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Part 11


Palanquin Ship - Hall
Music: Secret Mission!

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Let's be friends!

Sure, why not.

How's Reimu's upgrade coming along?

Well enough, they're just not ready for real combat.

Hijiri was a great person. But I...


I remember getting so excited when I first saw this chapter title.

...I don't see any youkai in the area.

We're near the village, so they probably won't get too close.

The people of the village must be so uneasy, not knowing how much longer the night will last...

They can't be happy with the night being extended like this. Some upstart youkai might attack the village at any moment.

...? Did something just move over there?

Yes, I can feel someone's presence approaching... Although with that kind of simple-minded movement, it's probably just some kedama or something.


You're right, there are feral youkai!

We're heading right for them, but... what should we do?

I don't feel like taking a detour. We charge right through them!

Cirno posted:

What going on? We were right at the good part, too.

See for yourself. There are youkai blocking our path.

Aren't they just kind of spacing out though?

Yeah, and they're youkai. Just pipe down and help out.


Victory: Defeat all enemies.
Defeat: Mystia, Shou, or the Palanquin Ship is defeated.

This chapter is set above some rice fields.

Now that I have Yuyuko, I can do one of my favorite NG+ only strategies.

And that would be to cast Rally,

then have her guzzle down Sakuya's Tea with the Sense of Elegance PS on to get enough SP for another Rally. Add in a Grilled Lamprey (and enough levels of SP Up), and I can get one more for a total of +15 initial Power to everyone.

With ace bonuses (which basically everyone has since again, NG+), this means everyone starts at 120 Power at minimum. This goes a long way to combating Lunatic's stronger enemies, and speeds up the chapter immensely since everyone can use their stronger moves right away. I think that's worth losing most of Yuyuko's SP.

The power buff is particularly useful for this chapter since these grunts are unnaturally strong and sturdy.

They also have some janky looking animations. I recorded all of them in the boss video, so check that out.

Their danmaku penalties stack up to pretty ridiculous heights too, so it's really important that everyone I'm moving ahead has someone covering them.

We never decided what our strongest song should be.

Maybe we should just let Mystia sing whatever she likes?

Don't get sloppy, Mystia!

I told you! I only sing when I want to sing!

Well, sure, but do you ever not want to sing? You've been singing 24-7.

Huh. Maybe you're right... In that case!

Reimu posted:

Hey, what do you think you're doing? You want to be on the front lines?
Mystia's supposed to just fly forward to some random spot, but Reimu was in the way. Which actually makes this line kind of funny.

I just feel like singing.

Bird of the night~♪ Song of the night~♪

Music: Open Human Cage

Ooh, what's this...?!

I feel so much better now... This must be the power of song!

I see. It seems her songs have the power to support her comrades. When an ally hears her song, they receive a special status enhancement.

All right! Since I'm gonna fight with my song danmaku... Be quiet and listen to my song~!


Victory: Defeat all enemies.
Defeat: Shou or the Palanquin Ship is defeated.
And to celebrate this event, I'm now allowed to let Mystia die.

Mystia's gimmick is straight out of Macross 7: she has Song attacks that buff allied units. There's two versions of each song, a strong single-target one and a weaker MAP version.

The bird of the night spreads its wiiiiings~♪

The (currently) widest ranged one, and probably the most useful, is Song of the Night Sparrow, which buffs the Hit/Evade of everyone in its radius. There's also Mysterious Song (heals HP) and Howl of the Horned Owl (boosts Defense/Critical rate). All three have their own themes which will override everything if used as a single target attack and just about everything as a MAP if I recall correctly.

The range of all three of the initial songs is actually just 1-2, but Mystia has a bunch of personal skills that buffs the Range of a single song.

With that out of the way, I start cleaning up the enemies in earnest.

I end up taking out everyone but two fairies. If this was the original version of the game, that would have screwed me out of the bonus!

Aren't these fairies and kedamas acting a bit creepy?

You're right, they aren't saying a word. And they're moving oddly too.

Heh heh heh. What if a ghost is right about to pop out?

S-Stop it, Lady Yuyuko! You know I'm bad with that kind of thing...

And just as you say that, it looks like something moved over there.

No way...

Doofy ghosts!

