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Part 23: The Filth Factory (2)

Update 20b – The Filth Factory (2)

“Well, isn't this cozy.”

“Clean water at least. I need to wash out my mouth, thank you.”

“Go right ahead.”

“Dissection? Ewww. I didn't like that class in training.”

“Yet, it was necessary. You passed, right?”

“Just confirming that it wasn't charged or ready to use.”

“That was still stupid of you. You have to assume these things are primed and ready at all times.”

“Conveniently placed levers.”

“Do not activate the dissection one, please.”

“I'm not touching any of these until we know what they do.”

“I don't think I can dig my way through this.”

“I don't think anyone can.”

“Hey, found the broom closet!”


“Bronwyn – I don't think those are brooms.”

“I don't know, they do seem to have bristles on the bottoms.”

“And they will probably do a better job than a broom when dealing with the filth.”

“Probably self guiding too.”

“Just shut up. All of you.”

“Come on, let's find a way further in.”

“Well, that's not good.”

“Gathering samples? That may be useful.”

“Or it could be extremely lax in methodology, and just a dump bypass for the filth.”

“I see covers to all the pipes. Think I should close them?”

“Hold on, let me think here. I may have a plan.”

“Is it a good one?”

“Perhaps. Bronwyn, close the pipes.”

“As I thought – sealed so nothing can leak through. Now, what will happen if we activate the sample feeder from the other room?”


“Intelligent design would suggest some sort of overflow or over-pressure diversion system be in place.”

“And yet, it seems to me this location was built around the idea that the people who worked here would know what they were doing. Why would they try to wreck the devices?”

“Accidents happen.”

“No, I don't think so. These people put their barracks behind an artificial swamp. The more I think about it, the more I think we can cause some damage here, through the pipes. Perhaps shake something loose here or back on the main floor.”

“We don't have a better plan at the moment. No hidden passages or doors at this point.”

“Pulling the switch!”

“That was anti-climactic.”

“Um... guys?”

“I was not expecting this! Back to the sample room!”

“Um... wow. I did not expect that.”

“This has to get us closer to our goal.”

“It doesn't go far – only a few hundred meters at most. I'm surprised it didn't get destroyed or damaged in the explosion.”

“Why are you looking at me like that? It was just some pipes! I bet the wall was weakened before that anyway.”

“Stepping in.”

“No buildings or filth.”

“An amazing change of pace, that's for sure.”

“But do we go north or east first?”


“Any particular reason?”


“And here's the other end of one of those access points, which indicates we're going in the right direction.”

“Observation ports?”

“That is one big mound of trash.”

“Another portal.”

“And a roach. I think it got out somehow. Maybe we can get in?”

“I think this leads back to the cleaning slash sampling slash dissection room.”

“And if my mapping skills are as awesome as they are, then we're right by that little area now!”

“Another return portal, it seems to be totally opposite from the one we came in.”

“Another blocked off access.”

“This, however, is new.”

“Did you cause this when you exploded everything?”

“No, I can't take credit for this. Very opportune though. What caused the quake though? I wasn't aware this island had any vulcanism or tectonic action.”

“Before we go further, let's finish circling around, in case we find something interesting.”

“Not interesting.”

“Not interesting.”

“Back to the crack!”

“The source of the shear was over here. Curious, I'm not seeing any natural cause...”

“Long shot here, but could this be related to the person who told Purgatos about us?”

“Perhaps. But if so, why not finish the job?”

“They may not have had the ability to do so?”

“It seems that river we shut down to get here is back to full power. And I'm not going to try and cross that.”

“We need to clean this place soon. My constitution can't take much more of this.”


“More roaches! And is that a ramp?”


“Sorry! I thought you were clear!”

“I see. This is the exit point for the roaches when they leave the nest. We saw this coming in.”

“Have to destroy this on the way out as well.”

“Added to the list. Hrm. Note to self – start a list.”

“The Roaches need more food?”

“Might as well check it out.”



“Oh no, these things were being kept as food?”

“It appears that way.”

“They are irredeemably evil and must be purged from existence.”

Who would want to hurt cute little puppies like this?!?!

“On the other hand, zombies can get burned.”

“And here's the other side of that river of filth.”

“So, what now?”

“We check this out.”

“~stabbing roaches~”

“Wait a minute...”

