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Part 27

i am never making it a point to get all the boss convos again


So I kind of have a problem! I'm deploying six units who get debuffed in Night terrain, and I only have four Firefly Gems.

Sanae got around this by equipping the Shimenawa (the S in Air will get lowered to just an A, which is fine by me), but Sunny is just screwed. Well, if you don't count all the friendship buffs anyways.

By the way, fun fact: Cirno gets a +10 to initial Power from the Frozen Frog, not a +5. And while I'm talking about Firefly Gems, if for some insane reason you put one on Wriggle it'll glow on the equipment screen.


Youkai Mountain
Music: Dark Clouds

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What is going on tonight?

Who knows, just let the protagonists handle it.



The Five Impossible Requests

A more literal translation of this chapter title would be "Gensokyo Attempts the Five Impossible Requests", but needless to say that wasn't very snappy.

Music: Eternity interlude

Akyu posted:

We made it, this is the innermost region of the pocket dimension!

The atmosphere is so clear here... It's different from that creepy place we were before.

Then there's no mistake, we're right in front of-


We've found the real full moon!

...This eerie power is itself the madness of the true moon. For hundreds- no, thousands of years, this is the light that's illuminated Gensokyo.

Earthlings... So you made it all the way here.

You're cornered, Eirin Yagokoro!

Surrender, and give us back the real moon!

Is that all you have to say? The barrier we're inside is under my control. Those who wrong me shall be erased from existen-

Ayugak posted:

Eirin, wait.


I've been wanting to meet them.

You're the moon princess, Kaguya Houraisan?!

And THE Princess Kaguya, at that.

Oh, you have me at a disadvantage. I don't know YOUR names.

We're running out of time here, so can we skip the introductions?

If we must. I'll let a little bit of rudeness slide.

We've heard your plan. You hid the full moon to avoid lunar pursuers. We'll make you end that self-centered plot of yours here and now!

...Heh, you Earthlings are quite pushy. But I can't grant that request. Eirin came up with the best possible strategy for us.

Figures she wouldn't care what happens to the Earth either!

Are all Lunarians like this?

...We had no intention of speaking with you in the first place.

Please withdraw, Princess. I'll deal with these-

This is the deepest level of your barrier. Where exactly do you expect me to withdraw?

I'll just relax and watch your fight from here.

...Understood. Please stand back then.

If we've finished the pleasantries, then why don't we begin this already?

There's nowhere to run! We're settling this!

Prepare yourselves!


Victory: Defeat Eirin and Kaguya.
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is defeated.
Bonus: Capture all of Kaguya's spells.

Music: Exceeding Their Eternity

Just like Remilia all the way back then, Kaguya is invincible to damage until her midboss is defeated. This time it actually shows up as a skill, though.

So that's the real moon, huh...

There's enough power here to drive a human mad, but you should be fine.

Reimu Hakurei. Your job is to retrieve that moon and restore harmony to Gensokyo.

I know already, I'm the Hakurei shrine maiden after all.

I'll resolve the moon incident here and now!

And I shall watch you do so.

This is a pretty simple chapter, akin to the MoF finale. A bunch of meaningless grunt enemies, and some really easy bosses I can effortlessly pound into the ground.

Good, we've reached Eirin Yagokoro!

Give us back our full moon! And no compromising!

These people, even though they're trapped in here they're still so...!

If your master is so important you, why are you locking her up in a place like this?

Doesn't she ever complain about this?

That's irrelevant. This is what's best for her.

And I'm sure you're the one who decided that.

And what's wrong with that? Everything I've done was to fulfill Kaguya's wishes. No matter what happens, I WILL preserve this unchanging eternity.

Eirin has kind of a funny quirk, though. Her danmaku field this chapter buffs her HP Regen by a fairly sizable amount. Aside from making it so that you have to kill her in one turn, it also makes solo runs of this game impossible on any difficulty above Easy. Neither Reimu nor Marisa can possibly do enough damage to defeat Eirin in one player phase, and if you don't beat Eirin you can't beat Kaguya.

