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Part 180

Update 179

Our murder mystery continues, with a slight turn as an art critic before we continue with being a detective. But hey, at least we know where all the cat pictures came from. In the end we uncover the murderer and a sinister impersonation, but we can't let it end with a dramatic accusation. Instead, we have to let the murderer think they've gotten away with it before exposing them to everyone... which ends about as well as you'd expect. But hey, we've done it! And we were appropriately dressed.

Thesaya posted:

Yeah, I pretty much grew up in it. Was my dad's parents' before they bought it from them. It was super hard work though, long hours and heavy lifting behind the scenes. At Christmas my mum's parents came to stay with us and took care of my brother and me because mum and dad worked between like 6 and 23 every day if not more.

Oh, regarding walking into poles, when I was little I used to read while I walked. At one time, I managed to walk into almost every lamp post on a street, hardly reacting. My mum, who was waiting for me to catch up to her, laughed so hard she could hardly breathe and I was still so engrossed with my book that I didn't even understand what was so funny.
I have perfected the art of reading while I walk now though, without walking into things, even if it isn't I do very often nowadays.

I've actually read so thoroughly into a book that I missed my bus stop on a school bus. And run into a pole groin first, only to keep on going because the situation was so urgent. Neither of those things happen now, but they were definitely marks on the wall.