lost. There's not much you can do about it. Pretty much every successful Primevil run is all about hoping that Necrosis never comes out. Yeah, great boss design right there. Though if you play your cards right, there are ways to ensure it never comes out. Or at the very least, severely lessen the chances of Primevil using it.

Please do remember getting the elemental pattern wrong at any point will fucking kill you. But once you get it below half health, congrats, it has a chance of doing Slash or Rush and that's it. There's space for 3 other attacks in this table, but they're all bugged and don't do anything, resulting in it using its standard physical attack table from the start of the fight. That's it, aside from the elemental pattern, so relax and let the Bait carry you to victory.

Hit me four times in a row with Slash. Do it. Doitdoitdoitdoitdoitdoitdoit.

You. Piece. Of. Shit. Fucking IMAGINE how much damage we would've done if that had worked out. Well, since a direct Bait does over 1.5x an adjacent Bait, you know...

Phew, nice going everyone, we're nearly there!

We're somehow having an easy time. It's looking real angry.

Ah, what's the stuuuuuuupid head gonna do, anyway? Hic!

...wait a minute. Let me see that Axcela... huh, Oleander... a poisonous plant that's being combatted by her injections, turning it into something alcoholic!

That makes sense.

This is all going nice and smoothly, I wonder if we're in the final-

Ah. So we are. Once it goes below a quarter health, then it has its physical attacks, but also NECROSIS AND ENTANGLE! You've come so far, but these two skills are so completely devastating that they'll end your run no problem, no matter how well it's going.

Oh did you think Necrosis was Primevil's only run ending skill? Surprise motherfuckers, it has Entangle! Like Necrosis, it has a 90% to bind every single body part on the entire party! Unfortunately, you actually have less counterplay to this thing than Necrosis! As the accessory that provides bind resistances only provides a 15% increase to all binds instead of the 20% to death that other accessory had.

Uh oh.

Don't tell me, we're about to get hit by a huge elemental attack.


With a slim chance of recovery?

Most likely.

Bring it on.

Also did you get Entangled right before one of Primevil's elemental turns? Yeah, say goodbye to that run. Unless...

Like I said earlier, a Boosted Immunize can be a way to tank the elementals, but it's really not recommended because just look at how much damage it did even when it was reduced by 85%! Just look at it!

Because of Boosted Immunize, we are, in a pinch, able to survive ONE elemental attack. Aaaaaaand everyone attacking didn't kill it. Damn these tiny health bars. That's my bad for not having Gerson and Cheese get us out of this, but since there's no elemental attack next turn, and we should survive some physical hits, I'm sure we can-


Wow, that's unlucky.

...w-what just happened?

Oh good, you're sobering up. I'm... not sure. They just dropped dead.

We can salvage this. I'm not letting a 20 turn, 15 minute fight go to waste! I must succeed!

Okay. Okay. Let's reapply Immunize and then start healing everyone up. We can do this! We can make-


Okay, that's the most ridiculous string of bad luck I've seen.


Don't we all?

You two... did your best...

...sis! No! We failed...

We were so close... it ruined everything, I can't believe this! You bastard! I'll... kill you... I'll-

...kill you?!


How close was it to death? How did I manage to win? The world may never know. Just remember one thing, Entangle will fuck you up.

Okay, that's the most ridiculous string of good luck I've seen. Seriously, what the fuck!? I'm pretty sure anyone who did this fight will pretty much agree that run should have ended bloodily much earlier, but against all odds, Crosspeice succeeded. Like, damn!

There's not much in celebration for winning, not even a text box. But at least you're not stuck if you didn't bring a Warp Wire, you absolute legend and Archbishop of Banterbury.

1 Demon Core is required for Masamune (Ultimate Katana, ATK+240, STR+15, must be restocked), sells for 179,000en

Festival of Worship

We're done. It's all over. That's every piece of equipment, every enemy, every drop. We've completed the game, explored every floor, seen everything there is in this game. Let's get outta here.

