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Original Thread: Skyrim hates me, so Let's Play New Vegas!



Wait, why all these different games?
Oh, right. That. Well, my original plan was to play Morrowind, then Oblivion, then Skyrim. As I thought about it, I realized I really, really wanted to skip Oblivion, at least for a time, so I was planning on going to Skyrim. Unfortunately, Morrowind wrapped up a bit too early, so I couldn't really continue into Skyrim without violating the three-month rule. So I formulated kind of a dimension-hopping plot twist, and so Lizard Wizard was flung into the shoes of the Vault DwellerLone Wanderer from Fallout 3. I tried Oblivion, but, well, it was Oblivion. I've kept the Morrowind OP and all that for posterity and ease of archiving, but I feel like I owe a bit of an explanation to those people who haven't kept up with the thread.

Okay, so why Fallout 3?
Well, it's by Bethesda, I haven't beaten it yet, and it's also the third game in its series? But seriously, that's mostly what it boils down to. It also uses more traditional XP and skill mechanics, which I think will not only make for a nice contrast, but let everyone see how both Morrowind and Fallout 3 would go on to influence Skyrim.

This is a direct continuation of Lizard Wizard's Morrowind LP. The author strongly recommends you read it before starting this LP.

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