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Fantasy Maiden Wars I

by BlitzBlast

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Original Thread: Let's Play Fantasy Maiden Wars I - Walking the Streets of a Former Stream Hell



What's this?
Fantasy Maiden Wars I (aka Gensou Shoujo Wars Eternal) is the sequel to Fantasy Maiden Wars P. Because of that, a lot of people just call it FMW3. Anyway it's the third game in Sanbondo's planned quartet of Touhou-SRW mashups, and it is really damn good.

Touhou? SRW?
Touhou is a long series of indie bullet hell vertical shooters, and Super Robot Wars is an equally long series of turn-based strategy RPGs. You might wonder how those two could work together, and the answer turns out to be quite well! Rather than just slap the Touhou cast into SRW gameplay, the developers put a lot of effort into intertwining the two games. And while you'd think it'd be an oil and water situation, in fact the two concepts work together extremely well. I would definitely put FMW3 up there as one of the best SRW games to date.

So this is a translation LP?
Yes. Hokuto and Clarste will probably be handling most of the work on that front, so be sure to thank them.

Should I have read the previous LP?
Yeah, kind of. FMW3 is where a lot more of the hanging plot threads start getting addressed, so it can be hard to follow some bits without knowledge of FMW1 and 2. The game usually does its best to at least catch new players up, though.

How is this LP going to work?
There are posts and you read them.

So how long is this going to take?
FMW I has 24 unique chapters, plus an epilogue. I have no idea what the schedule is beyond "it'll be posted when it's done", but I dunno maybe a year?

Is there going to be viewer participation?
Yes, from the second chapter onwards.

I'm familiar with Touhou. What games does this installment cover?

IN and SA are the main stars this time, but characters from SoEW, LLS, EoSD, PCB, IaMP, PoFV, MoF, UFO, DS, and some of the sidestories are also around.

What's the spoiler policy?
Same as the last LP. You're free to talk about how Reimu and Marisa are going to beat the crap out of the casts of IN and SA, but anything FMW3 adds is a no.

Head's up!
I keep my computer audio's at about 40%, so all of the music links are really loud. I kind of wish somebody had told me about this when I started out instead of 39 chapters in, but oh well. Duck your audio before you read update I guess.

Alright, let's get started!

Chapter 35: Surfacing (2)
Chapter 36: Fugitive (2)
Chapter 37M: Fluttering Fireflies in the Night Sky (2)
Chapter 37R: Tempting Singing Voice in the Black of Night (2)
Chapter 38M: Rabbit of the Earth, Rabbit of the Moon (2)
Chapter 38R: UNDEFINED (2)
Chapter 39R: The Hakurei Barrier (2)
Chapter 39M: Kirisame's Hakkero (2)
Chapter 40: Showdown! Reimu VS Marisa (2) (L) (3)
Chapter 41: The Engraver's History (2) (L)
Chapter 42: The Eternal Cage that Hides the Princess (2) (L)
Chapter 43: The Five Impossible Requests (2) (3) (L)
Chapter 44: And Then, There Were None (2)
Source Material

Chapter 45: A Glimpse at a Future Sky (2)
Chapter 46: Setting Sail to a Sea of Stars (2)
Chapter 47: Fantasy Maidens ON THE MOON
Chapter 48: Watatsuki's Spell Card (2/L)
Chapter 49: G Free Shrine Maiden (2)
Source Material
Chapter 50: The Rise of the Earth Spirits (2)
Chapter 51: A Thread of Resentment Sinking into the Darkness (2)
Chapter 52: A Bridge to the Surface (2)
Chapter 53: Passing by the Palace of Earth Spirits (2)
Chapter 54: Hell's Artificial Sun (2)
Chapter 55: Twisted Tomorrow (2) (L)
Source Material
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