You've encountered every beast there, and retrieved every one of Yggdrasil's treasure. Your unrivalled accomplishments have helped my work in many ways. Alas... with nothing left to discover, I fear no explorers will flock to Etria any longer. praise of your hard work and impressive achievement, I present you with this crown. Somewhere far from here, in a vast of foreign land... I'm certain you'll find new adventurers. I look forward to hearing stories of them. And with that, I must bid you farewell, noble members of Edda. It's been an honor.

Congratulations. Because you explored a tree too much, you ruined the town's economy for all eternity! Yes, it doesn't make sense. Shush. You're supposed to feel bad for playing the game too much and take in the game's meta statement on playing a game to a point where there is literally nothing else left to do.

Oh and not only that, because you gave the tree itself a heart attack, it is now non-functional! You also have no idea if it was even finished doing it's job, so you probably doomed the world for all eternity or something! (Disproven by the sequels, but at the time, EO1 didn't end on the brightest of notes.)

The Adventure Has Ended For Your Group

But hey, who cares about that? We got a shiny crown for our troubles.

Phew, well wasn't that a blast? Etrian Odyssey is a strange game, filled with ridiculous designs, brutal gameplay, nonsensical story and a winding labyrinth, but it's definitely a blast to play and one I hope you've enjoyed readi-


Hm? What's up, Aryll? You finished packing already?

Huff, huff, man she's fast! Uh, what Aryll means is, can we be satisfied with just this?

It sounds like you had a hell of a time, but I feel like there's more to it.

Oh? What do you mean? We beat the final monster, it was quite the spectacle! I assume~

What, do you guys want to fight it?

It's only been a few hours, I would've thought I, ehehe, killed it for good.

No, I've scouted, it's already back.

...really now? Well what are we waiting for? Let's kick its ass in such a way that it never comes back again! Give it a real challenge, it seemed sad with how it went last time.

Well, since the Radha is supplying us with anything we could ever need, I don't see why not. You're all itching to go!

Yes! YES! I must wield the legendary blade and smote the beast from whence it came!

Not if I smote it first! Uh, smoted? Smitted?

You'll figure it out eventually, dear.

Alright, I'll go easy on the drugs this time, my head is still pounding.

From the amount of Oleander you drank, you only had like, one beer.

Well since it doesn't like my songs, poor taste, I say, you have fun, I still have a lot to pack!

God I can't wait to leave this shithole.

The Peace Between Mounds

The end is never the end. There's still plenty to go over! Completing the game just has you start where you left off, so let's do some SHOPPING!

The final katana is completely useless, since there's nothing new to use it on. But that doesn't mean it's not fucking amazing. We'll pick up absolutely everything we can and properly kit out everyone and really have some fun!

why are you still using the pain aspis?

Here's the #squad, with the greatest equipment money can buy. Or, er, well, aside from the Holy Armor for Gerson, since I used up all the Shellord drops, but eh, cba, I'm committed to the Pain Shield! As for the Town Crown? Well, it's the Town Medal, so HP+100 and TP+50, but also ALL STATS +15! It's a beautiful and useless item, like the final katana.

But we don't need to wait 14 days to refight this thing, as you re-enter the labyrinth, it's there for you. How will this team fare?

You are an utter madman.

Well, you know, it's not gonna be an easy fight. See, with the static RNG, if you get into an unwinnable situation, you can wiggle about in the fight to try and avoid it. But will you wiggle into another unwinnable situation? Do you even have enough wiggle room at the time to try something different? It does get a bit frustrating having to keep restarting until I find the golden strategy, and it also somewhat cheapens the victory. But oh well, got LPs to do, Pokemon to catch, can't grind against this fight forever!

Dyed in Blood

Let's begin. And you're seeing this right, I'm only using REGULAR Immunize. Ooooh, I'm hard. But this will be the final battle, using the party you voted for!

Stay behind me and you'll be just fine!


Ignite my passion, fall to flames!

Shame I can't go whacking, but I'll still the best healer around, so bleed for me, ehehehe! After this, we can all finish up and go home!

HHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhh... oh yeah... I guess we will do that. Uh, maybe, Karin, if you want, uh-

Let me hear those lungs, boy!

We've got a lot of firepower, but we're, of course, much more fragile. This is what I've been waiting for.

Karin will basically spam Salve II so we're at full health to survive the next onslaught.

And this definitely isn't my first attempt, so get ready to see some weird shit! Also important to note is Lavin already boosting. Here's the crazy part of the Town Crown, it boosts EVERYTHING, including Boost by 10 points each turn and Action Speed, probably by 15%! It's, again, pretty fucking nuts, while pretty fucking useless.

But overall, if you avoid the various traps, Primevil is a somewhat fair fight, it's only in the middle and the end that things can go real bad real quick, but you could get lucky enough to never encounter them.

Hmph, a pretty light show, but not worth my time!

Ah crap, don't sling that spell, Ryu!

Ah. Hmm. This is gonna HYRK

Well, at least Ryu is the only one who'll ever take damage from that.

Still, since it's an elemental turn next, it's no big deal. Karin not reviving Ryu is weird, but if I do that, then Primevil uses Entangle into an elemental, so let's not do that!

I'm glad you're okay!

Wasn't worried, I figured I'd eventually come back.

So let's talk about Wall. Thank god it's a bugged skill, it never appears in any of the attack tables, so Primevil can never use it, but it has specific AI for when it does use it. Regardless, Membrane is annoying enough, especially when it leads into fucking Necrosis. Having all your physical attackers killed without warning and leaving them stuck for a few turns, unless you somehow brought an Erasure Troubadour to a fight they really don't belong in, is just fucking stupid. What are you supposed to do about it? Makes me wonder if it got bugged on purpose, a fair few of the unreachable attack tables are seriously nasty ones like all elementals, or being littered with Necrosis. Still, if Wall was used, then it would lead into Entangle, and after that, being unable to attack, unable to use skills, you'd probably just die to an elemental. There's no skill as bullshit as Wall, due to all it represents.

Considering the rest of the game, and how it's not all that well put together, and the nature of how it got bugged, I'm pretty sure it just got typo'd. And thank fuck too! Primevil isn't really one of the worst post-game superbosses in the series. (Yes, I'm sad to say there are ones worse than this thing. Far worse.) But if Wall was functional, it easily would have been on the same level as them! As if Necrosis and Entangle wasn't already bullshit enough to deal with.

Drink your medicine, it'll quench ya, nothing's quenchier, it's the quenchiest!

Maybe we should talk about your drinking habits after this...

Ah, Slash. The fuck do we do against this, because of course an elemental is coming next turn.

5 turn reflectors are so fucking stupid. At least Ryu has been otherwise busy. But even defending doesn't protect Gerson? What to do...

More, uh, magic prowess?

Yeah, let's go with that.

Of course, use a Nectar the turn Gerson dies! It's foolproof!

I hate Slash so much... but at least we're nearly onto the last phase! Oh god...

Keep it up! We're nearly there! You're doing amazing!

Y-You think so?!

Please don't let shipping doom us all...

Speak up, Gerson, you're mumbling!

The final push.

Die monster! You don't belong in this world!!!, uh, Karin, about what you said earlier.

Hold firm!

Die monster! ...little busy right now, Lavin!

Gahhhhh, that won't stop me!

R-Right, I was just thinking, after this is all over... we could- uh, what I want to say is... I... I-


Holy crap you did.

Unbelievable!!! It's the little rookie!!!

And what an honourable fight it was! It had quite the satisfied expression!

Speak for yourself. Though I suppose I can't stop grinning. Let's get out of here and tell everything the good news.

That, as they say, is a wrap. A wonky as fuck fight, but it was still a lot of fun. There's still a couple things to go over, but let's say farewell.

Bird-Shaped Vane on the Roof

I see... you're on your journey to conquer the depths of the Yggdrasil Labyrinth. Well, whenever you feel tired, feel free to rest at our inn.

