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Part 58

Update 57

Today we're going on a trip to the Museum of Witchcraft in Salem, where a lunch will be provided if you can stomach it. One of the exhibits is a real scream, but the Museum has seen better days. After that we're off on a search for a place where everybody knows your name, but we won't be able to explore it until tomorrow's update.

Streaming tomorrow night, and the polls are still open here.

Thesaya posted:

She's got a Swedish aunt? Oooor are you talking about Europe like it's one big country?

My favourite interaction with Jehovas was the time I didn't even know what I did until later. I mean, usually the multicoloured hair, piercings and weird clothes aren't enough to deter them but this time they didn't even bother giving me a pamphlet. It wasn't until five minutes later I realised I was wearing a tshirt saying "I like girls, in a gay way". I guess together with the rest of my look it was enough to make them not even try.

She's got an American aunt who is living somewhere I can't recall off the top of my head but who did just invite us to come visit anytime. I am, sadly, committing the sin of referring to Europe like it's one big country since this I feel that in this case the particular characteristic is spread across the entire continent.

Luckily I don't have to worry about having Jehovas visit the infidel with informational pamphlets where I currently live, but if so I'd be willing to get a shirt that said the same thing about guys if it would short cut the proselytizing.