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Part 9: Chapter 60 (Part 1)

Welcome to Chapter 60. As per the thread's vote, we're doing Reimu's stage. As the background here might indicate (and also the giant kanji in the top right) it's a Night stage, so we need to equip our humans appropriately.

Incidentally, we have Reimu, Keine, Youmu, and Dai that all have a B in Night, so they'll all need Firefly Gems.

Remember how last stage I mentioned the "you must stay grounded" WP from previous versions, on a map where you had Aya and Hatate? Combined with having a bunch of humans on a Night stage (and not Remilia/Flandre) made for a pretty funny set of "why is it like this" stages.

Here's our Practice crew by the way.

Onto the chapter itself!

BGM: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

Ooh, look! It's the edge of the forest of magic!

When up in the sky, even a dark forest is just a forest~♪

You're awfully chipper. Is it because you don't come here often?

Yeah. We usually stay near the lake.

There aren't any humans or youkai around here, so it's not very exciting normally. Actually, there aren't many animals around either, so it's kind of lonely too.

They probably don't approach because its near the edge of the great barrier. And if you go further, there's Muenzuka. The word refers to a gravesite for those without relatives to mourn them.

But Gensokyo's a small place. So the people buried here must be mostly outsiders, right?

Indeed. More than a few people wander in and lose both their way and their lives. And perhaps as a result of their corpses, the border to both the outside world and the netherworld is unstable here.

Making this one of the most dangerous places in Gensokyo, and certainly not one to be approached carelessly.

Although it seems a certain someone likes to come here to gather junk.

That's because the barrier's unstable, right? Rare stuff falls through.

What a slanderous way to put it. I simply come here to pay my respects to the dead. Who else will? And if I happen to see any trash, I clean it up on the way home.

Sure, whatever helps you sleep at night.

But if that's the case, it's possible that the pagoda ended up here too.

I wouldn't go that far, honestly. It's not like you can find ANYTHING here.

So what is this pagoda thing anyway?

Bishamonten's pagoda. It's an unusually powerful, and secret, religious artifact. Master was entrusted with it when she was made Bishamonten's representative.

Given the way you're treating it, it must be no ordinary item.

Yes. It illuminates the world with the light of justice, symbolically showing us the righteous path.

Wow, I can't believe you lost something so amazing-sounding!

...I have no excuses. All I know is that I put it in the storeroom, but couldn't find it when I went to look.

You were pretty depressed back then, so I wouldn't be surprised if you're misremembering something. But the fact that I can't find it with dowsing either is nothing less than inexplicable.

Perhaps it abandoned me after I lost my way.

C'mon, aren't you exaggerating? You just misplaced it.

If it's truly a divine artifact, that's certainly not impossible, but it's no reason for you to feel down either. We've all seen how hard you've been trying.

...Thank you, I'll try to be more positive.

Wel, that's a start. Anyway, can't hurt to keep an eye out for it while we look for Koishi.

Miss Yuyuko and Murasa went out on the deck, maybe they've found something?

BGM: What's the Strategy?

...Hmm, haven't see anything that fits the bill.

True. Plenty of phantoms and ghosts though. There really are a lot of lonely spirits with attachments to the world of the living around here.

We must be near to Muenzuka then.

It's hard for me to think of that as someone else's problem though...

Oh, that's right. You're restless spirit too, aren't you Murasa? Not that you give off that impression.

Yeah, I used to be like that, long ago. I was consumed by my hatred and attacked the living and the whole shebang. But then Hijiri saved me. It's thanks to her that I can live like this.

But isn't that an unnatural state for a restless spirit?

We've accepted that. Although that can be hard to understand for other youkai... And it's thanks to that lack of understanding that we've split up with Nue...

Come to think of it, I haven't seen Nue since the Utsuho incident. I thought you'd reconciled with her, since she returned the fragments?

Unfortunately, it's not that simple.

Right. It feels like we're further apart than ever...

This is a good chance, so do you mind if we ask you something?

Last time we saw her, didn't she say something about you two being boring now that you're hanging out with humans?

She did, but that's the life we chose for ourselves. Even Nue seemed to understand that.

But then she said that that's why she can't be around us. That's how she thinks.

True, a youkai from the distant past would never choose to be close to humans.

Nue has her pride as a great youkai, so I think she gets really caught up on that, yeah.

So even though you both respect each other choices, you still can't be together?

