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Part 148

Update 147

Before we continue with some Railroad business we stop by the Brotherhood of Steel in search of a particular mission, which we don't get. They don't like Nick, and he doesn't like them right back, so screw it. We're going to do some more Railroad business. Except that they want to send us to Far Harbor, so while we figure out what to do about that we might as well just take that MILA and put it up.

Thesaya posted:

You might not be too surprised to learn that 50 shades started out as Twilight fanfiction.

Edit; I am pretty sure the word Nancy was looking for was flintlock pistol.

Editedit; I honestly did not realise underwater basket weaving wasn't serious before you said so, since it makes perfect sense to me. For woodcarving, I keep the juniper wood in my freezer or fridge because working with fresh wood is much easier. Submerging the wood for basket weaving makes perfect sense to me since it'd keep the material supple.

Not surprised about twilight and 50 shades actually having a connection, although that's like fanfiction squared. It's like somebody read a fanfiction about Harry Potter and Snape getting together and was like "I can do so much better, let me at it" and then they both got published.

See, submerging just the wood makes sense. The implication is that both you and the wood are completely submerged at the same time which is where it gets impractical because really you'd either need to have a ventilation tube or a SCUBA set on.