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Part 77: The New Factory, the Walls, and Bon-Ihrno

Update 71 – The New Factory, the Great Walls and Beyond

So, after the crash at the end of the last update, I took the last save (in order to save the training and XP gains), and cracked open the Cheat Editor that comes with the game again. I reset the date, killed the Tower Event, and teleported me back to Fort Emergence. From there, I manually backtracked to the entrance of the next dungeon, going overland in the process. In all, it took me about 10-15 minutes. Sorry if there was any confusion.

“This place, it is dangerous.”

“They all have been so far.”

“Still, a sign is usually a good sign.”

“Safe from what?”


And this is the gimmick to the New Factory. Every so often, everyone looses 5-10 HP. Much like how the Tower of Zkal drains your SP.

Which means if you spend too long here, you die.

Which means that I'm going to show you all the short cut through the dungeon, rather than take the long, windy, maze-like path.

“Might as well look for a way around.”

“I wonder when...”

“I'm more concerned about this 'Great Wall' the shade is talking about.”

“There's a small crack over here we can use to get around this machinery.”

“Hey, there's something here!”

“No, just a way to gain access to the inner workings of this place.”

So, you may find pieces of ore on the conveyor belts. Stepping on them causes them to explode, so please don't do that.

“This place is sapping our strength. Thankfully, we have sufficient resources to keep us whole, hale and healthy.”

“More machines. What are they doing here?”

“Exploding, apparently.”

Yeah, random explosions as well, just to drive your HP down faster.

“Can't go this way.”

“But we can go here, between the machine and the wall.”

I have no idea how anyone is supposed to be able to find this secret passage. Except either by being completely exhaustive in searching for such things, or by reading a walkthrough.

“You found it, you get to press it.”


“That was... ugly.”

“But at least we're at the end.”

“Let's get out of here. I doubt that place is worth exploring.”

And thus, I make a mockery of the New Factory.

“This valley is cold!”

“It's isolated. We're actually lower than the previous valley, but the surrounding mountains keep the air trapped.”

“There's no way forward, except through them.”

“That's a lot.”

“More for everyone!”

* * *

* * *

* * *

* * *

“Down, down we go.”

* * *

“And a cave at the end of the valley.”


“These must be the walls that we were warned about.”

There are no gimmicks here. No tricks. No deceptions. We start at the west, and the exit is to the east. We get to kill anyone fool enough to get in our way.


“Is that good?”

“{You have chosen your path, Iktah. We have chosen ours.}”

“Well, this is going to be long.”

“Or not.”

Without the amulet, we would have had to fight our way through the first wall. I do it anyway.

“Though I think most of these guards are under-prepared for us.”

“And they weren't expecting us.”

“Let's make sure we didn't leave someone behind.”

“Not here.”

“Not here.”

“Just lunch.”

“There will be many here by the time I am done.”


“{No. You shall not pass!}”

“{Yes. I shall.}”

There's nothing of interest to the north here. Just a secret way from the third wall to the second via the water.

Right here.

“And the last wall.”

Oh frak me. Vahnatai who use a Soul Crystal summon a high-level monster – that doesn't go away like normal summons!

“One last hasty fortification to breach, then we're through.”

“This could be painful.”

“Hey! A Challenge!”

“Or he should have been.”

“There is something of use back there.”

“What is it?”

“A triggering glyph.”

“But for what?”

“I step on it!”

“The exit!”

“Ah, boats to sneak around with.”

“And with this, we can leave.”

“I should have expected this.”

“We all should have.”

“At least there's a road.”

“It says to check in with the Commander of the Walls before going to the Surface.”

The only random encounters in this region are Shamblers, Vahnatai and Undead Vahnatai.

“This way, Iktah.”

“This way?”


“I think we lost them.”

“Hello? Who's there?”

“I knew it. It had to be you, old friend.”

“Bon-Ihrno? It is I, Art-Iktah.”

“Enter, old friend.”

