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Part 80

Update 79

Today we're finally reaching Vault.. 95, I want to say, and going in to cure Cait. The only problem is that it's literally so full of gunners that they're practically pouring out of the vents, and they've brought some assaultrons with them. It's nothing we can't handle, but it's going to take a minute or two.

ultrabindu posted:

Seems you're getting to the point where you're running out of side quests.
Maybe it's time to advance the main plot a bit then collect up some more NPC quests.

How does the bullet damage work? Is it a dice roll with multipliers from your weapon damage stats and perks against the enemy's resistance? The game varies widely when it comes to how effective your weapons are.

That's kind of what I'm thinking - there's actually two additional factions we haven't yet met, and the first one has all kinds of associated quests. There's also some scavenger hunting we can do for bobbleheads, and it might be worth it to do some of the faction quests to get to a point where people can make an informed choice on them. Eventually we are going to have to pick a side.

I have no idea how the damage works, but it might be an interesting to see what's going on behind the curtain.