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Part 187

Update 186

After we break the news to Nick about his connection with DiMA it's time to go in search of the Marine Combat Armor, which is underwater in three different locations across the island. It's the best available gear so it's worth the trip, but I'm kind of divided on keeping the helmet. I mean, we kind of lose some expressiveness so I'd be interested in thoughts on that. On the upside, we have a Darth Vader aesthetic going here that I kind of dig. After modifying the armor to make it fit for use we begin our scavenger hunt for the various doomsday keys hidden around the island, starting with getting the conclusion of the story from the terminal at the bottom of the Nucleus. It's... not exactly happy.

Cathode Raymond posted:

I just picked up the DLC for this and how do you guys feel about them? Far Harbor is pretty good and robot customization shenanigans are cool but I keep comparing them to the New Vegas DLC and they feel like they fall way short.

I mean Old World Blues was just excellent, and Honest Hearts and Lonesome Road were pretty great too. I dunno. I guess I hope Obsidian does a Fallout 4: New Vegas type thing.

I think that one of the things that really helped the entire New Vegas DLC set was that there was a kind of narrative thread tying all the DLC together. The DLC for FO4 is entirely isolated and doesn't really expand the storyline the same way.

ultrabindu posted:

I wouldn't say it's about how good you are, more it's what keeps bringing you back to this batshit series of games. I think Peace Walker or The Phantom Pain would be good for you since there's a whole bunch of tools to use for stealth. I do think the having forced alerts gets in the way a lot though.

I think we could probably address how deceptive some of the writing generally for Fallout4 is. For a game that's open world with RPG mechanics the main quest is shockingly railroaded. Sean makes you head of the Institute but at no point can you go ahead and say "yeah the whole abduction and replacing people thing, you better cut that out". You can't even challenge him on his shit.
And I fervently believe Bethesda's QA consisted of one guy going "good enough".

Hmm, I do have Phantom Pain sitting on the shelf and haven't gotten a chance to get into it... that might be worth a try somewhere down the line. We're actually getting fairly close to the end of this LP and the next thing I'm thinking about is actually going to be relatively short.

I agree on the writing for FO4. It's a stark contrast to, say, FO2 where a lot of those conversation options existed and where pretty much any NPC in the game was subject to being killed. There were usually multiple methods of ending each quest, and the dialogue trees were often surprisingly deep. The dialogue in FO4 is actually very limited and you often don't have an option to go back and try a different option if you don't like the direction the conversation is heading.