That's how it's looking, yeah. Not that I think that's a good thing.

She seemed really serious about it too. To be honest, I'm kind of worried about how she's been doing since then.

She did seem like the stubborn type.

But as long as you're both in Gensokyo, I'm sure you'll get another chance to talk. Anyway, we're approaching Muenzuka, so let's leave it at that for now, shall we?

Yeah, okay.

Chapter 60: Once Parted Hands

...No one's in the forest either...

*Yawn* I'm getting sleepy...

C'mon Cirno, you can't make a big yawn like that when everyone else is working hard.

Nah, I can't blame her for that. This search has gone on forever without finding ANYONE.

There hasn't even been much junk to collect. It's looking like this was a waste of our time. It's getting late, so should we call it a day?

I was making sure not to get my hopes up, but it still sucks that we couldn't find the pagoda either.

You're right. If we can't find it even on the outskirts, then-


Something wrong, Shou?

Yes. I mean, no... I mean, I can feel her...

Found you, Minamitsu, Ichirin.


Oh, you're... Murasa's friend. Whatshername. Long time no see.

Speak of the devil and he shall appear...

What's happened, Nue? Why would you suddenly come to see us?

Eh, I've just got little errand to take care of.

An errand?

Yeah. You wanted this, right?

! Is that...?

I-Impossible! It's Bishamonten's Pagoda!

This absurd rarity reading; there's no mistaking it!

Thought so. So this is what you came here looking for then. It was just OOZING with Buddist energies so I figured it must be yours. I mean, ew.

So, what? You planning to run away with our stuff again?

I don't plan to get in Murasa's way anymore. I just thought they should know about this.

Nue, you said we'd never meet again... If you're here, does that mean mean you changed your mind?

...No, I'm here to say goodbye.

What? Goodbye?!

I'm a great youkai. If you're going to be all chummy with the humans, then I can't be with you. But that doesn't mean I don't owe you for what you did for me in the Underworld. I'm just here to pay that back.

So you're here to fulfill that obligation and nothing more then?

Exactly. And then we can go back to being perfect strangers!

W-wait, hold on. I can tell you're serious about this, but this is all so sudden!

Sudden, and one-sided.

She's right. Both Murasa and Ichirin wanted to speak with you, Nue....

Aw geez, can all you outsiders just shut up already?! I'm talking to these two. Anyway, the way you all just thoughtlessly act like we're all friends is making me sick... Okay, I've got it now. Before I hand over this treasure I've gotta get this outta my system, and you're gonna help me!

Uh, what? Did she just suddenly go into battle mode?

I knew she wasn't fond of us, but this seems like a whole new level of violence from her.

She'll probably never be at peace unless we let her go wild like this.


If she's serious, then we can't stand by and do nothing. All hands prepare for danmaku battle. This is a night battle, so make the appropriate preparations.

Contrary to what I remember of it, this is not a hugely difficult map. It helps to know the Blue UFOs are kinda fast, so you'll want people who can hit worth a damn biased slightly to that side. Meanwhile, the Green UFOs are pretty tanky, so more damage-oriented units (like Mokou and Youmu) wanna go up to them.

So you really came. I'd have to say that's reckless of you.

Same to you! You'll regret messing with us!

Are you okay with fighting her Captain? Ichirin?

I am. Looks like this will be our last chance to talk things out with her.

And if we don't take it, she'll really be gone for good...

...Once you see the the true power of the Great Nue, you'll be too terrified to "talk things out", you know. It's been a while since I last heard the soul-rending screams of people fleeing for their lives. I think I'll enjoy this!

Victory: Defeat Nue.
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship, Murasa, or Ichirin are defeated.
Bonus WP: Defeat 9 UFOs on the same turn.

Can't remember if I've ever noted this in the LP, but these kinds of Bonus conditions conveniently list how far you are on completing the objective (that's what the 9 in brackets is for). It's nice.

The Blue UFOs have just enough HP that I can soften them up with basic attacks for a guaranteed kill next turn.

On a related note, we'll be nabbing the WP on turn 2.

The Red UFOs are in the middle of the Blue/Green ones stat-wise (I think they're the most accurate?). 7300 HP is just enough to survive a basic attack and a team attack, which is what I want.

Not a lot happens on the Player Phase, aside from moving up a bunch.

A bunch of UFOs spawn danmaku fields of varying shapes, but none of them are particularly noteworthy.

