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Part 59

Update 58

Today we're exploring the Chee Proustbar and naturally looting the place, although things get a bit dicey on the way out when we wake something that REALLY should have been left sleeping. After using the terrain to our advantage we're left with a bit of a dilemma as to what to do, but I decided to head south and seek out the Vault Tec signal. Unfortunately it's a long way south, and there's a lot that can happen over that span of time...

Streaming tonight, and voting is still open here

Thesaya posted:

Well, here's your shirt then! Male version of mine.

edit; A sandwich is bread with something on top of it. Nancy is wrong.

Editedit; I am pretty sure the band you are talking about is Apocalyptica, Nancy. They're Finnish, and they're even more awesome live.

Nice! Although I wouldn't be surprised if I couldn't find something closer where the price isn't in pounds.

I love the fact that sandwiches are just a topic of debate, and you're right it is Apocalyptica. Now that I think back we've seen videos and just watching it that way it looks awesome.

HomestarCanter posted:


I'm really enjoying these videos. Your banter and commentary make for some great moments.

I try to sneak in the Discworld references where I can. Glad you're enjoying!