Okay this is just an excuse to cover some stuff since no town dialogue changes once you've completed the game. A waste, but whatever, nothing about these characters are that interesting anyway, so more dialogue wouldn't really fix that.

I never made any real progress, or accomplishments down there, you see. So... would it be all right if I incorporated a few of the stories I heard from you? With exploits like yours, I'm positive I'll be able to write a thrilling tale.

The only attack we didn't see was Pollen, which is another real fucking nasty attack that can really screw you over. Thankfully, it's only a chance of being used when you screw up, being only found when you use too many Anti skills or after Resolve. So if you play it safe, you'll never encounter it.

Speaking of Resolve, if you want to know how to avoid triggering Necrosis or Entangle? Well the advanced strategy is to deliberately trigger Resolve to avoid it on turns where Primevil takes a random action. Then use a Boosted Immunize right afterwards to tank the random elemental that will come your way afterwards. Pollen is a bit of a setback, but not too much of one compared to the other fuck you skills. Segment on the other hand, will be a bigger one, but it's better than straight up dying to Primevil.

Finally, there's one more berserk mode for Primevil, when you exceed 50 turns. Since it doesn't have that much health, you won't see this even if you get screwed over and manage to survive. It takes precedent over everything, and makes it spam elementals until you kill it, as well as a 55% chance of using its default physical table, so you could survive those just fine with Immunize. This would be the time to use all 3 Anti skills at once. That would be a fucking weird battle.

People also have done runs of Primevil without ever bringing along a Protector and a Medic. It's exactly as crazy as it sounds, and really tough to pull off! Maybe one of you should give that a try sometime!

When adventurers discover new beasts and objects, we are equipped to note their findings. It would be a great help, explorers of Edda, if you would contribute as well.

Hey Quinn. Fuck off.

Anyway, that's Etrian Odyssey. See you on the credits side.

You guys did it, you really did it!

I'm not surprised in the slightest. Well, maybe a little.

You could hardly tell from looking at your face! Ah! Who kicked me?

Oh, whoops, oh, I dropped my monster Gbsnjsniiiim that I use for my magnum squirrel army.

Does this mean I'm finally free?


Crazy to think it's all over, after how close we've gotten.

Are we... are we really going to leave each other?! Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!

Hmm, what to do, what to do.

Ah dammit, I can't let it end like this!

We can definitely stick together, I just don't know how!

We can decide it in the morning. For now, let's celebrate our victory and conquering of the labyrinth!


Oh for- stop acting like someone's died!!!

The Adventure Has Ended for Your Group

Alright, with one last rest and save, it's time to say goodbye. Instead of a repeat of the credits, I'll give my final thoughts over each stratum of the labyrinth, because I need to show off my maps, goddammit!!!

It really feels like quite a while ago when we first explored the labyrinth. The game started off pretty rough, B2F is probably one of my least favourite floors, but once everyone started getting into the groove, things started turning around. It's been a joy playing this game and using every class and doing an LP of it. Despite all my gripes, I do love this game to bits, it's, as I've mentioned, the perfect game to LP. Play it yourself if you want, but just know how much I had to tweak, how long it took to all get right and what went into it behind the scenes. It wasn't a gruelling task, but it's definitely not a game for the faint of heart.

Ugh this stratum. It was alright, just got pretty old pretty fast. A big, massive thank you to those who submitted the characters for the LP. This was my first time doing something like this, and damn straight am I gonna do it again, these 9 idiots, with a couple of tagalongs to have a more varied cast, were great fun to write about. It really helps me flex my mind and hands to practise like this. Maybe I can turn it into something more impressive. It definitely had its growing pains, I wasn't sure what I was doing with them to begin with, and you might've noticed some got a lot more focus than others, since I had more to say through them. But I wanted above all else to include everyone in every update and I'm super happy I succeeded at that. I'm also very happy with my abrasive comedic tone they all had throughout the adventure, though maybe the references got a little out of hand. I hope you loved reading what these goofballs got up to.

