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Part 34: Hell-o There

Part 33: Hell-o There

The Lounge Where We Speak of Tomorrow

BORN TO LP, POSTGAME IS A FUCK. I hope you're ready for a good time, because this game is only just getting started.

Prepare for less jokey comments from me, because this is where things get serious. The EO1 postgame is no joke, and will crush you if you give it an inch. The EOU postgame does the same, but that's for me to discuss in my own LP, I suppose.

I'm not holding back on my jokes though!

1 Shroud is required for Moss Coat (Clothing, DEF+35, Elemental Resist Up 20%), sells for 125,000en

To begin with, we're absolutely not getting this, any elemental attack from here on out should be blocked by the Anti skills and your squishy classes have better DEF options. No. The Town Medal, on the other hand, is bloody lovely and will help Karin somewhat survive on the front and let her whack stuff and heal for quite a while.

The Moss Coat is an attractive prospect in EOU, where a Protector isn't mandatory.

Okay, from the top, Visil was profiting from explorers going to the labyrinth, but no one was strong enough to get very far in. Until we came along. The further in we got, the more Visil started to worry, so when we got to the 4th stratum, he gave us the extermination ultimatum, believing we'd either give up, or have the forest folk kill us. When that didn't work, he set his two prized explorers on us. And when that didn't work, he intended to kill us and carry the secret of the labyrinth to our graves. And obviously, that didn't work either. You follow?

I mean, I guess, but it all sounds pretty convoluted. I swear at one point he had glowing red eyes, but that just seems a little too silly.

So did we commit genocide, or...?

I feel like we brushed past that, it seems like too much of a tonal shift from what we were doing before.

Okay... one more time!

You have fun with all that, while they're going over these requests, I want Cheese to confirm something.

Gimme a sec, it's a long way for them to go.

Apparently, those cries have been drawing a gigantic dragon to its nest. Some say it's a bad omen... if you want to know the truth, this was originally an official mission from the Radha. But since Radha Hall isn't good for much right now, the request was handed over to me. And you're the only ones I'm comfortable asking to deal with a monster like the Wyvern. Could you go investigate the meaning of those strange cries? The researchers say you'll have to end the battle with the Wyvern quickly for their purposes. Good luck... I'll be praying for you.

Valerie just roasting the Radha, damn.

Lady, you had me at dragon.

Don't let Liana catch you flirting, she'll get jealous~

If only it were that easy to just ask someone out and that was that.'s not?

Hmm...? That's odd. He's not here today... I mean our client. He's one of my regulars, haven't you seen him? The one-armed man?

Oh, you mean Too Hander II? Yeah, he's a good drinking buddy of mine, in here all the time, and I mean all the time, loved ironic humour, and if I remember, he was left handed... haven't seen him recently...

The creature could summon a powerful blizzard to freeze those who challenged it... he stood up to it, and though he lost an arm, he managed to survive the battle. Or so he says... but nobody else has ever seen a blue dragon on the 15th floor. He was very proud of fighting such a powerful dragon, but nobody will believe him... Now he can't even enter the Labyrinth anymore, because of his injuries. Worse, everyone thinks he's a liar, and he's turned to drinking heavily... but he was such a brave adventurer before that I can't imagine he'd lie about it. So I suggested he hire someone to investigate whether his story is true or not. I want to see the record set straight, rather than watch him drink his life away...

Lady, you had me at dragon.

Hm? Is Karin flirting with Valerie? Nah, can't be...

Oi, tall, dark and handsome, pay attention. Okay, so the reason we took the Wyvern Egg...

In EOU, you actually talk directly with the guy who lost an arm--who, if you've been talking to bar patrons the entire game, you've actually already met and talked to a bunch.

More and more explorers are heading down into the deeper Stratum you kids discovered. So the Radha's decided to conduct their own investigation of the area. They found some Ankh-shaped things, that seem to be ancient relics. Judging by their shape, they think it's got something to do with that... elevator? You know, the thingy on the 21st floor. But a lot of the researchers were injured on the way down, so they couldn't finish the job. So they've passed the request to find adventurers to work with them on to me. What I want you to do is see if you can find any more of those Ankh-shaped pieces. The ones they found were already broken, so they weren't good for much. How about it? You kids seen anything like that down in the Labyrinth? They need a bunch of those parts, so find as many as you can down in that Stratum.

Lady, you had me at investigation.

Wait, you were about to tell us where the pearl came from!

What? Haven't I always been a part of the gang? I was like the third person you recruited!

