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Part 3: GNR

Part 3: GNR

This should be the right way. Looks like it’s near the DC area.

Man, I’m thirsty. I wonder if this thing still has some water in it?

Ahh. Kind of a weird metallic aftertaste, though. Probably just rust.

What’s wrong with the moon? That thing is way too big. Is there some sort of light refraction causing magnification? No, then the sun would appear larger, too. Did the aliens drag it closer? Weird!

Hey, the river has the same metallic aftertaste! What the hell? And what’s making that clicking noise? Sounds like a Geiger counter or something.

The GPS pointer looks like it’s centered on this Metro station. I guess that would have been convenient back before the aliens destroyed everything, but…oh hell, I’ll go in anyway. After all, they might still have those isolation barriers up or something.

“Four lines, no waiting.” Heh. Oh hey, the GNR signal is coming in clearly now.

“Easy Living,” by Billie Holiday

Living for you is easy living
It’s easy to live when you’re in love

And I’m so in love
There is nothing in life but you

I never regret the years that I’m giving
They’re easy to give when you’re in love
I’m happy to do whatever I do for you

For you maybe I’m a fool, but it’s fun
People say you rule me with one

Wave of your hand
Darling, it’s grand
They just don’t understand.

Living for you is easy living
It’s easy to live when you’re in love

And I’m so in love
There’s nothing in life but you!

I think that says GNR. Someone really needs to improve their handwriting. Hey, what’s that sound?

Holy shit, you’re big. You might even be bigger than those alien soldiers were back in Black Mesa. Wait, is that a rifle?

Sweet, it is! Pretty old, but better than that pistol. Now who’s that guy, though?

You’re not a guy, are you?

“The Super Mutants have overrun our brothers at the Galaxy News Radio building, and we’re headed there to back them up. You can tag along if you want, but keep your head down and try not to do anything…stupid.”

You make it sound like I haven’t run through a dozen different war zones.

“I’m Sentinel Lyons of the Lyons’ Pride. With the Brotherhood of Steel? Don’t worry. We’re on your side. At least I hope so. There aren’t a lot of safe places in the ruins right now, but the Galaxy News Radio building is sort of our port in the storm. Unfortunately, the building’s been hit pretty hard lately. We’re their backup. So if there are no questions, we really need to move out.”

Nothing wrong with following other people into combat. And they all have power armor, too. Maybe they won’t all die.

Hellooooo, Capital Wasteland! This is Three Dog, *howl* coming to ya loud and proud from Galaxy News Radio.

Got lots of stuff going down in Post-Apocalyptia these days. Here’s some of the latest news.

I’ve been getting more and more reports of these mercenary maniacs from Talon Company, especially in the Downtown D.C. area.

If you see these hombres, steer clear. Whatever you have, they want, and they’re not really into asking politely. Word is, these guys take all the contracts the other mercs won’t. In short, there’s nothin’ they won’t do, so be careful out there.

Thanks for listening, chiiillldren! This is Three Dog, *howl* and you’re listening to Galaxy News Radio. We’re Radio Free Wasteland, and we’re here…for you.

Funny looking weapon. What’s it say on the side? “Fat Man?”

Well, the rockets do sort of look like tiny Fat Man bombs. Heh, not like it could have a critical mass of plutonium, though.

How does this even launch missiles, though? Looks more like an iron slingshot or something.


Why did those busses just explode?! And what the fuck is that thing?! I don’t think it’s one of those blue beetle things…

Shit! Take this you…hey, this is a slingshot! Lame!

…Oh. Oh my. Crap, it’s still coming!

That’s better. It’s funny, though, that explosion didn’t seem nearly big enough to cause a mushroom cloud effect. Then again, that’s more of an engineering deal. Never did get that part.

Hang on, the clicking’s back…wait, the armband has a Geiger counter? Did they seriously add radioactive materials to that grenade just to make it more Fat Man-like? What is wrong with people?!

Don’t thank me, I think I just made everyone around here sterile for the next few months.

“Anyway, the area’s secure, so you’re free to talk to Three Dog if you need to. He’s the man in charge of the station. He keeps that signal broadcasting, pretty much single-handedly. He’s, um…interesting. I’ll give him that much.”

“I am Three Dog—jockey of discs and teller of truths. Lord and master over the finest radio station to grace the Wastes—Galaxy News Radio. And you, well…I know who you are. Heard about you leavin’ that Vault, travelin’ the unknown. Just like dear old Dad, hmm? Met him already…”

You know, I’m still not sure why I should be looking for that guy. Beats doing nothing, I guess.

“Now your old man ain’t here. Not anymore. He heard ole Three Dog on the radio, figured I knew what was what out here in the Capital Wasteland. And he was right. So I filled the old man in. But he split. Looks like I’ve got my way of contributing to the Good Fight…and he’s got his own. But enough of that. If it’s your dad you seek, then I will abide.”

Now that I think about it, I’ve always had a goal ever since the Resonance Cascade. First to get out, then to get back in, then Xen…I guess finding somebody’s dad isn’t that strange.

“You want to find your dad, and it just so happens his location is known by yours truly. He was here, at Galaxy News. We had a great conversation. He’s a real stand-up guy. If you want to know more, you’re going to have to contribute to the Good Fight.”

What? Great, I bet he wants me to kill a helicopter or something. I fucking hate helicopters.

“Galaxy News Radio is my baby. I love it, I feed it, I keep it changed. But there’s one problem, no one outside D.C. can hear her cry. You see, some brainless Super Mutant thought it would be funny to shoot at the shiny round thing on the Washington Monument. That shiny thing was our broadcast relay. Now it’s swiss cheese. Without it, our broadcast range is quite limited. Of course the factory that made the relay dishes is long gone. Leveled. As in, we’re never gonna scavenge that part again. But there’s something behind those eyes of yours that screams, ‘I’m the one that can get shit done!’”

Really? That would explain a lot.

“Your dad had that same look in his eyes too. That’s why Three Dog’s helping you. One of the Brotherhood guys that passed through here mentioned seeing a dish in one of D.C.’s old museums. It’s the dish off of the old Virgo II Lunar Lander in the Museum of Technology.”

The Smithsonian? Hey, I’ve always wanted to go there! Of course, it’s probably mostly destroyed by now. Too bad, that would have been a fun trip.

“I want you to get it and bring it to the Washington Monument to replace the bad one. That’s it. Hee, hee! You’re going to be the best thing that ever happened to Galaxy News in a long time. If you need any more info, I’ll be here waiting for you.”

I wonder if this GPS has a “famous landmarks” mode…oh good, looks like I’ve got a route there. Man, post-apocalypse DC is full of crazy people.