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Part 42: Revelations and Cleaning Up

Update 038 – Revelations and Cleaning Up

Oh, Dispel Barrier, how I've missed you so! Time to go back and start cracking open places we haven't been yet!


“Is he supposed to be doing that?”


“Eh, let him giggle. I never knew Slith could do that!”

“I am surprised as well.”

“I'm starting to get creeped out here. Would you mind finding someplace else?”

“On it.”

“Why are we going back this way?”

“We left the boat over here, and I want to see if we can break into the other wing of the Fort.”


“Wouldn't the Empire have re-fortified that location?”

“I have no problems if they have or not.”

“Feeling bloodthirsty?”



“You didn't finish the word, so I had to.”



“What do you expect to find?”

“Ideally? All three missing {Crystal Souls}.”

“You switched to Vahnatai for a moment there, Art dahling.”

“Your point? We went through that ritual for that reason.”

“I just found it odd she dropped in the single word there.”

“Izz it not... accurate?”

“Into the boat!”


“I think I ssshall zwim.”

“First Basilisks, and now Gazers? What has the Empire been doing?”

“Oh, I sszupoze I ssshould burn these as well.”

I really do like how the game takes into account where you are standing when a battle happens. In this case, I landed on the dock and the Gazers moved to fight me, so the game pulled out a 'Bridge/Dock' map. Off to the north is actual land on this map, but it's only two tiles wide.

“What has happened here?”


“I think we just dealt with the reinforcements. There's no one here.”

“And this place has nothing worth taking. We can't carry all this stuff anyways.”

A whole bunch of Iron Swords, Iron Chain Mail, and Large Shields. Great for the war effort, but I don't have the inventory space, nor will the plot be affected by raiding this storehouse.

“Who are you?”


“At least he's stopped laughing.”

“I know you! GUARDS!”

“At least you tried.”

“Hey, how about you guys stay here, and we ignore you?”


“Guess not then.”

“I think the Vahnatai came by to replenish their defenses.”

“It will not be enough.”

“Allow me.”


“I remember from my last time here, there's that trap door leading down into the Basilisk pen. Let's go around.”

“There iz a way to dsszable it.”

“Too late!”

“Let me take care of this pesky lock...”

“Yep, that's Vahnatai equipment. I'll grab it.”

“I'll check the cabinet here....”

“well shit.”

“Thiss meetz the criteria sset down by the Olgai Council. We ssshould report thiz.”

“Hold on, there's more.”

“Art? Are you alright? You look pale.”


“Oh great.”

“All the more reassson. Let uz go.”

“Let me row. We're going back to Silvar, and from there to the Tower. I have some anger to vent.”

“Beware the currentsss.”


“She told you.”

“I cannot read this, nor do I recall the purpossse of thisz place.”

“I hear something from over there...”

“Probably another Empire patrol.”

“Shall we check it out?”


“Are we ever going to stop walking into traps?”

Argh. Drakes. Too much AOE fire breathing damage!

A bit over 1000 gold.

“We are done here.”


“You gonna keep rowing?”


“row row row your boat”


“What? Don't like the song?”

“It reminds me of someone.”

“That's a lot...”

“Eh, we can take them.”

“What is the source of your courage? It surely isn't a liquid.”

“Watch and learn.”


“Hrm, I'm forgetting something...”

“I am not sssure why we are here.”

“What is here?”

“I thought we were rowing to Silvar....”


“... I think we're too far south.”

“Right. Wrong place.”

“<We have been dealing with the Empire Troops. Hold your ground, for help is there, even if you do not see it.>

“You know, I don't remember what was here last time....”

“It uzed to be a Temple.”

“Weird temple.”

“This is new.”

“Right. We'll come back later if it becomes relevant.”

“Why here?”

“Forgot to grab that stuff for your home. So we're headed back to the the abandoned Slith place.”

“Still abandoned.”

“We did kill so many. They probably think this place is cursed now.”


“What's funny?”

“I wonder if there are other places like that, now.”

“Let uz find this stone.”

I don't know if it's clear, but the missing charm is located at the base of the statue to Sss-Thss in the Secret Slith II dungeon. It's a bit of a back-track, but it's nothing like what we will have to do in the future.