Ants... Of course, no LP is perfect, I would hope not, I need to do better next time! I definitely want to improve my character writing, have a bit of variety in what they do, especially at the end of updates for people to read if they want to. I do like that I kept their backstories somewhat vague, but also blurting out what they were about when I finally thought of it is a little sloppy. No matter. I'm very happy with how the overall LP went, but I should've listed all the various drops that make a weapon on the enemy overview, so it's much more useful. Also I got a bit lazy with Side Notes, something I do like doing, I just didn't cover everything I wanted. Ah, no matter. Also I should step up my music link game, but at the same time it's maybe not a big deal? I like cranking these out as often as I can, it's a really fun hobby in a relatively quiet time in my life, so I figure if I'm in the groove, might as well keep things as comfortable as I can.

Now more to the game itself, especially in this plot filled area that, well, is about fucking genocide. It's just stupid, especially since I felt like I got a handle on everything and it became real fun to write everyone, make updates, all that jazz. I just can't think much of the plot, especially when it pretends Etria is doomed after the labyrinth is finished. Complete bullshit and it doesn't make me feel bad. I'll complete this game no problem, what do I care? Anyway, aside from all the dumb stuff, the core concept is fantastic, I love drawing the maps, as you can plainly see, and this basic RPG goodness is exactly what I love. I'm actually really bad at fast paced games, too much happens at once and my mind gets frazzled and I don't do anything. My Populous 3 LP is the best example of that, much as I love that game. So turn based stuff just tickles me, especially when it's not so ridiculously complicated. This series is great, fucking play it already!!!

So, big thanks to my co-commentators, Ragnar Homsar and Araxxor, I love them to bits, they were great fun on this adventure, since it was my first time having written commentary, especially with two strangers, practically, instead of my BFF DirtyDeedsDone. They had a nice balance and helped me a lot, this LP wouldn't be possible without them, from the Discord, to the info collated, to the various contributions, to the endless hassling I did to get them in line with my timezone and work schedule. They're great! And thanks to you for reading, replying, contributing, lurking, chatting, it's been a long one, since while other LPs have had more updates, this one was packed full of... everything! I wanted to show off everything this game had and dammit I nearly did since it's a rough game to tear apart, but I did as much as I could. Definitely a passion project of mine, but I need to give my second favourite series its due.

I was happy to participate! I toyed with the idea of LP'ing EO1 years ago, but the sheer annoyance factor at times discouraged me from doing that. Now that it's done, I can rest easy, and by that I mean go back to working on my own messes.

Heh, it certainly was a fun time! I have a soft spot for EO1 since I played the games in release order, and it was very interesting seeing how the games improved over the series. Now that an LP of 1 is finally finished (okay there was one before, but it didn't get archived for some reason), I hope you enjoyed seeing where it all started.

And of course I had to show the postgame! What a load of crap, I loved showing it all off! Of course, what's next? Will I do Etrian Odyssey II? Absolutely! Am I doing it next? Fuck no! Gonna need to prep, gotta collate and, sorry to say, gotta scratch that Pokemon itch! See you for the next EO, I'm super looking forward to it!

Until the Dawn of Another New Morning

Feels weird not taking a right and going into the labyrinth. Now we head left.

Don't look so glum chums, I'll lead the way!

Honestly, I leave you to take down an eldritch abomination and then everyone gets all mopey, what happened?

We must... say our goodbyes. And head, uh, this way? I didn't come this way.

Me neither. Especially not over this hill.

Sis. What you doing?

Ahhhhh, I've gotta tell them!

Alright, alright, I can't hold it in either!

Oh no.

We're not going our separate ways just yet, there's another labyrinth in the north!

First I've heard of it~

I couldn't bear to leave you guys, so Liana went out last night trying to think of a plan. There she heard the news, in the town of High Lagaard, a Yggdrasil Labyrinth has been opened to explorers!

Don't tell me...

Let's go explore another one!!!

Ehhhh?! So soon! I was starting to get a little homesick... but maybe... it was a different kind of sickness.

