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Part 103

Update 102

The railway is clear for the Railroad to use, so now we've got to see about building that teleporter. Molecular Relay. Whatever. Tinker Tom can help but we need a bunch of parts, some of which are back in Sanctuary. For the last standout we need to go on a field trip to a hospital we've already visited once which has inexplicably been repopulated by Raiders. After that we make our first attempt at building the machine... which does not go well.

Thesaya posted:

So, the person who keeps voting for minutemen? It's me. Remember what I said about Skadeglädje/schadenfreude? Yeah, that.

Oh, and in Sweden the alcohol abuse problem was solved with systembolaget

Well, you'll probably enjoy the next two episodes after this one.

seaborgium posted:

This was bugging me, since ethanol is the good one.

Methanol - Wood alcohol, just has one carbon, makes you go blind. Also makes pigs blind due to similar biochemistry to humans, and a good way to test if your bathtub gin is going to kill people. Also why there was a bar called "The Blind Pig" in my hometown for many years until the city made them change it. Not really used in rubbing alcohol.

Ethanol - The good one (meaning you can drink it and not have immediate adverse affects), 2 carbons, also the cure for methanol or isopropanol poisoning. If you do accidentally drink methanol or isopropanol, the EMT's will hook an IV of everclear up to you to keep you from dying or going blind.

Isopropanol - This is what's more commonly known as rubbing alcohol, 3 carbons with the alcohol bonded to the middle one. Anyone of them will work, but this is the one they use right now as methanol can be absorbed through the skin a lot better than this which makes it more dangerous.

Science! Thanks for the details and the explanation.

ultrabindu posted:

The Adventures of Deacon Part 2: Railroad Boogaloo

How appropriate that Railroad Boogaloo came along immediately before episode 102. Deacon goes where he wants, physics be damned.