Eeeeek! Ghosts!

It's horrible, everyone! There's a huge amount of ghosts in our way!

Um... aren't you a spirit yourself?

That has nothing to do with it! Hurry up and exterminate them!

Enemy AI absolutely despises Mystia (and other support characters) and goes for her with an unrelenting fervor. This is actually kind of abusable with Support Defenders, but I digress.

These new doofy ghosts do even more damage than the fairy or the kedama, but they're much frailer in exchange.

Since the situation at the bottom-right is about wrapped up, I have Yukari warp over Ran and Yuyuko to get ready for the final reinforcement wave.

Also I'm not sure if I mentioned this earlier, but Youmu lost her MAP.

She's really not that useful on this chapter in general since she just burns all of her SP on Focus so she can safely advance. This is probably the first major thing she's done all chapter.

Infinite Kalpas now shadows out Youmu during the explosion by the way.

I ended up finishing off all the opponents by the end of the enemy phase. Reimu hit level 35 and got the second level of Youkai Buster too.

...This isn't working. No matter what we do, it's tough to take them down.

These guys are way too strong for fairies~.

They don't say anything, so it's kind of creepy...

The ghosts have a strange way of attacking too. Did they always shoot lasers like that, or move at weird angles?

It's like someone's playing around with us. Maybe we're up against some different youkai.

...You've noticed, right Murasa?

Yeah, there aren't many people who could pull this off...

Unidentified Flying Youkai posted:

...Hehe. They're scared, they're scared.

If we're right, she'd be hiding right around there!

The Palanquin Ship fires on that spot.

UFY posted:

...?! How'd they know I was here?

Found you. Show yourself, Nue!

Music: Heian Chimera Syndrome

This is Hokuto's favorite track.

Nue posted:

H-Hey! Don't just reveal it right away!

?! The enemies from before look weird now...?

They're UFOs! Ghosts were really UFOs all along?! It's the discovery of the century!

Discovery of the century, you say?! This is definitely going in an article!

Huh? Wait, I'm not letting you get the drop on me!

So you know that youkai, Ichirin?

Yeah. They call her Nue Houjuu.

Wait, when you say "nue", do you mean the legendary Japanese chimera?! The one that's said to have the power to take away anything's true appearance? But I thought it was sealed away a thousand years ago...

We happened to run into each other in the Underworld. I wasn't completely sure, but it looks like she came to the surface too.

Aha! It's been a while, Minamitsu. How've you been?

Is that how you greet someone after all this time? I was even a bit worried, since we left without saying anything...

Yeah, that was pretty heartless of you. I turn my eyes away for a second and next thing I know the whole boat's gone. And even after coming all the way to the surface, I still couldn't find you.

Probably because we've been on the Youkai Mountain. They've got pretty strict security there.

Ugh, you've really been looking for me? Sorry for leaving you behind like that.

Water under the bridge. Let's just forget all that and go have some fun in the village. It's not every day that you get a night like this. Should be fun, getting to drown humans after they've been freaked out by my power. They won't know what hit 'em!

Don't be ridiculous, we're here to investigate the incident.

...Who're you? I don't know you people.

We're friends of Murasa. We're all here to resolve the incident together.

Ever since the boat came up to the surface, we play together a lot.

Friends...? Humans, with youkai?

I've heard about you from Murasa and Ichirin, Nue. I'm Shou Toramaru. I look forward to getting along with you.

They never said a word about you to me though...


Nue moves down a bit over a house.

Wait, Nue?

Hey, why don't you ditch those losers and hang out with me? I guarantee it'll be more fun than resolving some incident.

Cue UFOs. If any of the previous enemies were still alive by this point, they'd reveal their true forms too: fairies are green, kedamas are red, and doofy ghosts are blue.

Gah, more enemies?! A lot more!

Aren't you friends with her? Is this really okay?

...If she's going this far, there's no way we'll talk her out of it.

Humans look their best when they're wetting themselves in terror.

I am the great and terrible Nue, feared by all of Heian! Take a good look at my unidentified flying danmaku!


Victory: Defeat all enemies.
Defeat: Shou or the Palanquin Ship is defeated.
Bonus: Defeat a Red, Blue, and Green UFO in a single turn.
Originally Nue didn't spawn in new enemies, so if there weren't actually one of each UFO on the field by the time the Bonus unlocks I'm screwed out of it.

