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Part 122

Update 121

Today's video marks the first one from Wednesday's stream, so we're ditching Piper to hang out with Deacon but not before we rename Piper's signature weapon. Once we pick up Deacon we're off to take care of a few Railroad quests, and in very short order we're reminded that there's more than a few things.. off.. about Deacon. But we push through the raiders despite his antics and place the MILA before picking up our dead drop. It sends us to University Point, the remains of a quaint little university town that is now crawling with Institute Synths looking for something or someone.

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Thesaya posted:

See, this is something you guys never get to feel. The pride of watching your first subbed Disney film. Mine was Hercules when I was like 11 or 12. To answer your question, the films from my childhood I watch in Swedish, newer ones in English.
In Sweden only children's films gets dubbed btw, everything else is subtitled.

Okay, Nancy, not only did you make me wait to read at the beginning of e19, after that cut I complained about, you actually have told that story before.

So Hercules was subbed, but only children's films get dubbed.. so there's like a dividing line where some Disney films are for children and others aren't? That's actually kind of interesting if so. I wonder what makes the difference?

We made a conscious effort to minimize the wait for reading this time, I hope it helped.

ultrabindu posted:


I've never electrocuted myself but I did get a glimpse of how the world will end.
When I was six years old I put a can of soup into the microwave.
There were sparks, arching electric bolts, explosions and eruptions of super heated destructive liquid.

We're going to need a fashion show for Curie and Cait (and maybe Preston if you put him in the post man's outfit).

It's like that suicider was riding a hoverboard to his demise.

And it's funny that you should mention a fashion show, since it turns out that Deacon is a one man fashion show in this update.

White Coke posted:

I knew someone who lost the tip of one of their fingers three times. The first time it was cut off when a car door slammed on it, the second time a horse bit it off, and the third time it just fell off.

ultrabindu posted:

By the third time I'd just assume it was the finger just trying to escape the body.

For some reason that reminds me of the line about how losing one parent is tragic but losing two begins to look like carelessness. And there's actually a story Nancy has about someone's extremity escaping the body, but one thing I've learned from knowing here is that growing up on a farm involves a lot more body part loss than you would imagine.