“Oh no. I think I know what happened.”

“That's a Vahnatai body and weapon.”

“The stranger must have been one of them, and they were investigating as well. They couldn't finish the job, so they arranged for us to.”

“That's ascribing a lot of agency onto them.”

“It doesn't matter. I'll tell Rentar-Ihrno when we see her next.”

“The weapon can use a good clean, but it looks serviceable still.”

“They won't mind if you pick it up.”

“{Rest now, your job will be done.}”

“I'm confused. Where did this statue come from? I can't tell what it is or was.”

“The entrance to the central pit is on the other side. We should go there now.”

“Hold on, we're almost there. Set this on fire, and the entire thing goes up.”

“Hopefully not with us in it.”


I'm almost out of SP, so I decide to bless the three front fighters, and save the rest for dealing with the inevitable Diseases and Poisons.

“Almost there.”

“Is there no end to them?”

“I think they're coming out of the walls at this point!”

“The stench is becoming unbearable!”


“Yes, this is the place.”

“Throw it in!”

“Wait, what is it supposed to do again?”

“That is a very good question.”

“You'll see...”

“Ah, glorious Quickfire.”


“What are you guys panicking over? Yes, things are burning, but it'll still take a few moments for the pressure to build up to explosive levels.”

“Just keep running!”

“Pft. You guys act like you've never casually strolled out of a place before, having lit it aflame, and waiting for a ground shaking explosion.”

“Well, I suppose they are new people. I wonder if I can get 'learn to anticipate explosions' into the Unspecified services training course?”

“And that should be that.”


“There is no going back in there. The ground has slumped from the cavern filling in.”

“I'm very glad that's over. We can report back victory to the Mayor and to Anaximander.”

“We haven't been back there in...” She starts counting on her fingers, “wait. We arrived at Port Townsend only a week ago! We explored the island, located the factory, talked to damn near everyone, blew up the factory, and are going to collect our reward, and it's only been SEVEN DAYS?”

“Sounds about right.”

“How could they not resolve this themselves? It's an island! There's only so many options available for people to investigate!”

I mentioned in the thread that if you knew what you were doing it was fully possible to land on Bigail and then destroy the Filth Factory in under three days. I stand by that statement with proof. Now, this was the last 'easy' quest, and from here on out, they will be more intensive.

“Well, dust yourselves off. We need to head back to Shayder. Then back to Emergence to report in. I'm certain Anaximander will just look at us and be completely not surprised.”

“Actually, I think showing up still covered in dust and burning refuse will lend credence to our story.”

“I don't want to be burning all the way back to Shayder!”

“All hail the conquering heroes!”

“Well? What have you to report?”

“Don't worry. I'll make certain to rub this in their faces.”

“I would rather you not. I have to live with them, you see.”

“As you wish.”

“Still, your reports will be filed. With Krizan and Bigail secured, I would – if you plan to keep working like this – suggest you go east from Krizsan. I have vague reports of Giants and Troglodytes in the region, both species of which should have been exterminated or Exiled years ago. If you can somehow assist in resolving that situation, then with the southern coast clear, we can begin to mount proper military designs to move north, with Blackcrag moving south.”

“Your suggestion will be taken under advisement, Mayor.”

“Good. Now, go get a bath. You stink and look like you walked through the fire and flames.”

“We wouldn't have, if Art wasn't taking her time.”

“Look, when you get to my age, you take all the fun you can get.”

“One problem though.”

“What would that be?”

“In our rush to eliminate the Factory, we did not find any evidence to determine who built it. It obviously was not a one person job.”


At this point, I'm cursing myself for not getting the Evidence. So I cheat. I make another save, reveal the Factory, and charge in again to get it.

“I found something!”

“What are you talking about?”

“I found Dragon Scales!”

“Yeah. Right. The only known dragons are in hiding. And that facility was not built for one of their size.”

“No! I totally did! While you were enjoying tossing the egg in, I found this!”

“It was right there! So I picked the up, and now we have them!”

“... We need to get back to Fort Emergence with this.”

“Seriously? They're scales. They could have come from anywhere!”

“How about we get clean first? Rest? Relax? Think with clearer heads in the morning. We can figure out where that came from later.”

“I'm with Delilah here. To the Inn.”

“Very well.”