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Part 75

Update 74

Busy busy busy update today. We're finishing off the Forged quest and then Vault 88 is under attack and needs a rescue. If they were smart enough to close the damn door they wouldn't be settlers, now would they? After that MacCready has a problem and we have a typical Archer answer: why not just kill them all?

bman in 2288 posted:

Okay, I'm down for this.

I'm down for it as well, just need to find some parts... we'll see what we have and make him a work in progress. I may have to go SentryBot Hunting.

ultrabindu posted:


Dave I find it funny how you're trying to be stealthy when Macready has picked up a flamethrower.

At this point it's practically instinctual, but it is pretty ridiculous when you think about it. "Where could they be?" "I don't know, did you look over by that giant plume of fire?"