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Part 16

Update 15

I suppose that waiting until Something Awful got out from under that DDOS attack works as an alternative to putting this up when I woke up this morning - I'm thinking of shifting toward streaming on Saturday and then putting up the videos Monday through Friday, although there'll be at least one week with two streams in the near future to build up a bit of a backlog.

This update concludes last week's stream and the clearing out of the Corvega Assembly Plant, although we might be back here at some point. It's got Raider Love, an accidental anti-climactic "boss" fight, and a magic dog who walks on air. I don't know what else you could ask for.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

dd and ddwife, name your weapons and do more drugs please. Combat drugs own and your guns are your friends who don't bark and interrupt your looting all the time.

We'll probably have to do some drugs just for the fun of showing what they do - and good point about the gun names. I think that's something we'll talk about a bit as far as what weapons actually need names and what they should be.

AradoBalanga posted:

Jurassic Park Story

That is amazing, and I wish that they'd put it to film in some way, shape, or form.

Based on what I'm hearing and what I've been thinking we'll probably want to at least dabble in each group, but the best stuff to show off the Brotherhood of Steel won't actually be available for a bit so we can hold off on them. We might take over the Minute Men at some point just to have a few missions, but I think that can wait too as I still have to turn in the Corvega quest. Then again, Preston Garvey might not give me a choice if I go back and talk to him. He's... persistent.