I'm not even sure if you can muscle through her on Easy by the way, but it seems plausible enough. Lower maximum HP and lower total HP Regen might make it possible for a really buff Marisa to eventually chip through.

Throwing out danmaku like that so soon? She must be planning something.

Eirin Yagokoro... I see you're digging in your heels to stall us.

As I told you, those who intrude face elimination.

Elimination? That's hardly a way to treat your houseguests! It's always about brute force with you, isn't it?

Mokou posted:


Mokou and EX Keine spawn in.


I finally found you! Hiding in this barrier isn't going to save you!

That's the Palanquin Ship! Is everyone okay?!

It's Keine, and she brought Mokou!

You never know when to quit, do you, Fujiwara girl?!

Oh, Mokou. I thought you scurried home after Eirin killed you?

Don't be stupid, why would I run after something as piddly as that?

You didn't even come out to greet me. Though it looks like you've finally gotten yourself cornered.

I won't hear that from someone who just slipped in during some confusion!

Anyway, so she's your old enemy, Mokou?

Yeah, Kaguya Houraisan. She's definitely the ruler of this mansion. We finally cornered her, so I'll help you settle this!

Oh my! I never imagined you'd have so many acquaintances. And, Mokou, cooperating with someone? What sorcery is this?

It's no sorcery. We're just companions who live side by side. And in order to protect the Earth, we'll join hands and fight!

Living side by side? You and Mokou?

Heh, how droll. Did the humans fill your head with crazy ideas?

Tch, talk down to me while you still can. Let's go, Keine! This is OUR fight!


And then you get Mokou and EX Keine as a team. Mokou's alright, but EX Keine...

Turns out I was wrong when I thought Keine would get auto-leveled. Oh well, at least she has some skills on.

The full moon, huh.

Yes. You can't see it, but there's a torrent of mystical energy flooding the area.

Full Moon Rays, huh.

...Don't give it a weird name like that. Well in any case, you don't seem to be lacking in spirit.

Like I'd get cold feet after coming all the way here.

Alright, let's take back that stolen moon!

Of course. But be careful.

In a desperate effort to give my other units a chance to do things, I have them try and clean up as many grunts as they can. The Akis' accuracy ratings kind of blow so Mystia gives them a little boost.

Fun Fact: The single target version of Mystia's songs will override almost any theme in the game.

So we've found the real moon. Mistress, how are you feeling?

A full moon night truly is without peer. But Sakuya, you should be careful not to go mad.

Well, even without you, I'm still invincible under this full moon.

How cruel. But I'll lend you my aid, no matter the situation.

...It seems like you'll be fine. In that case, I'll be relying on you. Let's take back the real moon.

Yes, for Lady Flan's sake as well.

Why can none of you jerks hit the broad side of a barn without spirits?

Sakuya had enough of a Skill lead on the grunts to trigger Time Paradox.

So naturally I immediately have her drop two Soul Sculptures, thus crippling her MP.

Oh well, Sakuya's World is ammo based anyways.

I've never seen such a terrifying full moon...

Youmu, looking at that moon is a fearful thing. You must be careful.

What? I have to face my opponent without looking at the moon?!

What's that big, fluffy ghost half of yours there for, then?

I don't think I could use it as my mind's eye... But if it's for the sake of taking back the moon, I'll do my best!

Good. Now slash this Sealed Room apart.

The grunts are all taken down by turn 3.

And Eirin goes down on turn 4.

Ngh, how could this be...?!

Excellent, Eirin's down!

I doubt you can fight anymore. Just stay there and watch.

...Don't be ridiculous, I could never be defeated by-

Eirin. You can stand down now.

...! Princess...

You've done well. I'll deal with the rest.

But I could never let you bear the brunt of-

Eirin, if you exhaust yourself, the Sealed Room spell will break. You don't want THAT, do you?

I'll take care of things here, so return to the outside.

...Understood. But please, don't let your guard down.

Eirin begrudgingly retreats.

S-So we really fought her off this time...?

