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Part 120

Update 119

Today we're concluding the story of Malden Middle School and Vault 75. If you thought we'd already hit peak level of cartoonish evil, we're about to blow past that into outright super villain territory. Our path takes us through the rest of the Gunners in the Vault, and after that trip it's definitely time to get some fresh air. Like near a Satellite Array.

ultrabindu posted:

It's nice that they mixed up the dungeon designs by adding something new but I'm not sure keycards was the way to go, if you've ever played the old MSX Metal Gears, they were the nadir of gameplay since you had to have them equipped and only certain cards got you through certain doors, so you'd have to constantly cycle through them to find the right one because fuck remembering what's the right one.
I feel like we talk about Metal Gear a lot.

Vault-Tec are so cartoonishly evil it's great. I reckon that the company chief scientists just channeled the spirit of Pavlov to ask him about different ways to fuck with people and dress it up as an experiment. I like to think that the senior Vault-Tec officials are off in some sealed bunker cryogenically frozen and somehow having video feeds from all the vaults beamed into their dreams just because they could.


Metal Gear is kind of a cultural touchstone that I think has a lot of influences on the later Fallout Games. At least we don't have to take these keycards into a hot place and a cold place, and the game is kind enough to actually just automatically use the one you need if you have it.

Regarding Vault Tec that's pretty much the case... the entire program was meant to be a way to run experiments on isolated populations, with only a lucky few vaults designated as controls. For anybody else you were pretty much guaranteed to have something screwed up going on behind the scenes.

Also, I love the red and black and bloody all over for an album cover that would go over a collection of Disney songs. There's always blood on the snow in the end, isn't there?