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Part 18

Update 17

At last, Diamond City! Well, there's some random raiders on a boat before we get there along with a few super mutants, but Diamond City. A fruitless search before we start exploring the town. Luckily we're properly dressed for the occasion.

Right now Piper is leading the poll, but I'll keep things open until we record. I've put the poll in the OP and I'll just change the link each week as we change polls. The plan is that whoever wins the poll this week will be removed from next week's poll. Right now I'm surprised to find we might be going East but I won't progress the main quest beyond rescuing Nick if we go that way. Still plenty to do out in that direction, and we'll have to see if the Combat Rifle I picked up helps even the odds.

AradoBalanga posted:

And after all that effort to elude the Super Mutants, you still forgot the Guns & Bullets magazine in the end. Then again, you got your ass handed to you about several times by them, so I don't blame you for not going back for it. Almost makes me wish for the hilariously busted Chinese Stealth Armor from Fallout 3's Operation Anchorage DLC to appear.

Also, I vote for going East first. As for guns, let's name our Combat Rifle Serpentine and the Sniper Rifle Deadshot.

Damn it, I did forget to grab the magazine after all that. We'll have to go back for vengeance at some point.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

I hate supermutants. They're big HP sacks with terrible loot and bad dialogue. They are a fairly decent combat challenge though.

And I noticed that each time you got that cap stash under the desk it gave you a different number of caps. I guess most loot container types are some kind of per-session RNG instead of based on the character. I've never actually tried save-scumming for particular drops, but that might be possible if you were hard up for a specific material.

Anyway, East first. I like those missions more. And the sniper could be Wesley Snipes, or possibly REM's Michael Snipe. Combat rifle... hmm... McGuirk. Or maybe Nancy's Boy.

Wesley Snipes, not bad. Nancy's Boy for my co-commentator? Eventually I start to love super mutants as encounters since they're big targets and once we get a better short range weapon they go down fairly easily.

ultrabindu posted:

West then go East

Call the sniper Long Distance Relationship.

I don't know if Long Distance Relationship would fit, but it made me smile.