I'll spare you the details, but these 5 Blue UFOs get chomped. The Green UFOs don't have post movement attacks (so we couldn't soften them up on the enemy phase) so we're leaving them alone.

Similarly, these 2 Blues, and the 2 Reds right next to them.

Like the other route split stages, the difficulty is tuned down, so it's not too challenging.

I even found time to kill this UFO spawning danmaku.

On the Enemy Phase:

Some more UFOs get smacked with heavy instruments.

We're kinda far away from Nue, and not much happens, so...

Let's skip ahead a bit.

By the way, Nue moves.

Now then, how should I torture you? There are so many ways...

You're awfully confident for someone we've beaten so many times.

We've already seen through your danmaku!

Yeah right. You really think I showed you nitwits enough to reveal the true form of my attacks? What you've seen is what I wanted you to see.

Be careful everyone, Nue is the legendary youkai who once threw the old capital into terror. I'm sure she's been holding back until now!

But not anymore. Even against you, Minamitsu... It's time you declawed pansies saw the power of a TRUE youkai!

BGM: Heian Chimera Syndrome

I hope you don't like this music, because you're not hearing it again.

True to form, Nue's nonspell danmaku field is Undefined. Thankfully I can ask nook to check the code have magical foresight, so I know the effect is +25% Accuracy.

By the way, I totally forgot about this on this playthrough, but you can Talk to Nue with Murasa and Ichirin. Unlike with Cirno/Nitori I don't think there's any mechanical benefit to it.

Anyway, since I missed them, here they are now:


Minamitsu... I've already heard everything you're going to say, so I'm not listening.

Figured you'd say that. But can't you listen just a little more? Yes, our ways of life have changed. We can't live like we did in the Underworld anymore, but-

Just... stop. That's enough. I just want us both to live however we want to. Anyway, you met this Hijiri lady way before you met me, right? And you've drilled it into my head that's she's your savior or whatever, so...

But none of that means that we have to be separated! Even when Hijiri returns, you can still-

You really think I can stay a great youkai like that?


I told you two earlier that I didn't mind us having different ways of life, but my way of life is everything to me.

And I understand that, but that's no reason to make yourself alone. ...Anyway, I'm worried about you. I've known you when you were depressed, and-

I'll be fine. I can live my life without you. I'm the great and terrible Nue, after all.

And I'll prove it by beating all you bastards!




To be honest, ever since we came to the surface, we... haven't exactly handled this well. Maybe it would have been better for you if we'd stayed sealed in the Underworld like before.

...It was fun back then, no question, but I still think it was better for you to come to surface. I mean, if you hadn't, then neither of you'd be able to fulfill your most heartfelt wish.


I still can't accept this though. How can this bitch who left you sealed for a thousand years just butt in out of nowhere and suddenly you're all lifelong comrades?! But if you really want to spend your life on the surface with these girls, then whatever, it's not my place to say anything.

...I should thank you for being so considerate of us. Really, thank you. It's not like we want to change the way you live either, Nue. But that doesn't mean that we can't-

Can't stay together? If I have to stop being me to hang out with you two, then what's the freaking point?! Even if we're apart, as long as I live as the great and terrible youkai Nue, I can be proud!


Thanks to her low HP, Nue almost exclusively targets Chen, which suits me fine.

Ugh, she's hard to fight... What would Miss Ran do?

Relying on someone else in a fight? Spoiled brat.

Don't say that, I'm doing my best!

Not only as a shikigami, but also as a bakeneko. I want the other cats to respect me...

Chasing two rabbits then? Greedy, greedy.

No it's not! Miss Ran and Miss Yukari both told me to do my best!

A nine-tailed fox, huh? Why would someone like you be going along with all this? As a great youkai, don't you have a duty to terrorize humanity?

I do, in fact. I haven't forgotten, nor have I abandoned it. But, right now I am Lady Yukari's shikigami. It is a life of obedience, as it should be.

Then I guess I'll have to remind you what it means to be a youkai. Awaken to your instincts!

Ran has a neato defense sprite.

Ran takes a bit of a beating in the process of moving in on Nue. Luckily Cirno knows the power of Friendship.

You know, for a youkai you sure seem to be conflicted about this.

Your FACE is conflicted. This too hard to understand for you?

Grr, it's not that I don't get what you're doing!

