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Part 161

Update 160

Today we're taking Preston and heading off to do some housekeeping and buy ammo, then we're off to visit the Railroad. The only thing they've got for us is another dead drop, but at the end of it we finally get to meet the Mr. Tims we've been hearing so much about. With nothing left to do we head off to the Institute, where they want us to get a thingie from a place. It'll piss the Brotherhood off permanently, but at this point they're big enough assholes that we're okay with that.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

I have to start checking the thread more often. I keep missing non-Wednesday streams by assuming all of the updates are just the edited YouTube reposts. Well, at least I've got a 3-hour block of video to catch up on until next week now.

Things were kind of off this week. I also mentioned it in the video descriptions but forgot to say anything in the thread. Next week we should be back on schedule.