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Part 94

Update 93

Today we're on a mission from the Railroad to check in on a safe house that's lost contact. Nothing good can come of this, but we take our time clearing it out because the layout is a bit weird. Once we're back at the Railroad Tinker Tom has something.. special.. for us, and then we're off on another mission. I can't recall exactly what it is at the moment, but we'll see on the next video.

Speaking of which, we're on track to stream tonight and the last chance to vote in a close race for our next companion is here.

ultrabindu posted:

Who's voting for Preston?

Democracy is a mystery.

ThaGhettoJew posted:

I'll likely miss most or all of any streaming tonight due to a Hanukah party, but everybody have a good Kwanzaa etc. anyway!

There is a song/poem I love that is apparently just for you, almost exactly.

Freakin' monsters out there. You just can't trust voters, I tells ya.

Happy Hanukah! I hope you have a great party.

I'm not sure what I expected when I clicked on that link, but it wasn't what occurred.