No, I think we found you in the stomach of a golden bull.

That's revisionist history, I've been in no such place!

When you're all done arguing about shit I don't care about, my masters found something in Visil's room.

We'll head off to that, you guys just keep training, sounds like we'll go dragon hunting soon.

Ooh, I can't wait, have fun out there.

We'll do these quests in a moment, but there's something important to do first. That's right, talk to everyone. Yay dialogue!!!

Such a thing exists...? The forms life takes down there never cease to amaze me. Thank you for telling me of this. I'm always fascinated by the stories you bring me.

I know right, part tree, part man. Did he have man parts, or tree parts? The world will never know.

I feel like it's beyond my jurisdiction.

To say true, I worried about what'd happen if anyone ever reached t'bottom of t'at place. I t'ought all t'fun and good times for Etria might be over. But I worried for not'in! Radha Hall has a new Chieftain, and t'ere's a fresh crop o'explorers. Even if we close t'book on Yggdrasil, t'adventurers will keep on. And Shilleka's Goods will still be open t'serve you, Edda!

I feel like I've been saying this the whole time. Glad we're getting through to some people.

Keep what Shilleka said in mind for later.

Seems like all I hear about from the young ones now is how they want to be like you. You set a good example for those kids, okay? Just keep doing what you do.

Well, obviously, they get to see the gun show! Urrrrrrrgh, hwaaaaaaaa!

Alright, it's way too early in the day for you to get me all excited. Simmer down, Hercule.

As riveting as always, I think the innkeeper will say the same thing until death, a real shame, since it was unexpected.

The Capital of Shinjuku

Oh right, we still need to bury this idiot. Until then, he's a good refuel for my masters.

The ciiiiiiircle of liiiiiiife~

It seems your adventure has not yet ended! Your heart racing in your chest, you stand poised to explore the unknown Stratum!

I thought this wouldn't be the end. What is he still hiding?

Whatever it is, we'll beat it, we always do!

And I'll be here for when you don't, ehehehe.

That's B25F and, indeed, the entirety of the 5th stratum explored. Now that we're done with the warmup, it's time for the main course. And other such butchered metaphors.

The Cavern of True Red

Oh... oh no.

Well this is quite the turn~

Oh god, the floor is squishy. And it's seeping... something.

You know, maybe we finished our adventure after all.

FINALLY, somewhere I actually like!

Gerson's line is actually true in EOU, where your party's footsteps are wet and squishy in Claret Hollows. (In EO1, it's just the same hard floor footsteps you heard in Lost Shinjuku and Azure Rainforest.)

Welcome to hell! A rather fitting place for our "heroes" to end up after all the atrocities they've committed.

Oh good, the doors crack and squelch when you open them. Just what we needed.

It feels like magic, but everything about this place feels off~

Alright, well that was fun, looks like we're done here, time to pack and leave Etria.

You're not getting out that easy.

We're just here for the pole, we'll be back soon enough, I promise we will tackle the 6th stratum this update, honest guv.

The Lounge Where We Speak of Tomorrow

You guys look pale. Well, Cheese always looks pale...

Just the new stratum, urp, no biggie.

Ugh, I can still hear the squelching~

Well I was just about to look at this new quest.

But you didn't tell me who Kupala was! Are you making these names up???

It's Jackson Restaurant again... and it's just as bizarre as his last request. He needs another alchemist, this time one that knows the Cocytus formula. It's beyond me what he needs that for...? Just come back with someone who knows the spell.

Truly a quest of postgame caliber. Well, it's not recommended to take Cocytus since Thor is a fantastic generalist spell, but I guess this isn't the worst pickup...

I'll contact Mr. Jackson. I bet he'll have more work for you, too. I'm pretty interested to see what kind of work it'll be.

I love quests that don't involve us doing anything. This one on the other hand...

Jackson Restaurant really wants your help now that they know you have the Cocytus formula. He wants you to bring back a Cold Scale from the butterflies in the deepest Stratum. He said something about it being the perfect ingredient for sherbet... I really don't understand how that man thinks.

Well good luck doing that without me.

Ah we'll be fine, probably~

Hey, let's do something other than the new stratum.

Excellent idea!

On second thought, maybe we should just quit while we're ahead.

Oh hey it's a left arm. ...oh no.

As you hold it in disgust, you hear a strange cry echo through the current floor. Your muscles instantly tense at the sound of the blood-curling cry, but it fades away... could this be the lost arm of the man who claims to have fought a blue dragon? And what of that echoing cry...? Your experience in these matters tells you that to pursue things further would be dangerous. You should report back to Etria with the arm.

