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Part 176

Update 175

Okay, so much for our flirtation with the main quest. We've got new people to get sidequests from, so we're going to use that to explore the island. We start off with a search for a missing synth that gets really dark really quick, then move on to convincing an old man to leave his home and move into town. The ungrateful old bugger demands that we kill a bunch of trappers who are here to murder him before he'll go anywhere, so we reluctantly oblige. Some people are just such a pain in the neck, you know?

As a note, we'll be streaming on Thursday this weekend since we've got enough footage to carry until then and it's a good way to start the holiday weekend. Maybe it'll be a murder mystery Thursday... we'll see.

ultrabindu posted:

It was so shameless it reminds me of this

If Zack Snyder really believes what he's saying he's a lunatic, if he's putting it on to satisfy the studio he's a sell out.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.