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Part 32: Takeshi - Fifth Day - Part 1


Takeshi – Until Dawn
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All it did was make a noise. The elevator showed no sign of budging. But of course. All of the elevators in this section of the compound had been shut down.



Hearing a voice from behind me, I turned my head. And there was Tsugumi standing quietly.


"Hey, what were you up to? There's no point waiting around. That elevator's not coming."


I didn't have an answer to give.

"Takeshi, what's the matter?"


"Are you deaf?"

"Heh, heh..."

I couldn't help but laugh.

"Come on, what's going on...?"

"Ha, ha, ha..."

"What's so funny?"

Tsugumi seemed slightly disturbed.

"It's...nothing. No special reason. It's just that, well, I thought your question was pointless."

At first, Tsugumi started to frown... But then she laughed back at me.

"You've started to catch on, haven't you?"

"I suppose... I was just out for a little walk. What have you been doing? Ah, that's okay, you don't have to answer."

"In that case, don't ask..."

Turning her eyes away, Tsugumi frowned slightly. Looking at the floor she seemed lost in thought. After a moment she lifted her eyes and spoke.

"Say Takeshi, do you know what 'Qualle' is?"


"That's right, Qualle."

The next update's another long one, but it's a little "date" with Tsugumi. Hey, at least she's starting to open up a bit, right?