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Part 2: Megaton

Part 2: Megaton

PA shut off, but it looks like this thing can pick up radio stations. Hmm, Galaxy News is coming in as static, but it sounds like this “Enclave” station is working fine.

I should probably head over there.

Hello again, America the magnificent. This is President Eden. Did you know, there are those amongst us who would shatter our hopes for peace, order, and prosperity? These radical malcontents don’t care about you. They don’t care about America! All they care about is fulfilling their own selfish desires.

Let’s take a tally of these agitators, shall we? There are, of course, the Raiders, those anarchistic ruffians who roam in the Wastes, preying on any and all, stealing, murdering.

The so-called “Brotherhood of Steel.” Don’t be fooled by their knightly nonsense, or supposed connections to the United States Army. These power-armored Boy Scouts are nothing more than common criminals with some access to antiquated technology. Criminals who had the audacity to claim this country’s most important military instillation, the Pentagon, as their own personal clubhouse!

And don’t be fooled, America. Those who have left the Brotherhood of Steel, branded “Outcasts,” are just as heinous. Even more so, for being in exile.

And what about the Slavers of Paradise Falls? The frightening, irradiated ghouls of the Underworld, and last but not least, the hideously mutated Super Mutants that have completely overrun the entire downtown DC area? Lawlessness, terror, murder! They’re all around us, I know, I know.

But not for long, America. Not for long. Oh, no. The Enclave will restore peace, order, and prosperity to this great nation. And those who oppose us will be…removed, forever.

You are not apart now, you and I. And don’t be sad. The Enclave is working tirelessly to rebuild this great nation, so you don’t have to.

‘Til next time, this is your president, John Henry Eden, signing off.


“The quiet type, huh? Fine. Might help keep you out of trouble. I hope you’re not a weirdo. Got enough of those already.”

“God, I hope you ain’t one of those psychotic quite types. there anything else I can do for you? …So, nothing? Guess I should be going now.”

Why would he call me that? Just because I’ve probably killed more people than he’s met in his lifetime…Wait. Is that what I think it is?

It is. Oh my God. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one of these outside of a museum. I thought all the first generation warheads had been dismantled by now.

And it still uses a fission implosion device! So inefficient. I remember my old freshman physics professor talking about these. Wait, is this still active? What idiots thought building a town around a live fission bomb was a good idea? Well, at least it’s not hard to deactivate. Just gotta pop this open…strip off a few of these det packs…

…There. Now if it explodes it’ll just scatter the plutonium. Not very healthy, but better than exploding everything in a mile radius.

Oh yeah, they must have seen me open the casing.

“And all without asking for pay, too. Hell why don’t you move in? Here’s the key and a deed to an empty house. Consider yourself a Megaton citizen!”

Why the hell would I want to live here? And wasn’t I supposed to be finding my “dad” or something? Where can I do that?

That’s it, a tavern! All those years spent playing D&D in college are finally paying off!

Hmm, nobody’s running up to tell me stuff, so I guess I should take a look around.

I still can’t believe this is all there is for computers after the aliens came.

What the hell is this? Every word ever typed into this computer?

And it’s helping me figure out the password? What the hell.

That was easy. It’s like that old “Mastermind” game.

I’ll try “Visitors.”


“…that wouldn’t shut the fuck up. Normally I would have kicked someone like that out of my place, but he had a way with words. Then, like that, he ducks into Vault 101 and he’s gone for almost twenty years. Nice guy I guess, but never spends enough caps.”

So this James person went to Galaxy News Radio. Oh, there’s some positioning data on here. Looks like I can input it into the wrist computer here…

Hey, a GPS! That’ll come in handy. Looks like I’ve got some walking to do.