Well I don't really have anywhere to go back to, so I'd like to be with everyone for a while longer.

Same here, I couldn't bear to... to be without you guys!!! Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

It's quite the trek, though, especially for a company of sorry selves like us~

Let me guess, you thought of that too.

Well there's ten of us.


TEN of us, so if we split into two groups, we'll have a much faster, and safer treck, we can all handle ourselves.

Bagsy sis.

Well that much was obvious, but how to split everything...

It's a great idea! Who's coming with me?

I will!

Well that much was obvious.

Hmm, but if Lavin's coming, then Ryu is coming, and if you're coming, then Cheese will have to keep an eye on you. I dunno, I only want to travel with one of you.

Alright, don't take too long to decide, it's getting pretty late.

Well... I-I-I love you, Karin!

Wha-?! But I also love you, Karin!

But now two people love you! Who will you choose?

I... I...


Actually, wait a minute, since when did you have any character? I thought I cursed you so you wouldn't... what happened, Rodent person.

Yeah, what's your deal, gathering guy? Why should we be invested.

Grr... you guys... are the worst! My name is Ro Dent! God, I wasn't huge on the curse at first, but then when you guys started getting famous I thought maybe being part of this guild would be cool! But all of you snubbed me, saying I wasn't really a part of this guild and never even asked for my name! Only one person talked to me, one person was there for me and she's more wonderful and more caring than any of you idiots!

Oh, well, you're making me blush here.

I don't remember any of this!

Well obviously, you never notice anything and you NEVER CARED!

Well, this escalated quickly, Karin, just make your dumb decision alre-

Hang on, this is too one-sided, you've just been hanging in the back, too lazy to do anything, never bothering to have anything to do with us. I've been out there saving lives and done more for Karin than you ever will!

But don't you already have a lover?

Well I don't care about that, besides, I'd describe it more as lust... there's more than enough to go around, is what I'm saying.

Karin, please, end this.

Well of course my choice has been obvious from the start. I love you both too!


Well, I like Ryu too, but only since he's gotten stronger. I'm perfectly happy for him to join in.

Eh, first time for everything, I'm down. Don't be too offended if I focus on the two hunks. Since, well, now that I look at you, mister Dent. Hey.

Uh, hey. Whatever makes Karin happy, I'm fine with.

S-Same here! Well this isn't exactly how I thought it would go, but... uh, yeah.

Right, well, I think we've made our groups. How about another decleration of love. Simone? How about we group up as well, eh?~

Hm? Oh, right, this thing. Uh, sorry to say, I've not been big on men since the thing. You know how it is. In fact, how about it Aryll, wanna make out?

It would be my... honour!

Well I'm glad this all got sorted out. Can we go now?

Indeed, if Wagner is happy to go with the quartet, then we've got our groups.

Ah, yes. Well, I don't really mind... since love~ is quite fun~ but I've had quite enough~ for a while~ I need some me time.

Well I guess you could join in.

Ooh, ooh, another guy! Dunno how that'd work, but we'll find out!

Eh, I feel like I've had my fill of scadelous orgies to last a lifetime. I'll see how I feel when my music isn't loud enough~

Then let us head off and onwards to a new adventure! Hands in! I'll protect you to the ends of the world!

Hyah! I'll cut through any in my way!

I'll go back home one day, but there's more to see, more to do, I can't possibly let my brothers catch up now!

I'll continue drinking delicious life force and spend my days with my friends!

I'll patch you up and make you invincible! Oh, I suppose the supplies in Lagaard might be different... eh, it'll be fine!

I'll read more books than muscles in the body on the trip there! And work on magic, but that's a given!

I shall sing in memory of those I've lost and those I've gained~

I shall slay all in my path and kiss girls with HONOUR!

I'll keep you safe, my masters will it.

Yeah I guess I'll keep collecting and stuff, I am really good at it!

Alright, team, to a successful labyrinth and our new conquest!


...hey wait a minute, where are you all going? You left me behind! Guys, wait! Guuuuuuuuuuuuys!!!