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And so, that’s the beginning of FO4. Tonight ended up running a bit longer than I anticipated, but I really wanted to get to the exit to the vault where we get a chance to remake our character. Because of that option, there are some very important questions for the thread:

1.) At the risk of sounding like Professor Oak, are we a boy or a girl?

2.) What is our name? There’s a list of names that Codsworth recognizes here: Fallout Recognized Names.

3.) What do we look like? Feel free to include a picture, and I’ll try to match it.

4.) What should our general character type be? I’ll use this to determine starting stats and guide my style a bit, although gameplay requirements will still have a say.

5.) How do you all feel about the Idiot Savant perk? For those who aren’t familiar, the perk occasionally triggers based on how low your intelligence is and provides either triple or quintuple experience depending on how high you level it. The downside is that every time it triggers, there’s a ridiculous idiotic laugh track sound. If we use it, however, level ups will come noticeably faster.

Suggestions will be taken until Friday evening, at which point they’ll be put into action. As always, what I find most amusing/interesting may be selected over what’s most popular but I’ll certainly take the perspective of the thread into account. Blind obedience to mass voting is how we get characters named Dongs or Boaty McBoatface.