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Part 99

Update 98

Today we're going to play detective, and we've got two cases in front of us and one we're ignoring (The Far Harbor DLC). They're technically both missing persons cases, but one is easily solved inside Diamond City and one is going to take us out near Goodneighbor. We... well, we find the first guy. That's all I have to say about that. The second case is a bit more complicated, because the missing person was going after a colonial artifact and the building it's in is full of Super Mutants. Literally, packed full. But we can handle that.

Voting continues for our next companion here.

seaborgium posted:

I have to defend Cannonball Run and Cannonball Run 2. The cast may seem cheesy, because it was the 70's but Dom Deluise and Burt Reynolds had great chemistry. It was basically a who's who of famous people of the time who knew each other and were friends, and they basically said "Fuck it, lets all get paid to hang out and have fun (and probably do all the drugs)". It also has one of the best bloopers sequences I've seen that runs through most of the credits. It would never win an Oscar, but they're decent movies.

I think I might enjoy the blooper reel most of all, but who knows. I've had a mixed experience with movies from that era, especially ones that are supposedly classics. The worst offender is probably Stripes, but Cannonball Run sounds better.

ultrabindu posted:

Dom Deluise's schtick gets old real fast in those films and you can tell everyone else is just there for a pay cheque.

I still find it funny that Bethesda's quest scripting deprived us of Preston. I want to see more of the Minutemen but dang he's needy.

Burt Reynolds and his mustache can save us!

The worst part about Preston is that it literally never ends. You can have every single settlement in the Commonwealth under the Minutemen and somebody will still get kidnapped from Nordhagen Beach for the fourth time and need you to rescue them. And you can't turn in any of the quests without getting new ones - if they'd just patch it it so that he would only give you quests if you asked for them it would be bearable, but as soon as you talk to him to turn in the ones you've just completed he hands you some more. All that said, I might do the next couple of quests in the Minutemen line because that gets you access to a particular piece of settlement defense kit.