You're the only one left, Kaguya!

Heh heh, I know. Don't be so impatient.

Ah, I'm finally getting my chance to talk to the Earthlings.

...Uh, what? We just beat up your friend, and you're still taking it easy?

To be honest, I've been bored. In the House of Eternity that Eirin built... Everything's peaceful, but at the same time, there's nothing to stimulate me.

Something's finally happening, and we're even all trapped in a barrier like this too.

Don't tell me you're enjoying all of this...?

Yes, it's fun. The Earth is just packed with all sorts of life, always causing commotions. Seeing it all is very pleasant.

So watching our struggles is pleasant to you?!

I'd watch that pride if I were you, or else you might be in for some divine punishment.

Heh, divine punishment. I'd be fine with that too.

Music: An Exceedingly Proper Yet Arrogant Game

After committing a certain grave sin, I was banished from the moon. That's when I discovered it. This beautiful gem called the Earth.

I could never part with it, it's my most prized treasure after all.

You speak as if you own it!

Somehow I don't think we're going to be able to reason with her.

Oh, of course not. If I'm going to listen to someone from Earth, you'll have to overcome my challenges first.

Don't tell me...

Indeed, many Earthlings have tried and failed.

The five impossible requests, passed down through the stories. How many of them can you fulfill?


Victory: Fulfill the Five Impossible Requests.
Defeat: The Palanquin Ship is defeated.
Bonus: Capture all of Kaguya's spells.

With that out of the way, I proceed to set up my formation. Kaguya's HP Regen makes trying to build up scratch damage while I do this effectively pointless, so I just evade.

So you must be the incident resolution specialist that Tewi mentioned.

Well, that saves me the trouble of introducing myself. I'll be taking the moon back, thank you very much.

That won't do at all. If you want your prayers answered, first you have to stand up to some adversity. Now, why don't you show me your power?

Fine, I was gonna do that anyway! I don't care if you're an alien or whatever, I always resolve Gensokyo's incidents!

Kaguya's only attack right now is the Red Stone of Aja (yes, that one), which actually doesn't make sense since she was supposed to get that after IN. But details!

Howl at the moon~, like a wolf~♪

Is that a popular Earth song? It's nothing but noise.

The older youkai always tell me that too. If you can't appreciate it, then your taste is just old fashioned~!

I've sung plenty of songs in my time. Allow me to educate you on the finer points of good taste.

I've heard about the youkai called oni before. Earthling humans everywhere live in fear of them.

Hey, it's been a while since I've heard something like that. So what, you scared of fighting me?

No, you oni don't frighten me at all. After all, no Earthling has ever even scratched the moon.

That's pretty arrogant. I'll have to scratch the terrors of Gensokyo deeeeeep into ya.

But first, I've gotta teach you how scary oni are!

By turn 8 I'm close enough to my final formation that I start attacking.

I get the feeling you're the sheltered type. I bet you've never even done farmwork.

I used to live in the country too, you know. It looked fun.

You shouldn't make light of it. It can be grueling work.

Not work, play. To me, everything is play.

You'll never grow good food with an attitude like that! Slow living doesn't mean easy living!

I actually don't have the Akis' friendship boosting skills on, so they don't do as much damage as they could.

Kaguya has a whopping five spell cards, so you'd think I'd want to play it safe and start the spellcard phase with as many characters available as I can. But not only does her HP Regen make that kind of awkward, but I also have so many overpowered characters now it literally does not matter. On Normal, at least.

Kaguya has a special boss-exclusive skill there by the way; P-All is P-Hit, P-Evade, P-Danmaku and P-Defeat in one.

You're the one who plunged into my residence with such dreadful force, aren't you?

I was and am in a rush. Now let's hurry up and settle things so you can return the moon.

A youkai who receives power from the moon shouldn't be so prideful.

You even lived there yourself, but you never realized the power of the moon? Well allow me to show you. With the might of the full moon, I am invincible!

Looks like Remilia's got one more Red the Nightless Castle in her before I shove her behind Sakuya.