It's almost like there's something more to this floor.

Seems unlikely, where would it be hiding?~

Oh god don't stuff that down here! And now it's melting. Hurry up back to town!

Yeah, I ain't saving that.

Ooh, that's definitely ice magic. Now I'm getting excited.

Oh my... you found his frozen arm? He claimed that the blue dragon could control blizzards. Was that actually true...? This sounds serious, but I can't look into it myself. I'll ask the Radha for their guidance. Though in the absence of the Chieftain, they've been a pretty sorry crew... Still, better to ask them than to take something like that on all by ourselves. I'll let you know immediately if I find anything out. But first, I'd better show this to our client.

Easiest 30,000en of my life, but obviously we won't be tackling this new quest for a WHILE. Onto the next easy one!

We're back to kill the Wyvern and... wait... is that...?

Huh. Neat.

I did not know it could do this. Not that there's any real point to it.

Anyway, to get the Wyvern's conditional, we need to kill it within 3 turns, which is no problem with this team.

In EOU, they changed it to killing Wyvern while its legs are bound.

And by this team, I mean Liana, because fucking hell she's good.

If you can't grab her conditional by this point in the game, you're really not going to like what's coming up next.

Your experienced senses tell you that an intense power is coming from the fang... you should take it back to town to show the Radha's researchers.

I could gut a dragon with that!

Oddly specific, but you're not wrong.

So you think this Tough Fang was the cause of it all? Well, if you say so, who am I to argue? Let's hand this over to the Radha and have them look into it. Thanks for your hard work, and I'll be sure to let you know when more requests come in.

Again, we'll do this quest LATER.

The Capital of Shinjuku

Alright, time for a scavenger hunt. Most of these are easy to get to, while a couple of them... aren't.

We'll need to clear this FOE to get back to the machine later on, as you can probably guess.

Easy enough to get back to with the elevators, or whatever they're called. Sounds like a silly name. How about... lift? Hmm, maybe too simple for certain areas.

Then the one I noted the first time through this floor.

And the final one. A real pain to get, only reached by the left lift to B23F, going past the healing fountain, through the bear corridor, to here. Real pain.

They all seem to be in good condition. Radha's researchers should find them helpful. You prepare to make the return trip to Etria, to present them with the parts.

Yeah, those are the Ankh-shaped parts they were talking about... you found some good ones. I'll deliver these to the Radha so they can continue their research. Nice work!

Ah, I see, so they go like this and then this one goes here and then there's this piece here...

Aww, so cute when he's in science mode.

Don't I look cute when I'm in medic mode?

W-Well, I mean, uh-

Look at those lot stumble around, it's almost funny.

Well they'll eventually figure it out, right dear?

Yeah, just what we need, more romance.

"Don't I look cute when I'm in medic mode?" Very much so (she says, totally unbiased).

Mmm, nah, I'm alright.

ANYWAY, that's a lot of money for not much effort, so let's get prepped for the postgame. Since Liana gets a 50% boost to Bow ATK, this is actually 348 ATK, so definitely worth our time. Since no one else in the party really has weapon boosting skills, we'll save our money for our other attackers.

This weapon is a huge boon to Survialists since it gives them so much raw damage!

Perhaps I should wear thicker shoes, the puddles of... brown are deceptively deep~

How do you think I feel?!

With all that prep out of the way, it is time for some proper exploring. It's all worth the wait, I assure you. Let's meet the locals.


My favorite 6th Stratum battle music in the entire series! It really tells you that you'll be in for one hell of a time from here on out! Give it a listen!

Well we're off to a riveting start.

I'm shredding their wings, but they're persistent little buggers!


Level: 65
HP: 773
STR: 250
VIT: 141
AGI: 65
LUC: 65
TEC: 65

EXP: 2316

Duster: Uses the Head. Attempts to inflict Curse on a single target. Has a 40% infliction chance, a 90% accuracy modifier and an 80% speed modifier

Damage Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Normal: Bug Scale. 15% chance. Sells for 780en.
Required for nothing.