But from my point of view, both you and Murasa are pretty much the same anyway.

What do you mean?

Youkai can live however they want. If they get out of line I exterminate 'em. It's that simple.

Hmph, and how's that supposed to help me?!

You know, I'm not against that old fashioned youkai way of thinking.

You think I care what an oni willing to pal around with a shrine maiden thinks? At least the oni who turned their backs on humanity in the Underworld still have their pride.

You think? I kinda like my life now. I can pick fights with humans whenever I want.

Fights? When? Where? Is that what they're calling it these days?

You still don't get it? Well, the old youkai were always stubborn. If you want a fight, then I'll show you one right here!

I spend a couple turns moving around, getting people into position. Notably, Mystia can hit most of my dudes with her +Hit/Evade song, which is nice.

Didn't you save the Palanquin Ship when we were fighting Yatagarasu?

That was just a whim. Those two are always so reckless when I'm not around...

So with you gone, won't they be even more reckless?

Maybe... But wait, isn't that your problem now? You deal with it. I mean, what would you girls even do without Minamitsu's boat...?

You're awfully roundabout about this.

So you feel you can't be with Murasa, who assists humans. Is that it? True, a thousand years ago humans and youkai living side by side would have been unthinkable.

Exactly. A great youkai cozying up to humans? What a disgrace.

Well, maybe so... But that's all in the past. The times have changed, and the shape of our relationship with them.

You just keep on talking, but never stop to make any sense.

The plan was to MAKE you understand. Allow me to show you the thousand years of change engraved into Gensokyo.

Sometimes people get hit offscreen like this. They recenter themselves right after, so it doesn't break anything, but it is weird.

By the way, here's Nue's stats. She's getting +10% to everything thanks to her S in Night. She hits pretty hard, and is quite accurate atm thanks to her ??? field, but otherwise she's not too bad.


First of all, I never want to see your face again. And if you push me, don't think I won't smash this pagoda.

N-No, anything but that! We need that!

...Hmph, honest to the very end. Honest and dumb. Let's see if someone like you is worthy of being with Minamitsu!

I can't believe you actually brought the pagoda, Nue. You know, if you'd wanted to you could've just smashed it or hid it somewhere.

...I don't enjoy tormenting Minamitsu. I don't plan to interfere with the way of life they chose for themselves.

You really take your debts seriously, huh? You're being weirdly... honorable about all this. But that doesn't mean anyone else has to accept what you're doing.

This level gets Naz a new PS: American Dream. It boost the damage and range of her Goldrush attack. There's a bunch of "power up your finisher" PSes like this, although I wouldn't use this one.

Well, I guess you girls pass the prelims at least.

We've already seen everything you've done so far... Does that mean the real battle is yet to start?

You know, it's been a while since I fought a real youkai-like youkai too. My shrine maiden blood is starting to boil at the thought. If you can back up all your big talk, then maybe you'll be worth exterminating.

Of course I can. I'm not like you girls. I've never forgotten what it means to live like a youkai.

So... what's like a youkai then?

Youkai are beings that terrify humans. We've always fought each other, and we'll always fight. You all may have thrown that away, but I'll never stop! Even if I'm the last one left!

This next bit depends on what order you do this chapter in. If you picked it first, Yukari speaks up, and if you picked it last, then it's Ran.

Even after you're losing all your friends, you've still got guts. I respect that. But the life of an outcast is often a lonely one, you know.

Hmph. Am I suppose to be happy that you sympathize with me? I've been alone from the beginning. This is just a return to that!

Enemy Spellcard
Unidentified 「Blue UFO Invasion of Grief」
Ally: Power -5 (Damage)
-Power decreased by 5 when damaged
Enemy: HP Regen 10%
-Recovers 10% of HP at the start of every turn

Depending on the order you do this stage in, you can be fighting the Red or Green UFO spellcard instead. I don't remember what they do, but probably nothing important.

As far as I'm concerned, these are just free cash. Better to kill them on the Player Phase anyway, so I don't risk losing Power.

Are you serious about cutting things off with Murasa?

Of course I am, got a problem with that?

But, there's no reason to go THAT far, is there? Sure, you think a little differently, but you can still get along, right?

It's not about how we think, it's about how we LIVE. That's why I have to do this...

You think about a lot of stuff. Sounds hard.

Yeah, I'm not an airhead like you.

Really? But doing whatever you want is so easy. And sometimes you wanna hang out, and sometimes you wanna be alone.

