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Part 42


Today we're finishing up our search at Hallucigen and then heading over to visit Jack Cabot to finally see about that job offer. A courier with an important package hasn't showed up (where have we heard that before?) and we're supposed to find out what happened to the poor stiff. The catch is that they were already on the far north end of the map, so we've got a lot of ground to cover before we can put this one to bed. There's Rust Devils and Raiders and all kinds of trouble between us and our destination, so we'd better get started.

Still on track for a stream on Wednesday, possibly about half an hour than previous streams. Voting is still open [url=]here on our next companion.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

With Radroach Tread

I think the best parts of this in my mind are the super mutants doing some of the choreography from the play and that they're evidently continuing to sing and perform even as some of them are being shot. Truly dedicated to the stage. As much as I love the songs from the Pirates of Penzance I really need to actually get to a production at some point.