I see, you're strong. I suppose Eirin wasn't holding back.

Course we're strong, this Night Parade is just getting started.

We'll make you understand the power of humans, youkai, and gods soon enough.

Heh, so many colors, coming together. The Earth really is a fun place.

If you're a Lunarian, why are you so obsessed with the Earth? I'm sure it's uncomfortable here, compared to life on the moon.

Let's see, well I WAS surprised at how inconvenient everything was, when I first fell to Earth. But then I noticed that it was overflowing with stimuli not found on the moon.

Such as...?

When I think of the moon, I remember doing the same things day after day, over and over again. Compared to that, the various beings of Earth form a lively crowd.

Even simply watching it all never bores me.

If that's what you think, then how could you do something so cruel to us?!

I really am sorry about this, Earthling. But there's no other way.

...You put on a friendly face, but in the end you're just doing whatever you want. That's the logic of an aggressor.

You people are a dangerous element. We'll need to deal with you here!

Heh heh, can you save the objections for after you've fulfilled my requests?

First, we have the incredibly dangerous five-colored jewel. Try to bear the unbearable!


Impossible Request "Jewel from the Dragon's Neck -Five-Colored Shots-"

Each of Kaguya's spells are based off one of the impossible requests she made in The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter to her five suitors. This one is linked to how in a lot of Asian mythology, dragons are portrayed with gems on their necks. Taking one was a pretty good way to piss one off, so the prince who was saddled with this task was effectively given a suicide mission (well, if dragons even existed in the setting). The prince tasked with this tried to hire people to do it for him, but they just took his money and left. Then he tried to do it but chickened out once he ran into a huge storm.

Jewel from the Dragon's Neck is a fairly large MAP that drops the evasion rate of all characters in its field by 30%.

I think it's kind of unreasonable to expect me to fight, but-

You have quite a lovely appearance.


It's only a little, but you look like how I used to all the way back then...

Preserving specimens isn't a hobby of mine, but perhaps I should ask Eirin about it later.


If we never get the full moon back, I wonder what'll happen to me?

Wait, maybe without the moon's power I'll just slowly start getting weaker...!

I think a fake moon is enough for a youkai as weak as you.

Th-this is my identity we're talking about! I'm not going to give up!

You seem valiant. We don't have anyone like you among the servants here.

It looks like guard work is your specialty too. I wouldn't mind having you around, even as a mercenary.

What nonsense. Are you looking down on the tengu and the other mountain youkai?

Sorry, I don't keep up with Earth politics. But I suppose it wouldn't have worked out anyway. Keeping a wolf among rabbits is just begging for someone to get eaten.

I never bare my fangs against the wrong target!

This is the end. We will be taking back the moon.

You people keep saying you're going to take back the moon. Are you trying to say that the moon belongs to you?

It may not belong to anyone, but it would be so lonely to have it gone. Truly, it's such a bother.

The way you're talking, it doesn't seem like you're even trying to persuade me.

That's right, I'm simply telling you to hand it over.

Kaguya, your plan ends here!

So you made it here, Mokou. Do you really think persistence alone will bring you victory?

Maybe not if I'M alone, but this time I've got the entire gang on my side.

I can't believe you're letting them interfere with our duel. What are you thinking?

I've changed, and I'm still changing. I'll beat the meaning of that into your head!

It goes down in flames.

So you made it through. Let me tell you, that was splendid.

Don't tell me you plan to fight with nothing but the power of your treasures...?!

They're definitely not just tools. Their rarity is off the charts!

But if you're not using your own power, you're not taking us seriously.

Oh, but I am. That's why I'm testing you. There aren't many Earthlings who can take on my challenges and play at my level.

Well, it's not like you're going to meet many of them, if you're cooped up in a place like this.

Didn't you say that you loved the Earth though? Isn't staying inside all the time putting your priorities backwards?

Oh, it's not as bad as that. I can still peek outside and see what's going on from in here. Even with just that, the Earth is more than interesting enough.