...You trash youkai. Are you trying to say I'm agonizing over nothing?!

The only real difference between these different attacks is the formation these UFOs fly in.

The half-human swordswoman, huh? Think you can see through to my true form?!

I admit you're an opponent I can't let my guard down around, but I can sense hesitation within you.


Even if you think you've made your decision, there is still be some remaining doubt. Doubt should be cut off.

Hmph, what would you know?! I have no doubt! I'll send you to hell here and now!

Going out of your way to give a proper farewell? Someone sure raised you well.

Say what you like, this is about me making things clear.

But isn't it sorrowful? You're both so important to each other, aren't you?

What would you know about us?

I know nothing other than that you should relax your shoulders more. Otherwise, it can be hard to keep on living.

Please wait, Nue!

So the ship's still moving even without Minamitsu...

Thanks to the flying silo fragments you brought us, it's back at full power.

...I just paid back my debt. I really have no desire to damage her ship, you know.

If that's how you feel, then just talk to her, please!

We've talked. I understand why she lives her life this way. But I can't give up on my own way of life either!

We can't find a middle ground, huh? Guess there's no choice but to stop her in battle!

Nue decided to take a swing at Mystia.

So, uh, why is this happening again?

A birdbrain, huh? Minamitsu is a youkai who want to get along with humans. I'm a GREAT youkai who wants to terrify humans. We'll never get along.

So... why are we fighting exactly?

Because our ways of life are incompatible. It's time to make that clear once and for all. Now, I was nice enough to give you an explanation, so could you just-

Make a hundred friends in a year~♪ I think that'll be tough for you~♪

At least listen to me!

She summons more Blue UFOs at the end of the first and second turns of the spellcard, so I might as well farm them for cash.

Nue decided she really wants Mystia dead.

I don't think I ever attack Nue with Cirno/Dai, so here's their convos just because:

A youkai's way of living, huh...

Well, this has nothing to do with you, fairy.

That's not true! My friend Letty is a youkai! Letty also used to say that youkai and fairies were too different, but now we're friends!

Yeah, thus proving that only idiots will try get along with everyone right away.

Why would you say that? Having more friends means more fun!

Why would you want to stop being friends when you like each other so much...?

Hold on, why are YOU crying?!

Murasa and Ichirin are gonna be so sad...!

...They aren't that weak. I've been with 'em for a long time, I would know.

I'd be a disgrace of a youkai if I showed mercy. If you're going to cry anyway, then cry in terror!

After a third wave of UFOs is vanquished, Nue gets the broadsides.


So the familiars weren't enough?!

What'd you expect? That wasn't even worth one continue.

We're going to protect Shou!

Anyway, I don't mind fighting, but what's the plan for after? If she decides to just drop the pagoda and run, I doubt we'd ever find her.

You're right. We have to get her to listen to us, somehow.

Hmph, what a laid-back concern you have there. You're assuming you're going to win? Plus, what do you care? This is between me and Minamitsu, and has nothing to do with you.

But it does. We've drunk sake together. That's good enough for me.

Personally, I consider them crewmates and friends!

...Thank you, both of you.

...You're just humans. You can't talk about her like that.

Looks like I'll have to engrave the fear of youkai deep inside you!

Watch out, here she comes!

The impenetrable darkness, the unidentifiable shadows... Looks like I'll have to remind you what humanity's oldest fear is!

Enemy Spellcard
Nue Sign 「Undefined Darkness」
Ally: Accuracy -35%
Nue: Stealth
-Cannot be targetted

To be honest, I don't remember how you're supposed to deal with this.

Luckily bombs exist.

A fight to make things clear, huh? It's not don't see where you're coming from.

What are you even talking about?

You parted ways with Murasa so you could keep living as a youkai. And now, with your pride as a youkai on the line, you're fighting to show her your determination.

Right. Even Minamitsu should understand after this.

I wouldn't be so sure about that. Even if you let go of her hand, there are some folks who'll just grab you right back.

Why won't you listen, Nue?!

That human who protects the village? No wait, a beastman?

Both. I've lived in the village for a long time, and you're misunderstanding something. No youkai has ever had their way of life twisted by spending time with humans in the village.

Why would you even tell such a blatant lie? I bet tons of youkai go drinking in town. How is that not utter depravity for a youkai?

