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Part 107

Update 106

Today we're taking Beastworth out again on a more delicate task, rescuing a kidnapped settler. Hopefully he doesn't accidentally run her over or something. I'm also not sure why raiders would bother kidnapping someone in exchange for a tiny ransom when for little to no additional risk they could just sack the settlement and take everything inside, but that's their business and not mine. Once we track the raiders to a fortified bunker and crack it like an egg we find a neat little story showing that even raiders have families, as well as some evidence we're having a direct influence on the development of even little stories like this. I mean, one of the participants is dead by the time we find out about it, but it's not like we could have been friends anyway.

Thesaya posted:

...I want to send you a recipe for proper Swedish meatballs. Our Christmas ones had half ground moose, half ground beef in them and were easy as hell.

I would not call meatballs made in a pressure cooker Swedish.

Thesaya posted:

Alright then!

How to Properly Swedish a Meatball

That actually sounds really good... we might end up putting that on the grocery list for this weekend and trying it before the stream after Wednesday's. I think moose might be a bit hard to find, so pork it shall be. We saw some elk the other day but they were still on the hoof and we're not going to change that. We do have the lingonberry jam, and I think half of the disappointment was not getting to use it.

ultrabindu posted:

I like that you were talking about cooking failures as you were assembling BurnsWorth.
Taint chat was a excellent way to finish the video.
The anatomical name of the taint is the Perineum, and yes both men and women have it.

Cyborg Cannibal Nancy

What hast thou wrought?

Burnsworth is a good subtitle, since he did not become the beast we'd hoped for. We discussed our cooking failure while failing to construct a robot.

I suppose you could say 'tain't right what we were talking about. Although, on a related note, do cyborg cannibals eat cybernetic limbs or just the fleshy bits? Might have that discussion on the Stream.