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by berryjon

Part 62: Fallout (1)

Update 056 – Fallout (1)


“Come on.”

“There's nothing more to do.”


“Let's go. I'm going to find out who caused all this.”

“And them I'm going to happen to them.”




“Don't. She's not in a talking mood.”

“Oh, I'm in a fine talking mood. I even know enough about Slith culture to not be mad as you, Sass. I'm just saving for when I find the right target.”

“The local Golems were shattered by the resonance from the killing of the controlling system. We shouldn't have any more being built, but there will still be random groups out there.”

“Like them.”

* * *

“We should let the General know.”

“That would be a good idea.”



“Job's done.”


“But know this, we're going to ignore you. Unless you get the Empress herself to come down here, there's not much more I can do from here.”

“Thank you.”

“Some help.”

“Peace is a different monster than war. Without the pressures of the Golems to act on them, they are less willing to acknowledge us.”

“I have an idea.”

“A good one, or a bad one?”

“I was thinking of going to Gale, and seeing if I can provoke them into doing something stupid.”



“This is a bad idea!'

“Even I think this is wrong!”

“Hey, gonna open up the gates now that the Golems are being pushed back?”

“Not on your life!”

“So, uh, heads up. You might want to start finding some place else to be. Golems beaten, and what not.”

“Thanks. Take care.”


“Eh, it's not like a city full of guards could stop us at this point.”

“I think they can!”

“Let's see here...”

“No surprises yet...”

“Where are all the guards?”

“We even got the key for this....”

“Which seems like it is useless.”

“Secret passage perhaps?”

“Worth checking out. Rather than whatever Art has planned.”



“If that's the case...”

“Yeah, I'm going to steal this.”

“Are you in charge?”

“Never has being a nobody felt so wonderful.”

“Let's leave, please?”



“Fine. Punching people who can't punch back isn't fun.”


“This looks ... annoying.”

“Probably slimes or something.”

“I was not expecting undead.”


“Can we leave now?”

“Of course not! We have the key to the Library.”

“Which will necessitate going back around.”

“Do we have to?”

“The sign says so.”

“Though I suspect we'll have to get to go the long-way around for this. Come on, to the ramparts!”

“Sure, why not?”


“Hey, the key to Erika's back rooms is also made of Electrum. I wonder if this will fit?”

“This isn't the same.”

“No, it isn't. But here we are. Everyone, sit down.”


“What happened was wrong. But not in any sense that it is a wrong we can right. You may think me callous for saying the things I have said, or for doing the things I have done. But I want you to know that's not the truth of it.”

“I've killed enough people, and had enough people die on me that I'm no stranger to these things. And yes, in a way, I'm accustomed to it. But when people I care for die, I do not rage. I do not get angry and yell at the world for the injustice of it all.”

“I know there is no justice. Only our actions in life, and the effects they have after our passing. This is what matters. The things we leave behind. Matthias ... I did not know him as well as I should have, I've been moving as I have these past three months, and nothing I can say or do will ever make up for that.”

“We are here, in the Library of Gale, to celebrate the life of a man well lived. Who went beyond expectations, and did what was asked of him. Not because it was asked, but because it was the right thing to do. And I intend to, in the end, do right by him.”

“I'm going to go forward. When we get back to Fort Emergence, if any of you feel uncomfortable with my direction, you're free to leave. I'll give you a good report, no word of a lie. But if you follow, what comes next will shake the world.”

“Take a few minutes, then we'll leave.”


“I'm going to read books now!”

“Oh, and before we go, let's get some training in.”

Art, having 16 skill points, buys 3 Strength and 2 Dex, then the last point in SP. She's within spitting distance of Level 50, the cap for the game.

Bronwyn maxes out her Edged Weapons skill, then invests the rest in Defence. From here on out, she should be getting Luck and Defense.

Sass gets to Mage 6 and Priest 6, then puts the remaining 9 points into SP. He's our backup caster now, with Art helping in a pinch.

Ni'aurrl maxes out her Mage Lore to make up for the loss of Matthias. Then the spare points put into SP and HP.

And at last, Delilah gets some Mage Lore as well, then pushes her SP to 83. There's a lot of spellcasting ahead for our primary Priest.

“Hey, before we leave, can you keep an eye on our Horses? We're going to teleport back south, and can't take them with us.”

“For all you've done? Done. I heard about your encounters with the heads of state. Listen, if you get words with people higher than them...?”

“You will be spoken of highly.”

“Time to use the Amulet of Rapid Returning for the first time in a long time.”

“One thing to do first.”

“Yes, a good thing.”

“For the next.”

“For the next.”

“We should also check in with Berra about the Mind Crystals.”

“Good idea.”


“I see you are a man short.”

“He's on patrol.”

“I'll mark him down as doing research then. I'm sorry.”

“Don't be. Tell me about these.”

“Bullshit. I've met Crystal Souls. Carried them in my pack while running for our mutual lives. That wasn't a Crystal Soul.”

“Not one with an actual Soul in it, no. But this is the work of the Vahnatai, empty and then filled with something malign. Not one who loves. Talk to Anaximander. I will contact the Tower.”


“Let's do this.”

“Anaximander, about Matthias.”

“His next of kin will be notified, and he will be recorded as being Killed In Action. The appropriate funds will be dispensed.”

“Art, officially, I need to tell you to stop. This is a tragedy, one that any team would need time to recover from. But I know you'll ignore me. So you didn't hear me say this:”

“Prince Karmas is up by New Cotra. I will send for him. We cannot make these decisions by ourselves, and having him here will help temper things. Your orders are simple. Investigate Ghikra by any means necessary, determine the extent of the threat to Exile from enemies we thought our enemies or our friends...”

“And end them.”