They're just living side by side. That doesn't mean that they can't also have their own disparate ways of life.

How convenient for you. You think I'll be fooled by that?!

A single FPM later and she's lost two-thirds of her HP.

Always funny to me when Mokou "dodges" into death. Luckily it doesn't matter.

Nue gets vaporised by The Sun.


An attack that hides herself? Well that's certainly nue-like.

For those not familiar, nue is both Nue's name and her species.

But I feel like we managed to pin her down little by little.

Gah, you managed to break that one too? But you bastards have forgotten your instincts to fight humans. No matter how much you bluff-

We've forgotten how to fight humans?

It seems you're misunderstanding something. We don't exactly consider ourselves humanity's allies.

What do you mean?

Shou's group may be an exception, but humans and youkai still fight each other all the time.

I sing whenever I want, and blind humans whenever I want.

When they go too far I exterminate 'em though.

That's just playing with words. I mean, aren't you getting along right now? Keep that up, and your existence as a youkai gets fuzzy, and you start to lose power...

If that's what you think, then why not test our power for yourself? Have youkai truly lost their power in this new Gensokyo? Feel free to test your hypothesis.

Fine. If that's how you want it, then I'll show you. The nightmare that plagued an entire era. Resistance is futile!

Enemy Spellcard
「Nightmare of Heiankyou」
[Code]Ally: Movement -1
Nue: Evasion +35%[/code]

The "grid" part also has a No Entry effect, but much more pressingly it has -105% Evasion and -105% Armor for anyone on those tiles.

I don't know why you'd care about a >100% armor penalty, but whatever.

A nice thing about Combo Attacks is that Full Power Mode lets you use them twice in one attack.

This attack is a MAP by the way. I don't know why - when she joins you she has this spell as a regular attack.

The plan, as with most MAPs, is to never let her use it.

It's only natural.

... I was so happy to hear you brought the pagoda for us, but as a parting gift? Not that you haven't always been stubborn and with a weird sense of duty, Nue.

...I have a lot to thank you all for, Ichirin. I didn't want to just disappear without another word. But with this, my debt has been cleared!

That doesn't mean Unzan or I are going to forgive you.

I didn't expect you to. How long do you think I've known you two? But I'm serious about this too! Don't think you'll get out of this unharmed!

That's our line! Reflect on your mistakes when our fists are in your face!

It's only been a little while, but it feels like it's been so long since we've talked. First of all... thank you for bringing us the pagoda.

I don't need thanks, I'm just paying back my debt to you.

So, you're really planning on cutting things off then? Back when we were in the Underworld, we never worried about owing each other or anything like that...

Our ways of life are too different! What other choice do I have?! We're done talking about this. If you won't back down, Minamitsu, than I'm not holding back!

You idiot! I'll make you listen to me even if I have to drag you to bottom of the sea!

Murasa makes good on that promise.


20000 Gensobucks as a bonus.

Ugh, no way! You've broken my power?!

Still think that youkai have lost their power?

Actually, with all the trouble we've been getting into lately, we've gotten stronger than before.

...I won't accept it. You're all buddy-buddy with the humans, so why-

If you have questions for us, then we should sit down and chat.

She's right. By this point we're all exhausted, so...

Then let's take a break on the ship. You should come with us, Nue.

No, I, uh...

We still haven't had a good long talk, Nue. And won't you have to come inside to give us the pagoda anyway?


BGM: What's the Strategy?

Phew, it feels like all the exhaustion is rushing in at once.

It's late at night and we were working all day too.


What're you just standing around for? Take a seat.

Nah, I'm fine over here. I was just going to hand over the pagoda and head home, I wasn't planning to stick around for a-

Maybe YOU weren't planning on it, but we sure were. Just shut up and sit down already. Or would you rather I anchor myself to you both literally and permanently?

F-Fine, I'll sit! So can you let go of my hand now...?

...Anyway, first things first. I'm giving you this.

There's a rustling sfx here. I guess she had the Pagoda in a bag or something.

...Bishamonten's Pagoda. It's the real thing.

I don't care about YOU, but Minamitsu sounded like she needed it. So. Here you go, Minamitsu.

...Thank you, Nue. Really, sincerely, thank you.

Now why don't you hand it over to Shou, its owner?


Hm? Why are you hesitating?

S-Sorry. I was wondering whether or not I'm truly worthy to hold it. We've been searching for this pagoda for so long and now it's right in front of me...

