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by Golden Battler

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Original Thread: Dai-4-ji Fantasy Maiden Wars: Golden Edition



So what is this?
Colloquially known as just FMW4, this is the 4th game in the Fantasy Maiden Wars (Gensou Shoujo Taisen) series, Dream. It's the finale of Sanbondo's quartet of SRW/Touhou mashup games, and it's really fucking good.

Wait, who the hell are you?
BlitzBlast, the LPer of the first 3 games, grew in front of my eyes from a stupid little babby in highschool, into a stupid little babby with a degree and a real ass job. As such, the job of LPing the game falls to someone who isn't a disgusting casual with a real life - and that'd be me, Golden Battler. There will be some differences (mainly that all my opinions are good and correct), but hopefully the end result will be enjoyable.

If you want to catch up on the previous games in the series, you can catch Blitz's LPs here, here, and here.

When are you finishing Laby-

So what's this about a translation?
At the end of the LPs for FMW2 and FMW3, our makeshift team released translation patches, compiling all of the work from the LPs (plus a bunch extra) into something people could play on their own time. BlitzBlast is gone and Hokuto is busy with her own projects, so we only have Clarste doing translations and nook performing arcane rituals involving a pact with an ancient eldritch hackerman (also rip Nages), but hopefully, possibly, maybe, if you promise to be good, the same thing might happen here.

no promises tho

Anything else?
As usual, no spoilers. Dream actually does some fun stuff plot-wise that even people familiar with Touhou might not fully expect, so I'd appreciate it if everyone with advanced knowledge kept mum.

Also, woops I fucked up and saved all of Chapter 56's pictures as JPGs. It'll be fixed for Chapter 57.

Note to archive readers: I was using tindeck for song links for most of the LP, but then it went down. Links in all the Part 1 updates should be fixed, but the various music links in Part 2 updates are still borked because it's too much of a pain in the ass to fix them all. Sorry about that.

Table of Contents

Chapter 56 (Part 1)
Chapter 56 (Part 2)
Chapter 57 (Part 1)
Chapter 57 (Part 2)
Chapter 58 (Part 1)
Chapter 58 (Part 2)
Chapter 59 (Part 1)
Chapter 59 (Part 2)
Chapter 60 (Part 1)
Chapter 60 (Part 2)
Chapter 61 (Part 1)
Chapter 61 (Part 2)
Chapter 62 (Part 1)
Chapter 62 (Part 2)
Chapter 63
Chapter 64 (Part 1)
Chapter 64 (Part 2)
Chapter 65 (Part 1)
Chapter 65 (Part 2)
Chapter 66 (Part 1)
Chapter 66 (Part 2)
Chapter 67 (Part 1)
Chapter 67 (Part 2)
Chapter 68 (Part 1)
Chapter 68 (Part 2)
Chapter 69 (Part 1)
Chapter 69 (Part 2)
Chapter 70 (Part 1)
Chapter 70 (Part 2)
Chapter 71 (Part 1)
Chapter 71 (Part 2)
Chapter 71 (Part 3)
Chapter 72 (Part 1)
Chapter 72 (Part 2)
Chapter 73 (Part 1)
Chapter 73 (Part 2)
Chapter 74 (Part 1)
Chapter 74 (Part 2)
Chapter 75 (Part 1)
Chapter 75 (Part 2)
Chapter 76 (Part 1)
Chapter 76 (Part 2)
Chapter 77
Gaiden 1 (Part 1)
Gaiden 1 (Part 2)
Gaiden 2
Gaiden 3

Fanart (I wasn't expecting to add this to the OP but here we are)

Here's an early spoiler-ish drawing courtesy of nyttyn

And another one from nyttyn's friend

Aaand some lategame spoilers from friend-of-nyttyn.
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