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Part 1: Vault 101

Part 1: Vault 101

“Good morning, Doc…tor Freeman. I’m so glad to see you once…again.”

“My…employers were dismayed by your recent acts of indepen…dence, but I have assured them that the problem with the vortigaunts was an…aberration. Never…theless, they wish for you to undergo a tesssssst.”

“Tell me, have you ever wondered what it would be like to walk…in another man’s shoes? No? Then, have you ever watched the show, “Quantum Leap?” Very soon, you will…not have to.”

“Time to wake up, Dr. Freeman. Time to tasssste…the radiation.”

“Wake up! WAKE UP!”

Ugh. Where am I? Is this a train?

It doesn’t feel like we’re moving. Looks like all the walls are steel; is this some sort of ship? Or did I wind up in Black Mesa maintenance tunnels again?

“You’ve got to get out of here! Your dad is gone and my father’s men are looking for you! He’s left the Vault! I don’t know how, but he’s gone, and my father…he’s kind of gone crazy. It’s Jonas…they killed him! My father’s men. They took him, and…Oh my God, you have to leave, now! It’s lucky I got here ahead of them, but we can’t stand here talking! You’ve got to get out of here!”

Glasses. I don’t have my glasses. Why don’t I have my glasses? No wonder I can’t see anything.

“I’m sorry, but I think you’ll have to follow your dad. You have to escape from the Vault. Listen, maybe it isn’t any of my business, but didn’t your dad tell you that he was leaving?”

What did she say? “The vault?” Are we locked in a bank somewhere? Man, I’m confused. And not seeing anything isn’t helping.

“He didn’t say, did he? I’m sorry. I’m sure he had his reasons. Maybe Jonas was supposed to explain everything to you? But it doesn’t matter. I can help you escape. I have my own plan!”

Is she talking about her dad or something? She doesn’t look like Alyx. Should I know what’s going on?

“Use these to get into his office. That’s how I always get in.”

What the—bobby pins? What the hell kind of locks do you open with bobby pins?

“Oh, one more thing. I stole my father’s pistol. I hope you won’t need it, but you’d better take it just in case. But even with that pistol, I don’t think you’ll win a fight against the whole security force.”

Ah, now that’s more like it. Looks more primitive than the ones the Combine uses, but in pretty good shape. Probably won’t be able to hit anything without my glasses, though.

“I’ll try to meet you at the exit. Good luck!”

Good, she’s gone. Maybe now I can figure out what’s going on. Get this bat and…hey, is that a rifle?

Damn, just a BB gun. This looks like some kind of medical box, though.

“Stimpaks?” Not exactly the green goo I’m used to working with, but I guess it’ll do.

…Barney? Is that you? Looks like he’s fighting something,

No, you’re not Barney, because Barney knew better than to attack me.

Ha! Still got it, even though I still can’t see anything. Looks like you’re wearing some sort of Kevlar vest; I’ll take that.

I bet you’re glad your mother taught you to wear clean underwear now.

Damn it, it’s just like those Black Mesa scientists all over again. First you make me conduct dangerous experiments personally because I only just finished my doctorate, and then everything goes to hell and it’s “Freeman, save my ass for me!”

Much better. I’ll take that jacket of yours, though. Pretty snazzy looking.

Hey, another guard. Wonder if this one is going to attack me.

Oh, good.

“I don’t know what you’re up to and I don’t want to know. Just clear out of here and I’ll pretend I never saw you. It’s a real shame it’s come to this. I can’t believe what they did to Jonas…Officer Mack was just out of control…But you’re a good kid. You didn’t do anything to deserve this. Go find your dad, if you can.”

Is that what I’m supposed to be doing? Finding my “dad?” Everyone knew who I was back in City 17, but they didn’t all pretend they knew how I grew up.

And what’s this thing on my arm, anyway? Some kind of status tracker? Hmm, looks like there’s buttons for physical condition, item tracking, and “data.” What’s in—oh, hey, I can hear the PA on this!

Hey, those assholes shot them! I think. Hard to see from here.

This is the Overseer. All vault residents are hereby confined to their quarters. The radroach infestation is under control.

Do not interfere with Vault Security personnel. Any resident found outside his or her quarters will be dealt with. Severely.

That is all.

I don’t remember my dad ever being in a vault. I wonder what happened to him after the alien attack? I hope he’s still alright.

“I don’t know where he is! Please, let me go!”

“Officer? If you please.”

Hey, that is not okay!

You’re going down, assholes.

I’ll shoot ‘till…whoa, his head popped off. That’s new.

You know what? I’m shooting you too.

Looks like he’s got a password on a card here. That’s some really bad security practice, you know.

Your dad? What, the giant prick making the security guard threaten you? Man, that’s awkward.

Now who’s this guy? Looks like he died before I got here.

Ah! Glasses, thank God! Not my prescription, but close enough.

I’ll just take his lab coat, too. Feels a bit ghoulish, but I’m finally starting to feel like myself again.

This must be that Overseer guy’s office.

Which would make this his computer terminal.

What the hell? Green and black? Clicking displays? And I thought the stuff at Black Mesa was primitive. Dear God…

There isn’t even a DOS interface. It just dumped me in the root directory. So what is all this stuff?

Boring. Moving on.

This looks like it should do something.

It makes the desk lift. Nice.

Now that is what I call a vault door.

Well excuse me, I didn’t know he was your dad at the time!

“I thought you were my friend. He was the only family I had left. I thought you of all people would have understood that. You’d better get out of here before I change my mind and call the guards.”

Understood what? I haven’t understood a damn thing since I woke up! That’s it, I’m getting out of this crazy vault.

Ha! Sissies.

I wonder what’s changed outside this time?

My God. They blew it up. The aliens must have leveled the whole region.

Still, I feel a little better, knowing what I’m up against this time. It’s not like I haven’t faced horrible odds before. Maybe that’s why they call me…