“Here you are.”

Bon-Ihrno, hero and figure of legend, sits slumped in his chair before you. He looks very tired. “Here I am,” he rasps.

She approaches, and kneels before the venerable Vahnatai. “What are you doing here? Don't you know what is down here?”

He sighs. “I fight insanity, Art-Ikt... No. Art-Ihrno. And joyously, my battle is almost over.”

“Rentar-Ihrno, her actions are not insane, for she has not taken leave of her senses.”

“How I wish that were the case,” he slumps further in his sleep. “I wish to assist you in your assault on Rentar and her minions. I wish it was not necessary to turn against my people, but I must. This revenge, this madness has consumed them.”

“Your assistance has been helpful. Thank you.”

“I have been trying to protect you and myself for months, to give you advice and aid when I could. Here, there are supplies and rest for you. I also have most vital information to give you.”

“What is this information?”

“Rentar-Ihrno's fortress is to the southeast. It is where she performs her mighty alchemy to make the monsters. Her rituals are both powerful and delicate.”

“She makes monsters here? But we have destroyed many other facilities to get to here.”

“She molds the monsters – the slimes and roaches and golems and troglodytes and giants and beasts. She makes them, using a powerful alchemical spell.”

“What is the nature of her alchemy?”

“She has four vats of magical, powerful liquid stored in vats under her tower. It is poured along trenches into one massive central vat. There, it mixes and she casts the final spell. Life emerges. It is magic of power beyond my comprehension, Art-Ihrno. However, it has a weakness.”

“When one, two, or three fluids mix, it can be shaped. Four, however, are too much. If all four liquids reach the center, and the magical machines which energize the liquid and make life are activated, the explosion will destroy her fortress! Alas, there is a problem.”

“We were told that the most powerful of her creations, the Alien Beasts, were created by scrying the scry.”

“That is true, but the things created through that were quite ephemeral. The beasts you have slain to get here are ones she has created using them as a template and design. But no, there is something else.”

“What is the nature of this problem?”

“Once the liquids are in the vat, the controls to activate the magic are by Rentar-Ihrno's throne. To reach it, you will have to elude her.”

“Do you have any advice on how to elude her?”

He looks concerned. “I'm afraid that will be your problem. I cannot help with that. I wish you the best of luck with your assault. And if you wish, there are rest and supplies here for you.”

“Are there others who can help? Stop Rentar from among the Olgai?”

“No.” He looks incredibly sad. “My people wish nothing to do with one who will not join in their revenge. I hide here, and oppose them. It is just a part of the misery that has become my life. Go, prepare yourselves. I can do no more.”

Not much in the way of supplies here, but at least Bon-Ihrno tries.

“Might as well. It's probably the last safe rest we'll have until this is all done.”

“What was that?”

“Kill them all.”


“And that's the last of them. Art?”

“I'm sorry.”

“Give her a moment.”

“I'm sorry. I led them here. I didn't think they could follow. You were safe and protected, and they followed me here.”

“One more name to the list. One more failure. Another consequence.”


“This water is full of life... We should check it out.”



“Ah, a source of health.”

Not that this is needed, so close after Bon-Ihrno's hut, but the thought is appreciated.

I did mention Undead Vahnatai too, didn't I?

“This is where they are coming from.”

“This should be quick.”

“I can't make any light!”

“There's something in here...”


“You know, we could block off the Quickfire in advance by creating Barriers of our own.”

“Do it.”

And then the barriers fail to show when I cast them on the screenshots.

“Someone has been working hard to keep these contained.”

“Spread out, take out the active undead. We'll see what's in that hidden chamber once this one is secure.”


“Great! Now, let's see if there was anything useful back here.”

“And that would be the Quickfire.”

“We're safe in here. Let's see what we got.”

“Junk, junk, junk.”

“Hah! We're smarter than Quickfire!”

“I suppose there's little to be done in waiting. Let's go to the Keep of Rentar-Ihrno.”