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Part 123

Update 122

Our main goal with today's episode is exploring University Point, a sprawling complex that's now full of synths and Mirelurks but that was at separate points filled with students and settlers. The computer systems are still operational and the email tells a tale of hidden military research and a snooping dean before the war, although a couple also tell us about a young girl from just a few years ago who stumbled on data that the institute wanted. In neither situation did things end well for most of the people involved. At least Deacon isn't stripping quite as much, so that's something.

New poll, as a reminder, is still up here.

Palladium posted:

I noticed it takes forever to load FO4 on a SSD in borderless window mode with vsync on, or runs way too fast with vsync off. Apparently its due to the game engine code being tied up to the framerate like a DOS game 20+ years ago.

Never change Bethesda.

Reminds me of something similar I saw on an old freeware game that I booted up some years ago. You were supposed to dodge asteroids in a spaceship, but the game had been written with the intent that it would run on the old 486 systems from the 90's. I booted it up on a 2006-2007 computer and the rocks were a blur. I won anyway, since it had been so badly designed that if you just stood still you'd reach the end.

Thesaya posted:

Oh not not at all! All Disney films get dubbed, but that is for the children. There is always also a subbed version available. But talking of dubs, my step-nieces are watching Frost, not Frozen. It is more about the point you know enough English well enough to watch a subtitled version instead of the dubbed one.

That makes sense, and you're right that it is a bit different here in America. It's still a fun milestone if you reach a point where you know another language well enough to watch a subbed film, but it's an individual achievement rather than a normal part of growing up.

ultrabindu posted:

That wouldn't be strange for a cannibal. In fact it would probably be actively encouraged.

How me, a game studio, program game?
The fact that they constantly sell millions of copies of what are pretty much unfinished games is the greatest business plan of all time.

I think my favorite part of this image is how gleeful Deacon looks as he's whipping off his pantshirt.

Actually, have we told the "one foot in the door" story before? If not, that could be a good one for next time.

chiasaur11 posted:

Fallout Tactics actually has the Vault Vault-Tex made for themselves. They pretty much set it up so they could laugh at the schmucks in other vaults and sip margaritas through the apocalypse.

Then they decided that, hell, probably wasn't going to be a nuclear exchange, so why spend all this money on safeties when it could go to executive bonuses?

And that's why killer robots almost destroyed the midwest.

TBF, most people who had actually been to the midwest described this as "no great loss."