Rare: Hell Wing. 5% chance. Sells for 320en
10 required for Angel Helm (Medic Helmet, DEF+10, TP+30)

Conditional: Cold Scale (Kill with Ice damage). 70% chance. Sells for 1300en.
1 required for Chef's latest request II

Alright, the first postgame enemy. Already there's a LOT to unpack. Let's start with the level, if you've wondered why these enemies are kicking your ass, that's because all of them are around this level, with a good chunk of them just being level 70, the cap. Next, is the drop rates. This is the only way to get Hell Wings and since you'll eventually hit the cap of 70 as well, fighting postgame enemies can only get so easy, which is a problem with how there's so many drops to get with so little chance of getting them. Be prepared for a LOT of grinding. As for the enemy themselves, nothing too special, but with this level difference, they two shot anyone they fancy, so either drop 1st Turn defenses, or get dying. Welcome to the postgame.

In EOU, Hellflies hit your entire party with heavy ice damage, which reduces your evasion. There are certain enemies that will gladly capitalize on that lost evasion to give you a very quick game over.

Also, they brought back the shit drop rates, buffing the normal and rare drop chances by 10% each, but also making you have to get 30 of the now-15% chance to make the ultimate Dark Hunter glove.

And you thought this game could be tedious.

Surprise, motherfucker! Thought level advantage was no longer a factor after earlygame? Think again! Pretty much every enemy from here on out will be at level 65 or above, and you'd probably be around low 50s fresh out of the end of the main game. That would mean enemies are dealing around 60% more damage to you, and your damage is getting reduced by 40% against them. so you've got a steep uphill battle ahead of you!

Also what is with the killer butterflies in this series? Did one of the people working on this game have a bad experience with butterflies or something?

Since these fights might be a tad longer than usual, let's break out some lullabies.

Ah, it has been too long since your lovely voi- alright, alright, don't glare at me so much~

Phew, one down.

Let's get ready to rumble!

Ooh, pretty lights.

Let's not walk into- come on, you still ignore me even after dating?

Oh hey, turtle. Where the hell are we?

Just give the compass a second to reorient...

You are just all muscle, you know that?

Gahaha, you know it!


Welcome to Warp Maze.

It begins!

B26F A7 Chop Point

Sap Wine. 50% chance. Sells for 165 en.
1 required for Nectar II (Medicine, revives the target by 300HP, affected by Healer)
3 required for Hamaoprime (Medicine, restores the target by 1000HP and 1000TP, must be restocked)

Life Honey. 25% chance. Sells for 99en.
3 required for Medica V (Medicine, restores the target by 1000HP, must be restocked)

Moschino. 15% chance. Sells for 1300en.
1 required for All Mist (Item, reduces damage from all elements by 75% for 5 turns, must be restocked)

B26F A7 Mine Point

Narcissus. 50% chance. Sells for 170en.
1 required for Fire Mist (Item, reduces Fire damage by 40% for 1 turn, must be restocked)
1 required for Ice Mist (Item, reduces Ice damage by 40% for 1 turn, must be restocked)
1 required for Volt Mist (Item, reduces Volt damage by 40% for 1 turn, must be restocked)

Shiny Seed. 25% chance. Sells for 550en.
1 required for Medica V (Medicine, restores the target by 1000HP, must be restocked)
1 required for Hamaoprime (Medicine, restores the target by 1000HP and 1000TP, must be restocked)
2 required for Axcela III (Item, increases Boost by 100 points, must be restocked)
3 required for Angel Harp (Troubadour Instrument, TP+50, must be restocked)

Tri-Color. 15% chance. Sells for 980en.
10 required for Tourmaline (Accessory, DEF+6, Elemental Resist Up 20%, must be restocked)
3 required for Emblem of love

B26F B7 Take Point

Cross Seed. 50% chance. Sells for 150en.
1 required for Blaze Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack a Fire attribute, must be restocked)
1 required for Freeze Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack an Ice attribute, must be restocked)
1 required for Shock Oil (Item, gives the target's regular attack a Volt attribute, must be restocked)

Cordyceps. 25% chance. Sells for 180en.
3 required for Stonard II (Item, increases the target's DEF by 126% for 5 turns)
1 required for Apothecary's request III

Ambrosia. 15% chance. Sells for 1100en.
1 required for Nectar III (Medicine, revives the target to 1200HP, must be restocked)
1 required for Somaprime (Medicine, heals the entire party by 1200HP, must be restocked)

Oh yeah, all the gathering you'll ever need... bar one thing later. We do need this stuff, but just remember that this stratum doesn't hand things over too easily.

I miss these gathering points in EOU. The equivalent spot on B26F is just a single Take point instead.

Just get into position around it... nice and quietly...

It lumbered directly towards us, how the hell has it not noticed us already?


