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Part 89

Update 88

Today we're off to the wreck of the FMS Northern Star, where the ghouls aren't feral so much as they're foreign. I almost wonder if they didn't just get super frustrated after a couple hundred years of nobody being able to speak to them and went rogue. After that we pick up the Luck Bobblehead, which actually does allow us to give 110% in regards to Luck, and then close out by heading back to the local farm and chatting a bit.

We'll pick back up tomorrow with last night's stream, and I think we have enough footage for about six episodes so there should be something under the digital tree on Christmas eve.

ultrabindu posted:

It's the timing. He pops up exactly when Cait says 'lunatics'.

Also it was really cute when you and Nancy said goddamn it Deacon at the same time.

I think that was it, because it's almost like she says "lunatics" and Deacon's response is "you called?"

Amusingly enough, last night I'm pretty sure we did the chorus response with Danse at one point.