“Eh, it seems like it got mixed up with those Empire Records we're still carrying around.”

“No, I wrapped the Amber lizard in those records to protect it. Learn how to treat the delicate with the proper care.”

“And may we never return again.”


“<I return.>

You hand Pathass the charm, and he bows deeply in thanks to you. "In return, I will teach you one of our most guarded and powerful spells." He patiently instructs you in a new magical ritual. You now know the spell Protection.

“This spell iz yet beyond me.”

“I have no doubts you will grow into it, Mage.”

Everytime one of these debug messages pops up, I keep expecting something bad to happen.

“NOW! To the Tower!”

“Are we there yet?”

“Now we are!”


I also did some training in Olgai before advancing the plot for the first time in a long while.

Art just picks up a level of Priest Spells, maxes her Intelligence, and puts the rest into SP.

Chester gets four points of Strength. Once that's maxed, the rest will go to Dexterity. Then probably Luck and/or Assassination.

Aarth-Tss gets much the same, though the spare point left over is kept around for future purchases.

Kailyss get... nothing because he only has one level under his belt, and needs another before improving Mage Spells!

Strength and Dexterity are improved.

Dmurr gets more of the same.

In all honestly, this round of training was nothing spectacular. It's just a lot of general improvements.

“Everyone ready? Evidence in hand?”



“You know, knowing about the tunnel would have been useful last time I was there.”

“You claimed to have slain Pyrog?”

“Yes. Didn't that mind, memory spell show that to you?”

“No. We were looking for evidence of our missing Boks. To slay a dragon is no easy feat.”

“Well, it happened. Which seems to be why the Empire moved in.”

“Then you are familiar with the location. Please, return Jekknol-Bok to us!”

“I'll add it to the list.”

“We will need more parchment at thisss rate.”

“Alright, so where is this Pyrog's lair?”

“In the former Giant Lands. Empire territory now. We're in no position to go for that yet.”

“Sounds sensible. So now what?”

“We clean up.”

“We were here before. Couldn't open the doors.”

“Stronger, now.”


“Or, before we do that, how about this?”


“The wall is cracked.”



“We spent so much energy on the doors, we ignored that the wall here could probably be shattered.”

“Not. One. Word.”

“Everything is so fragile...”

“There's nothing in here. No switch, no lever, no nothing.”

“Your standard secret passage. Nothing out of the ordinary so far.”

“Why are we here again?”

“Because my curiosity wasn't sated last time.”

“Allow me.”


wiegieman posted:

Nail, as each word pair uses the letters "aceilnor" and that's what is left when "Core" is taken out.


“We'll go south first, as the room is self-contained.”

“Right. Disturbing nothing.”

“I touched NOTHING!”

“Wow, these boots are really nice!”

With the Boots of speed, Chester goes from 3AP to 5AP per turn as the formula for AP applies the multiplier for Haste/Slow before deducting due to encumbrance. So instead of 4-1, it's (4*1.5)-1.

“That wasn't that hard. Now, to get out?”

“Hold on...”

“I swear, this wasn't here when we went past in the first place!”

“I concur. Magic.”

“North, this time!”

You have to look real close to spot the destroyable walls. Otherwise...

Everyone gets diseased! And while Art was casting “Cure Disease on people, Kai-Lyss for dumbfounded. So much so, in fact that this was the result:

And there was no worthwhile loot either!

“Let uz pretend that never happened.”

“Weird. You would expect this to be trapped, but it is not.”

“Why should it, when we are attacked?”

Haven't fought undead Vahnatai in a while. Still powerful. Still not immune to Slow Group and Curse All.

“Found the way out. Wonder if there's treasure back here?”

“No, just nothing.”


“You will say nothing, farmboy.”

“Uh oh.”


One of these days, I'm going to nail down what “You feel weak.” means.

“And we're done here.”

“While interesting, what waz the purpossse of that exercize?”


“For what?”


“Well, we are far stronger this time than last.”

“Does anyone else think this is a bad idea?”


Let's rock this!


Dammit, Kai-Lyss! Stop dying!

Much better.

“Perhapsss it iz my magical ssstrength that drawsss them?”

“Don't know, don't care. Stop doing that.

“Yesss, <Priest>.”

“Now what?”

“Let me think about it.”