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Part 86

Update 85

Now that we've gotten all the information and plans we need from Virgil, we're going to go ahead and ignore the whole "build a teleporter" thing so that we can get to know the Railroad a bit better. Deacon's got a secret mission that's sure to get us in good with his boss, and all we have to do is fight our way through a secret bunker full of Institute synths that's located under a doughnut store and recover a lost prototype. What could possibly go wrong?

ultrabindu posted:

Who's voting for the MinuteMen?

ThaGhettoJew posted:

Not I. The Minutemen are just dull good-doers though. I want to know what brought on this abrupt upswell of support for the psycho powersuit party.

The mysteries of democracy at work. Speaking of which, voting is still open here.