I should be able to finish the chapter with just this batch.

I'm touched! I never thought I'd meet the one behind all the UFOs! Does this mean aliens were just youkai all along too?

What were "aliens" again?

Technically it refers to anyone from a foreign country you've never seen before, but normally we use it for people from space.

Hmm. In other words, it's something unknown and unknowable. That's perfect! Fear me all you wish!

All of Nue's attacks have the exact same name and startup.

I accidentally had Sanae counter a Blue UFO with her finisher,

but that was the last color I needed so hey why not.

Nue's danmaku field effect is also obscured, but it's just HP regeneration.

Sanae posted:

...I still need more training.
Oh whoops, forgot to have Sanae cast Alert. Man, watching GB's stream while I play this game was a bad idea.

Since somebody asked, no, having the person in front die doesn't kill the person in the back too. They just become a solo character.

The game script says there's a bonus conversation spot somewhere on this chapter (with all of the characters seeing various things thanks to Nue's power), but I don't know where. Maybe that house?

Nope. Whatever, time to go beat up Nue.

Just when I thought I had a bad feeling about all this, the infamous nue shows up.

Shocking, isn't it? It's not everyday that I show my true form to a human.

Sorry, but I couldn't care less about your true form or whatever. I see a youkai, I exterminate it.

Let's get this show on the road!

Nue does crazy damage, so I need to either dodge completely with Alert or redirect damage with Support Defend. I should never just Evade, or graze damage will do that unit in.

Something that lurks in the dark, its true form unknown...

I know exactly what you mean, Yuyuko. The ingredients to a mystery stew.

Wait, you're not talking about eating me, are you?

No, Yuyuko speaks of something far less pleasant. No matter how you alter its appearance, the true nature of an object will remain unchanged.

What are you saying Yukari? I was talking about eating her.

Oh yeah, the Palanquin Ship actually got a new attack way back in 36.

Heh heh heh. Long time no see, Minamitsu.

So you came to the surface too, Nue.

...Well, I'm glad to see you again, really. Looks like you've been doing well.

I'm touched. You were really worried about me?

Of course I was. Sorry about not being able to contact you either.

...So you two really were friends with the legendary great youkai, nue. I don't suppose I could pull some strings with you and get an interview with her?

...You're unexpectedly shrewd, Akyu.

It drops an anchor on the opponent then opens fire. It's a melee attack, so it actually does good damage!

Haven't seen a youkai like you in a while. This calls for some sake, to celebrate the occasion.

Never thought I'd run into an oni here either. Honestly, I like you guys. Your kind knows that we're humanity's enemy.

Well, they're oni too, but the ones who live down there have pretty much turned their backs on humanity.

Suika had Guard cast, Berserk and the Guard skill on, and Oni. She died anyway because seriously not having Shield Defense makes a big difference.

Fun fact about Shield Defense by the way: it makes the user take 0.4 damage instead of just 0.5.

I give, I give. That was more than I expected.

And as if to mock me, Yuyuko activates Shield Defense and dies anyway.

I'm famished. I suppose I'll leave the rest to everyone else.

It was worth it though, because now Youmu's in range to take revenge.

So were those flying sweet potatoes your doing too?!

Minoriko seeing flying potatoes is in her bonus conversation.

Oh yeah, thanks for that. It was quite a sight.

Most people don't see ordinary root vegetables when I hide something's true form.

Sh-Shut up! I won't stand by while you mock my innocent love for the harvest!

After Minoriko pops her Alert anyway.

Maybe some Daunts too. And now that I think about it I have Hermit Purple.

People like you are perfect marks for my power. Like just now, when you freaked yourself out over ghosts or whatever.

Ugh. True, I may have lost my composure back there, but...

Youmu, it's time to use that. See with your mind's eye.

Of course, my mind's eye!


It's no good, Lady Yuyuko! Everyone's gone all dark and I can't see anything!

So she's just an idiot...

This is the last thing Youmu can do all chapter, but she sure made it count.

A couple more finishers later and it's almost over. If I still had Sanae alive she could end things, but nope.

