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Part 54: Hawke's Manse and Malloc

Update 048 – Hawke's Mansion and Malloc

I'm sorry. No more Map updates. There's too much work for too little gain, and the effort involved it draining energy I could better use to get to the finish line. So, back to the story!

“So, here's the plan. Roughly. We take the amulet back to Fort Emergence, show the crystals, talk to Rentar-Ihrno about this, then come back and do something I've been meaning to do. This last item is a stupid idea, and one I don't really expect to pan out, but I have to try anyways."

“You're leaving the horses?”

“What is this idea?”

“I presume it's going to be something ridiculous.”

“I doubt she's going to leave the horses.”

“Ridiculous or nor, it I suspect it will be interesting.”

“But the Horses!”

“Actually, this idea of mine is only going to be the first step. The rest will have to be done later, by other people.”

“Look, here's a map. We're between Calloc and Dorngas, and not that far from Lorelei. We can leave the horses safe here, and come back using the teleporter to Lorelei.”

“Don't worry!”

“And we're off!”

“Well, here's the crystal evidence.”

You give Berra the crystal shards from the caves below the giant fortress. He moves off to test them, then returns. “Well, it's not conclusive, but the Vahnatai are the true masters of magic using crystals. This may have been made by them.”

“Tell me something I don't know.”

“Not everyone has the same experience that you do with that culture. What is obvious to you requires verifiable evidence for other people. Now get out and report back to Anaximander.”


“I don't even know what to say about those things. That the Dragons are putting their vendetta on hold to deal with them is more frightening than anything else. But they're not the only thing you need to deal with.”

“And once again, your personal standing with that group will come into play. We need you to go up there, and use that to try and figure out what's up.”

“I was already planning on talking to Rentar-Ihrno.”

“Then get to it.”

But first!

I picked up 8 of them. I would like everyone to VOTE on where they should go – I'll do training at the end of the update so you'll know where everyone is at.

“Now, where is she?”

“Perhaps in the quarter protected by a barrier?”

“Before we go breaking and entering, let's look around.”

“Hello again. We are looking for Rentar-Ihrno.”

“She is around, I know not where.”

Not shown: Me wandering around for several minutes to find Rentar-Ihrno.

“Alright Matthias, your turn.”

“Not much of a defence if it's just one standard barrier.”

“That, on the other hand, is not normal.”

It's been pointed out in the thread that each of the three suspects have a secure area in their 'home' that you cannot access through normal means. This is the area for the Vahnatai.

“Where is she?”

“You were looking for me, Art-Iktah?”

“Thank you.”

“A moment, Art-Iktah. Were it anyone else, I would not say this, but you are you. I have no doubt that you will find those responsible. When you do, I will ... trust in your actions. That you will do the right thing by your people and mine.”

* * *

“Ah, the lovely Tower. More power for everyone!”

“You guys go on ahead, I'm going to talk to a friend.”

“Sure. See you later!”

“... and that's that. Everything that's happened so far.”

“Well, I can tell you one thing that has gone unequivocally right.”

“And what would that be, oh mage of mages?”

“The spell we placed on you all to allow you to adapt slowly to the sun's energy worked out. The first people up there quickly developed severe sunburn, and were too busy being in agony to be of any use. So we had to develop a new set of spells to protect you all from the sun.”



“Yep. I'm surprised you didn't figure that out for yourself.”

“I've had other things on my mind.”

“So you've had.”

“It's just... I mean... Any of them...”

“I think you would be most comfortable if it were the Dragons doing this. They are the suspects that you are least familiar with. So coming into conflict with them is something you can envision yourself doing without regret.”

“If it was Erika... we've known each other for ten years now.”

“I dare say that the more important aspect to that relationship is that Erika knows you. If she was doing this, then she would be betraying you personally.”

“I wish I knew where Bon-Ihrno is. That way I could talk to someone more diplomatic than Rentar-Ihrno.”

“And yet with them, they view you – rightly – as a hero. They trust you in a way that you don't know how to handle. If it is them, you have to wonder – what does that make you, if they would do this, and you are still their hero?”

* * *

“Hey sir!”

“We are not going to summon DEMONS!”