Level: 69
HP: 7500
STR: 402
VIT: 160
AGI: 94
LUC: 101
TEC: 67

EXP: 9000

Blazer: Uses the Head. A Fire attack that deals 120% damage to the entire party. Has a 90% accuracy modifier and a 10% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
50% 50% 50%
0% 125% 50%

Disable Vulnerabilities
15% 50% 1%
25% 25% 25%

Normal: 1000 Shell. 20% chance. Sells for 6000en.
1 required for Holy Armor (Ultimate Protector Armor, DEF+56, HP+25, Cut Stab Bash Up 10%, must be restocked)
5 required for Pain Aspis (Ultimate Shield, DEF+60, ALL Resist Down 100%, must be restocked)

Rare: None

Conditional: Old Shell (Kill with non-Bash damage). 30% chance. Sells for 9000en.
1 required for Holy Aspis (Usable Ultimate Shield, DEF+32, Bind Resist Up 15%, must be restocked)

God Aware is gonna save me so much... anyway, postgame FOEs are definitely tough, but we're able to crack them with enough time. Shellords are real tanky bitches, but you're gonna have to get used to fighting them, this postgame loves unavoidable FOE encounters. Since you'll be spamming Antifire every turn to not get roasted, you'll have to shore up your defenses otherwise. Of course, Immunize makes the postgame a joke, floor puzzles aside, but I always write these assuming you're not turning everything into a joke, which you're perfectly right to, this postgame does not fuck around. Anyway, the main problems are level difference and fighting these things a million times for the Pain Shield. I mean, have you seen those drop rates?!

Nether Tortoises, Shellords' new name in EOU, is basically the exact same enemy, except without the offensively bad drop chances. You also don't have to fight them to progress, since the 3DS EOs do not ever require you to actually fight FOEs to progress.

Except for that one Forest Demon on B18F, but that's the one exception.

A dangerous FOE, but one that can be neutralized very easily. Consider this the game's message to start using a Protector if you haven't been using one for some reason.

Alright, let's see how my formula works this deep down.

I usually stay away from Immunize to make things more interesting, but I'm not sure how I'll fare at the moment, so let's find out!

Such fiery passion, I should cool it down somewhat~

Yeah, surprise, Immunize and Sapping is overkill, who'd have thought?

Oh no, please, I'm at your mercy! Heh, sucker.

Being real subtle there...

Gonna need to keep on top of my buffs with how long these fights will last, since we are in fucking trouble if they drop.

Oh bother, these elements always put off my aim~

Will these FOEs get any more interesting to fight?

The answer is oh my no.

Random question, how do you like one way paths? Just out of curiosity.

The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.

The fuck does that mean?

Dunno, read it in an old book somewhere.


Level: 65
HP: 715
STR: 225
VIT: 143
AGI: 59
LUC: 59
TEC: 98

EXP: 2554

W Plasma: Uses the Arms. Attempts to inflict Petrify on a single target. Has a 40% infliction chance, a 90% accuracy modifier and a 90% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Disable Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Normal: Yellow Ore. 18% chance. Sells for 690en.
30 required for Topaz (Accessory, DEF+4, Volt Resist Up 30%)

Rare: None

Conditional: None

Nothing too scary, aside from level, but as their health decreases, W Plasma comes out. While it's not a run ender, it's definitely annoying. Otherwise, yeah, its drops are a bitch too, you can already tell that accessory is dog shit... but unlock it I must. Still, we're only getting started.

In EOU, White Plasma's accuracy got nerfed down to 90%, but in exchange, its infliction chance got amped the fuck up to 200%. Weep for me. It also resists all physical damage in that game.

These enemies can be really good at wearing you down. Even if you make it through the battles, you won't come out unscathed. It can be very troublesome if you have to take a long trip through the Stratum for whatever reason.

Well that was fun.

Hehe, your sarcasm is so cute.

S-Shut up, sis!

Hmm? What was that?

You're just digging yourself deeper.


Oh hey, I froze one of them~

Hrm, there were a lot of indents in the wall. I'm guessing they all lead to something like this.

Alright, let's warp to the end of the labyrinth!

A girl can dream.

Ah, I was wondering what that sinking feeling was.

So how many warps do you think this warp maze has?

Uh, hold up, let me just draw them all first...

Alright, there we go. Now, which one is the way forward?

Correct! None of them! Welcome to the postgame!

Eyahahahahahaaaa! Welcome to hell! Why don't you stay for a while?

EOU, wisely, trimmed down most of the wrong teleporters.