Now who should I feed the kill...

What's with those weird wings...? What kind of youkai are you?

Well, what do you think? Try taking a guess.

Umm... your wings are weird, and you've got a snake wrapped around you, so... Er... no clue.

Not Chen, I just used her so the Palanquin Ship could Support Attack.

It's just amazing to be able to meet the legendary nue, in the flesh. But, is it really okay if I put your true form in an article?

No mere newspaper can shed light over my mysteries. Say whatever you want, as long as you don't show humans this form!

Same goes for Aya.

I know all about the nue. It's famous for its weird cry, right?

Yup. The mysterious call of the nue is the worst omen there is. It's far more fearsome than some mere night sparrow.

What?! Okay, that's it, we're having a chirp-off!

If I had remembered to use Hermit Purple before Border Team's attack, I'd probably be done by now. Alas.

Man, now what?

I'll just be a burden if this keeps up, so I'm heading back first.

Suck it up, Youmu.

Yeah, she's dead next turn.


Music: Anti-griddle of Anger

I didn't actually have to do that, I just need to move Mystia out of the way.

A legendary, unidentifiable youkai? Huh, you learn something new every day.

How pathetic, you've never heard of me? Humans tremble in fear just from the sound of my voice.

...Sounds like you could cause an awful lot of trouble in the Human Village. We'd better keep an eye on you.

Now to weaken Nue just enough that Reimu can finish her off.

Oh wait, not enough MP for Fantasy Seal.


Well, if that's how it is... Don't mess around too much, okay?

I blame GB's stream for everything.

Bring it home, Murasa.

Nue drops an Autohint, which raises a character's critical rate by 15%.

So, are you satisfied?

Sorry, Nue. We just don't have time to play with you right now.

We must resolve this incident before it's too late. And then we'll revive Hijiri...

Hijiri? Minamitsu used to yammer on about her...

Yeah, you remember, our savior. We'll need to find some stuff first though, like the pagoda and the fragments of the flying silo...

Hmmm, you mean... these?

Some things sparkle around Nue.

Could those splinters really be...?!

They're fragments of the flying silo! You were holding them?!

I picked 'em up here and there when I came to the surface. These are pretty important to you, right Minamitsu? Along with that boat?

This is wonderful, Nue! Were you getting me a gift? Thank you so much! Everyone will be so happy! And then you can come with us, and-


Nue bolts.

Wait, what?!

Got your hopes up? I'm not handing 'em over that easy. If you want 'em, come get 'em.

Hold on, Nue, what are you saying...?

Miss Nue, please, please hand those over!

Hmph, it's not like I care about this Hijiri person. Wasn't she supposed to be on the humans' side anyway?

We have to get those somehow...!

Shou lunges for Nue, but she dodges.

Woah, that was close!

By the way, something's been bugging me. What's your problem? The whole time Minamitsu was in the Underworld, you never even sent her a letter or anything. Get off your high horse.

That was because...

Nue posted:

Anyway, I'm not giving you the fragments!

See ya later, Minamitsu, Ichirin. Just try and catch me!

Hey, get back here!

Nue leaves.

...And there she goes.

Well, based on the direction she ran in, at least we don't have to worry about her attacking the village. So what should we do? Chase after her?

...No. Even if we chased her, I doubt we'd be able to settle this. For now, let's just turn back and think about what to do next.

Yes, you're right.

The moral of the story is to focus on the game you're playing.


...So, I wanna try counting it.

Sounds like fun. The next time Dai and Cirno come-

Hey, what'cha up to over here?

Ah, Cirno, perfect timing!

Yeah! Hey, could you and Dai have a conversation? Like, about anything?

Er, it's not easy to have a conversation on command.

Okay, Dai. How about our secret special training?

Oh, you mean that combination attack, Cirno?

I was never good at keeping up with you, Cirno. I know I slow you down...

That's not true! Being with you makes me super happy, Dai! We've gotta stick together, Dai!

Yeah! We can do it, Cirno!

So, what are your results?

The percentage of times they used "Dai" and "Cirno" in their conversation is... literally 100%!

You were counting that?!

Wait, whaa? How strong is 100?

I'm not sure you measure strength in percentages, Cirno.

(She did it again...)