Didn't we tell you to stop being so reserved?

I've been watching you all along, Master. I've seen how desperate you were. If you want a guarantee that you're worthy of it, then I can give you one.

Nazrin is basically Shou's heavenly auditor, so saying this is literally her job.

...I understand. Okay then, here goes...


This glow, it's just like it used to be!

...Bishamonten's Pagoda is once again permitted to shine the light of Order. With this, we can finally go save Hijiri.

Allow me to thank you again on behalf of my Master, Nue. But we were looking for so long. Where did you find it?

There's a small shrine on the side of the road on the mountain where I roost. Someone had left it there. I don't really remember, but I think it had a centipede design on it.

A shrine, huh? Maybe it was hidden by some kind of barrier then?

Centipedes are servants of Bishamonten. Maybe he was protecting it? Anyway, you've finally got it back, so take good care of it this time.

...It does worry me though. Maybe you should let Nazrin hold onto it, Shou.

N-No, I'll be fine. I won't let it out of my sight.

...Okay, I handed over what I needed to. My business here is done, so...

Hold on, didn't I tell you that we wanted to talk?

You did, but what else is there to say? You've already screamed your point at me a dozen times over.

Come with us, Nue.


BGM: The Dream is Here

I completely understand that being a great youkai is very important to you, Nue. But do you really have to sacrifice your own feelings and make yourself alone for that?

...We've already gone over this. Once you came to the surface, our ways of life just became too different. We could stay together, but then neither of us would be able to live as ourselves...

Oh my, you're giving up that easily?

What's your problem? You stay out of this.

You were saying that getting involved with others will shake your foundation as a youkai, but that ain't true at all. Even when we get along, youkai still rampage and humans still exterminate. Same as always.

And you should've realized just now that we haven't lost any power.

Th-That's, well...

It's not the one you knew, but humans and youkai have reached a new equilibrium. We do more than fight, but we also do more than hold hands. This is a dangerous, yet beautiful world... That is, the modern Gensokyo. The days of a distance between human and youkai are over.

...So not only does that keep the balance, but you're saying there's even a new relationship between humans and youkai?

Yes. With humans, obviously, but also with other youkai. There are all sort of new bonds being formed. The current Gensokyo is a place where people with all different ways of thinking live as neighbors.

People who think differently, together... ...So I can still do whatever I want then? And even if we live differently, me and Minamitsu can...

Of course. That's what we've been trying to tell you from the beginning.

Plus, if we split up now I'm sure we'd drag each other back in anyway.


Looks like you've had a change of heart.

Hmph. Just because it sounds like Minamitsu would be lonely without me around.

But that doesn't mean I'm gonna be all buddy-buddy with you all. Feel free to live in terror of the darkness lurking nearby!

I see, I see, so you want to be exterminated right away then?

She's a friend of Murasa's, so I'm sure she'll start fitting in soon enough.

...You were kinda scary at first too, Mokou.

...Anyway, now we won't need to worry about the pagoda OR Nue anymore. So, why don't we shift gears and think about the meeting tomorrow morning with everyone else.

Shou and the others will want to go save Byakuren as soon as possible, but...

That's true, but we have a lot of preparations to do, and we ARE worried about Koishi being missing too.

Hijiri will need to wait in Makai for just a bit longer. I'm sure we'll unseal her soon, and then I can finally...


But even if we head home immediately and starting preparing a meal, it'll be more of a midnight snack than dinner.

Oh, in that case why don't we-

Yes, yes, you can eat here. And if anyone wants to spend the night here, please speak up so we can get a room ready.

I see, that would be most helpful. Chen's been nodding off for a while now.

Should we stay over too, Dai?

Yeah, it'll be a sleepover!

Geez, still treating Minamitsu's boat like it's their own, I see. Wait, I guess this mean I don't have a room anymore either, huh?

No, it's been pretty much untouched since you used to hang out here.

Really, Ichirin?!

It got kinda messed up when we came to the surface though, so I did a little cleaning.

...Of course. I mean, we're friends, right? So can we put our futons next to each other and stay up all night talking like we used to? I've got so many stories to tell you two!

Well, uh, we need to get up early tomorrow so...

Is that any way to treat a friend?! It's been so long since we've hung out, so you owe me at least that much. Also, I'm curious about the ship's interior. Can you show me around?

Fine, if you insist...

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