“But knowing how also means you know how to recognize the signs and it will help in other means.”

“And the Mind Duel spell?”

“You would be surprised at how useful it is.”

* * *

“Alrght, everyone is on the same page?”

“I don't have any paper!”

“Right. Teleport back to Lorelei, recover the horses, do your thing, and ... then what?”

“I'm thinking we'll need to investigate the Golems as well. We know the Dragons are working on those Alien Beasts.”

“That reminds me, Delenn from Golddale wants us to steal that book from here. Should we?”

“Identify is useful, but I don't want to risk angering the man who has been so helpful to us.”

There's also another reason to steal that book, though I may just save it for a bonus update.

“And now, for my brilliant plan!”

“Do we want to know?”


“Then why are we headed for the office of Internal Affairs?”

“I wasn't expecting to see you back. I've been hearing good things recently, though it seems you've been dealing with smaller things.”

“Just doing cleanup before going north. But for now, there's something more important I need to do. You know who I work for, right?”


“You ready to make that official?”

He leans back, slightly suspicious. “What do you want?”

“I want to buy Hawke's Manse.”

“That's 8000 gold.”

“Here.” She dumps the money on his desk – imperial currency all.

“Why the showmanship?” He hands her an iron key. “You know that once this is all done, someone higher up is going to order it repossessed. You're Exiles!”

“It would be rude to confiscate an embassy, don't you think?”

“And that is the plan. Centrally located on the continent, relatively isolated from the locals, and now it's mine.”

“You bought a mansion to turn it into an embassy?”

“Wouldn't it be more like a consulate?”

“There is no way this is going to work out. The Empire wouldn't stand for it.”

“What's an embassy?”

“It's a building for diplomacy between two sovereign states. And I agree with Bronwyn. This can't work. It's showmanship and grandstanding.”

“I will make it work. And the first part is doing this. Because if the Empire sees we're willing to talk, to negotiate, and to co-exist peacefully, even if this one fails, the next one might not.”

“That's all well and good, but perhaps we should investigate the premesis first? See what we have?”

I have.”

“I wonder who Hawke was?”

I swear, if this is something that a certain character from Dragon Age is a reference too, I'd be surprised.

“Let's see what my new house is like. Or at least mine until I hand the keys over to Anaximander.”

“Let's see what the floor plan is like.”

“Small, but cozy.”

“I own this place now!”

“Uh huh.”

“Look, I got the key, and everything.”

You meet the elderly, crabby woman who greeted you when you first entered your house. She's busy dusting. “Hi boss. I'm Majorie.”

“Hi Majorie!”

“I got to say, I'm not surprised that this place wound up in the hands of ... foreigners.” She straightens up proudly to her full five feet of height. “I'm the caretaker for Hawke's Manse.”

“I'm Sass!”

“I wasn't told there was already a staff here. I assumed I would have to deal with that, or something like that.”

“Actually, I've been paid by the estate. I have to be here. Because of the curse, you see.”

curse. Of course there's a curse. Why wouldn't there be?”

“The curse has been in place for many years. Nobody knows who caused it, or what the effects would be. All we know is that, if Hawke's Manse ever doesn't have a caretaker, horrible things would happen.” She looks at you smugly. “So I have to be here. Get used to it.”

“So, tell me about the manse.”

I had to show that, rather than transcribe it for that last comment. Also, this is the third “Free resting and Item Storage” location in the game – and the last.

“So, what happened to Hawke, the previous master?”

She shakers her head sadly. “Killed by a giant's rock. In the courtyard. Tragic.”

“Very. Listen, I have plans for this place. Nothing illegal, I assure you. But if you ever feel that you can't work here any further, let me or my people know. We'll make sure your severance is good, and we'll make sure you get a good letter of recommendation.”

“Oh, we'll see about that. But thank you anyway. In the meantime, why don't you have a look around?”

“Thank you.”

“Small shrine.”

“Target practice?”

“Oooh! Books. Let's see what we have here.”


“These need to be bigger. Proper statues are HUGE!”

There's something charming about the line regarding guests. Every time I read it, I get a little smile on my face.

“Well, this is interesting.”

“I don't think our caretaker is doing a complete job.”

“Nice room.”

