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Part 45

Update 44

To close out the video from last week's stream we're going on a little adventure at the Pickman Gallery, which you might recall as the source of a creepy letter we found on some dead raiders way back when we finally started heading to Diamond City. There's some paranoid raiders outside, and as for the gallery... I'm a bit worried about the artist, to be honest. We're on a mission to clean up a gang of raiders and help the owner of the house, but when it's all said and done I'm not sure we were the good guys here. On the upside, Cait's finally comfortable enough with us to talk about her real problem and give us a quest to go in search of a hidden Vault that can clean up any addict, no matter how hooked they are.

Looks like the mid-week streams are working out pretty well, so we'll keep it up and shoot for next Wednesday again. I'll have a poll up tomorrow along with the first video from this week's stream.

I'm kind of curious what the thought is on DLC - is there a certain point where we should just take a break from the main story and do the DLC? Or should it be treated as post-game content? Right now we've unlocked three DLCs (Automatron, Far Harbor, and the Vault-Tec Workshop) with one more to go. Automatron and the Vault-Tec Workshop both take place in the Commonwealth, but Far Harbor and the final DLC take us outside into special areas. Ideally I'd like to keep going on each DLC once it's started until we finish, rather than going back and forth.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

Since I missed most of it again. I'm not sure if you mentioned it earlier, but the Dunwich Borers isn't the only notable Lovecraft reference in Fallout4. I don't think you've done it this run so I won't go into detail. Pretty different story setup in the game of course, but it's definitely another pretty well-regarded story.

Also I actually managed to make a real twitch account! I did have to spend a couple of hours figuring out that it wouldn't work at all with my usual browser for some ridiculously arcane reason. Hooray technology! Now I just have to catch up with the last video in time to watch the new videos as you post them...

Hooray, and welcome! I didn't mention the other reference and for some reason my mind is blanking, but if possible I'd definitely like to see it... unless it's the conclusion to the Cabot quest line, in which case we'll definitely see it.

seaborgium posted:

That little corner with a bucket for the triggerman to use as a latrine? The best part was the plunger on the shelf next to it.

And the little cat poster was of "Mr. Pebbles, the first cat in space." Maybe the dude really liked cats, and for some reason they're not around anymore.

I did not even see the plunger, but that's awesome. The good news is that cats are around, just kind of hard to find. You can trap cats using the Wasteland Workshop DLC content and have them running around your settlements, so they're definitely running around out in the wasteland.

Thesaya posted:

The picture you couldn't make out was a kitten. Looked like an old postcard someone had framed.

And I just remembered that there's actually a story behind all of the cat pictures you can find in Fallout 4, and the artist who painted them. It's part of the Far Harbor DLC.