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Part 182

Update 181

A short update today, but I was pretty tired by the end. In this update we take on a mission from the Children of Atom to hunt down a runaway, and she's not that hard to find after we kill off a bunch of local wildlife on the way. Of course, they'll never know if we actually go through with it... so we don't. But before we head back to lie our collective asses off and collect the reward, we stop in to visit Far Harbor and tell Longfellow that we killed his dream by killing Shipbreaker. He takes it surprisingly well all things considered, and even gives us a harpoon gun for our trouble.

Looking pretty good for a stream tomorrow, although it might not be terribly long. That's okay, though, as we haven't even touched the Sunday stream yet. I'm also going into the crunch time at the end of semester over the next week and a half, so a bit of a backlog isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Thesaya posted:

Oh, I still miss bus stops because of reading. Luckily, where I live now, the next stop is 5 min from my flat instead of 30 sec so it isn't too bad. Back when I lived at school it meant a 2 hour detour when it happened though.

On the upside, that means two hours of reading. On the downside, if you had anything else planned in those two hours it's out the window.