“Changing rooms. Very posh.”

“Nice dancing room. Too bad I can't dance.”

“This is a lot of storage space. How much did he need?”

“Enough to host parties, I think.”

“Nice garden.”

I'm missing something here, as I know there's something that needs to happen. Except it turns out that I need to wait for new days to roll around for this series of events to happen. Which caused me no end of stress after failing to find Rentar-Ihrno for far too long.

“Well, back to the cruel world outside.”

“It's not that cold!”

“Now, let's go get our horses.”


Some of you may remember that there is a thread hanging where we've been asked to smuggle some drugs into Lorelei. Now, all the obvious ways into town are guarded. Except for this...

Just fly over the river!

* * *

“YAY! Horsies back!”

I really want to avoid Footracer for now. Besides, I can't do anything in there until we deal with the Golem plague. Which means going in a more nor'east direction, rather than north and west.

But there are still the towns around the lake to check out.

“Small town.”

ARGH! Once again, a town that could fit into a small map is shoe-horned into a huge one! WHY?!?!?

Merry Count posted:

I think I missed a couple somewhere...



“Huh. Hello.”

You meet the trainer of Malloc. He's an educated Nephilim, a rarity in the cities of the Empire (or anywhere). He sits patiently and alertly, ready to increase your skills. “I am Mrrr.”

“Ni'aurrl. What do you do here?”

He purrs. “I am the trainer of Malloc. I don't have many other interests, really.”

“No interests? Why is that?”

His whiskers twitch. “I have so many other skills to master. Don't really have much time for hobbies."

Let's get training! I had to take a break to sell some stuff to finish paying for everything, so don't mind when my gold level jumps up.

Art gets Priest 7, which means she can now cast Avatar, the one spell she is perfectly capable of breaking over her knee with how powerful it is. She also picks up more SP. Art is also less than 10 levels from maxing out.

I forgot to take a picture of the 'Before' Sass, but he has gotten Priest 5, Mage 5 and more SP. As a support caster, his Intelligence stat doesn't need improvement.

I did not forget to take a before picture, but all she got was four points in Luck. For the rest of the game, the rest will go into Edged Weapons and Assassination, though she doesn't need as much of the latter.

Matthias picked up Mage 7 (MAJOR BLESSING!) and more Spell points to fuel that. I also spent 1 skill point to bring him up to 50 HP even.

Delilah started with 24 skill points, and she purchased Priest 7, 10 SP, and maxed out her Intelligence.

And lastly, Ni'aurrl picked up Mage 7, Priest 5, and a couple more SP. Soon, she will be a better Peregrine IV than Peregrine ever was!

“No one will ever be more me than me!”

“Ugh, need drink.”

“Got you covered!”

“Leave some for me!” You meet a middle aged woman, deep into her fourth tankard of ale. She looks blearily up at you.

“Hello there. And you are?”

“I'm Mia.”

“And what are you doing here?”

“I'm drowning my sorrows. Why shouldn't I?”

“And why are you sorrowful?”

“In memory of my poor child.”
“My poor son, lost fishing on Lake Tomor. His boat went out, and hasn't returned Oh, for something to remember him by.”

“Do you not have memories?”

“I gave him a silver ring, a family heirloom. Oh, what I would give to have it back again!”

“Do you not want your son back?”

“The lake doesn't give up her dead, when the gales of November come early.”

* * *

New day, back to Lorelei and the Manse for the next event!

Rat extermination? Really?”

“Should be easy.”

“Well, they're Mung Rats. Which would actually require some effort.”


“The rats are dead.”

“Oh good. I'm certain something will come up again.”

* * *

“So, the plan is to circle around the lake to the north, then aim for Gale. It's the last major city on the continent, and we can get in there to begin to deal with the problems there. Eventually.”

“Well, there is that library in Moon. I think research there might help.”

This is actually off the beaten path to the west while I was looking for Dorngas. I'll have to come back later. To get that town.

I pass for now. Free skill points are nice, but Delilah is our only archer, and that's a secondary aspect to her build.

“North it is.”


More confirmation of information we already have.

“This is a HUGE lake!”

“Moon can't be much further.”

“No, we haven't.”

“Oh, I can almost smell the books.”