Notice how I said "most."

The Lounge Where We Speak of Tomorrow

Impressive stuff. I would almost mistake it as my own.

Well of course, my songs bring up all kinds of emotions that result in all kinds of effects~

Frankly, it might as well be magic.

...that's what it is, dear, he's just overselling it.

Hey, so listen... I asked Mr. Jackson about why he made all these strange requests. And he told me that he was a pretty famous alchemist in his day. He used all sorts of formulas to defeat the forest's monsters. In he process, he found so many edible materials, he decided to start his own restaurant. It was a huge success, and he's been happily retired from adventuring ever since... Even so, he did have one regret... he wanted to pass down the things he learned. So that's the story behind the bizarre requests he made.

Well, cool, but I haven't learned anything from it, I just wanted a dri-

The way he put it, understanding all that is part of the way of alchemy. It's like the sages say... you learn something new every day.

It's nice that they do some world building with what classes are capable of. Don't think you really see too much of this in the later games, though you see some bits and pieces here and there.

1 1000 Shell is required for Holy Armor (Ultimate Protector Armor, DEF+56, HP+25, Physical Resist Up 10%, must be restocked), sells for 98,000en

Right, well, that's enough of Valerie for a lifetime, but it'll probably only be for an update. Compared to the Composite, the Holy Armor is DEF+10, HP+11, AGI+4 and, of course, has the physical resist, which is pretty nice. Oh, and also 91,000en more. Is it worth it? Well, maybe, depends if you're using Immunize or not. I'll save my money for new weapons.

With how much my masters do, you should be worshipping my feet.


Now that's a sheen that conducts!~

Seems that crab I beat solo is imitating me. I'm flattered, gahahaha!


Level: 70
HP: 1030
STR: 349
VIT: 136
AGI: 55
LUC: 62
TEC: 48

EXP: 3598

Scissors: Uses the Arms. A Cut attack that deals 110% damage to a single target. Has a 90% accuracy modifier and a 10% speed modifier.

Damage Vulnerabilities
0% 0% 0%
0% 0% 150%

Disable Vulnerabilities
100% 100% 100%
100% 100% 100%

Normal: None

Rare: None

Conditional: Holed Limb (Kill with Stab damage). 70% chance. Sells for 1050en.
1 required for Syrinx (Troubadour Accessory, +70TP)

AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH what the hell do I do against these fucking things? Sure, I have the imbues, but that means I have to use a bunch of turns and regular attacks to take them down while they pick apart my team with LEVEL DIFFERENCE! Use an Alchemist. At least their conditional can be ignored with composite attacks, but since there's nothing else to them, I'm going to completely ignore them for the rest of the postgame. They're that bad.

I remember fighting one of these things in my one venture into Claret Hollows in my EO1 playthrough, and then deciding I'd played enough EO1 for a lifetime.

Also, Iron Crabs are radically different in EOU. They don't do anything at first, but as soon as you kill any enemy, they will go apeshit and start spamming massively overkill damage on your party.

It's also immune to instant death in that game, which means it's immune to Ronin's Severing Slash (a passive that sometimes attempts to instantly kill all enemies at the start of battle), which means you're absolutely fucked with little recourse if Severing Slash activates. Again, EOU is just as capable of being mean as the game it's remaking.

Iron Crabs are a massive annoyance. Unfortunately, most players have likely ditched their Alchemists because they don't really contribute as much as other classes, so Volt Imbues are all you have. And a Landsknecht Chaser, I suppose, if you've invested in any of those skills. Fortunately, they can't do too much to you. Well, in comparison with the other enemies in this Stratum. I mean they still hit really hard with their massive STR stat. Fortunately, you don't have to fight too many of these for their drops, so you can just run away from future encounters once you're done with them.

That went about as I expected.

Just wait your turn~

Even Liana only 4HKOs them with an imbue. Yuck.

Ahhhh, stop hitting yourself.

Suicide is a great way to keep one of them occupied. Uh, that came out wrong.

Zzzzzzzzzzzaaaaah this is taking too long to finish the reference.

Alright, we defeated one of them! How thrilling. Let's never fight these fucks again.

Alright, I wish my senses told me this was the right one, but Cheese said it was, so here we go!

Since the floor's mirrored it's the same deal on this side too, except this warp, and just this one, leads forward.

Now with that trial and error with timewasting failure out of the way, it's onto the next trial and error with timewasting failure, aka, the rest of the stratum. Next time.

Oh, there's much fun to be had in the post-game! So much fun!