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Part 131

Update 130

Going back through I finally remembered that we're actually in the neighborhood of Diamond City to enplace a MILA, but the building we're climbing is part of a feud between a gang of raiders and a group of supermutants. So we kill them all. Afterwards it's time to make an attempt to dump our Minutemen quests and replace them with Radio Freedom quests that don't require going back to Preston. We'll see how that works, but the first quest... does not go well.

Thesaya posted:

I think this is the second or third time Nancy had reacted to someone telling her I'm female with "Well how should I know!?" Am I really that forgettable?

Oh, and speaking of ladies, I have never heard anyone but Nancy use ladyparts to reference anything else than female genitala.

And meatballs, did you make a small meatball for a taste test before frying all of them like I said? That is to make sure you have enough spices after all. And making round meatballs is not easy, even for Swedes, only my grandmother managed to always get all of them round. It takes experience to perfect them. The two things that creates "pucks" is using too much water on your hands when rolling them and not moving the pan enough. I might not have remembered to tell you that second bit. You have to constantly shake the pan until the meatballs retain their shape. Also important is to not fill it with too many at once, so that they have room to roll around.
AND DO NOT COOK THEM IN THE OVEN FIRST! They will definitely turn out round that way.
The stuff in the pan is just supposed to give you the taste to start with the gravy, you do not need much to start with, I promise.

Oh, and bman is correct. Pets and especially scratches on my head is the best way to rend me immobile, sleepy and happy.

See, this is why we need you to have insomnia and join us. We never forget our plant friend in specific, but occasionally might group you with the general.

I think the failures in meatballs were partially because of my inexperience frying meatballs. Nancy was continuing to make the meatballs while I fried them up, and I have never fried a meatball before. I actually managed to burn them a bit so I think I definitely wasn't shaking the pan enough along with having the heat up too high. This is still an improvement over the first set we tried, so I think we're getting closer.

I think I've heard it said before that all cats are simply small women in fur coats. This principle has not failed me yet.

ultrabindu posted:

I imagine every cooking failure they have results in Gordon Ramsay emerging from the walls and screaming that they are donkeys before disappearing into the night, like Deacon.

There are so many euphemisms for boobs and butts and genitals that it's difficult for an old man like me to keep up.

I think it's clear that Nancy accepts everyone into her heart and then unaccepts them when she starts drinking.

Occasionally it does turn into cooking with Nancy and Dave. I like to think Gordon Ramsay would have some pity on us because we're not professionals.

A lot of things happen when we start drinking. Today while quickly perusing the episode to make sure that I understood what was going on I found a section where we did a bit of "When I was a young warthog" from the Lion King. Definitely wasn't expecting that, and I'm fairly certain I was there when it happened.