Do you think our lives are a show or something...?

In the end, you're just a guest. Don't be a voyeur!

Heh, that's enough for now. We'll continue this conversation after the next challenge.

Abandon all shame and scatter before the bowl's shine!


Impossible Request "Buddha's Stone Bowl -Indomitable Will-"

Supposedly somewhere deep inside an Indian temple is a stone bowl the Buddha used to use when he was alive that gleams like it was made of jewels. This request was impossible because to even get to India it would take a voyage of three years before you could even start looking, and the thing probably didn't even exist. The prince tasked with it tried to cheat with a common stone bowl, and was thoroughly rejected.

This spell gives Kaguya a new PS, Indomitable Will. It straight up nullifies six attacks per turn before Kaguya can take damage.

Just bomb it and move on.

If I can beat you, I can FINALLY see the sun again!

But wasn't this long night because of you Earthlings?

Yeah, but that was because of you. I know who's really the bad guy here.

I'm gonna resolve this incident, and get back to taking naps under the sun!

This person is Eirin's princess... She's definitely not going to just give the full moon back.

And to keep it, I will display all of my power. I wonder if you can do the same?

I'm not very self-confident, but as long as everyone's here I'll...!

We're taking the real moon back! This is for the coming autumn too!

Oh? I don't think hiding the moon will affect the passing of the seasons though.

The moon's a part of the seasons too. A fake harvest moon would be a sad sight to see.

You think the moon's a part of the seasons? That's just something the Earthlings decided on their own. The moon's been in the sky since before the seasons existed.

Despite having the name of the Normal version of the original STG pattern, the animation involves a diamond like the Lunatic version's name.

Kaguya! I won't let you get away with your selfishness anymore!

I believe I've seen you hanging around Mokou from time to time...

Until now, I thought this was a matter between you and Mokou, and tried my best not to interfere. But not anymore! As a human living alongside Mokou, I'm going to settle this!

Mokou, together with a human? Truly, I'll never get bored of watching THAT.

Don't think for a second that you'll always be able to smugly talk down to us like that. Mokou's lived and changed so much. I'll make you feel the weight of that history!

Yay, we did it!

Not bad. I didn't think you'd clear this challenge too.

I suppose the youkai of Earth still have a fair bit of fight left in them.

Why do you have to talk down at us all the time?

But it's true, isn't it? You've even been coexisting with the humans recently. It's been quite a show.

A thousand years ago, youkai were much more savage.

Hm... Our attitudes may have changed, but we haven't gotten any weaker. Even in today's Gensokyo, we still fight with the humans, just in a different form.

How so?

We've got our own modern way of doing things. Humans, and even fairies, can have a fair match with a youkai.

Even we don't lose ALL the time!

I see. I'm sure that will be fun to watch too.

Then the next challenge is this robe... Half-hearted danmaku will be as waves upon an unbreakable rock.


Impossible Request "Robe of the Fire Rat -Patient Mind-"

The Fire Rat was a legendary Chinese animal that straight up did not exist in the story's setting. Supposedly a robe made of its fur would only get more beautiful every time it was set on fire. This time the prince who was tasked to find it was an actually good guy, so he had friends throughout the world. He gave his Chinese pal a big old bag of gold in exchange for finding the robe, and the dude tried his absolute hardest. He eventually did find a gorgeous robe and sent it back, but when the prince decided to test it he found out it was just an ordinary robe. The prince was honest about what happened to Kaguya and left in shame.

This spell's danmaku effect pumps MP costs by 25 and gives Kaguya a barrier that reduces all damage by 1000. The obvious intention is to exhaust your characters, and to aid that Kaguya will only defend for this entire spell.

You know what that means?

That's right, this is the one time in the game Kurumi is actually sorta useful!

Oh, you have an interesting way of fighting.

How so?

I've never seen anyone use dolls as tools of war before. Are they animated by some mysterious spell?

Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm just moving them all myself.

What's important isn't the objects themselves, but the skill to use them. Maybe YOU could use a lesson on that.

I mean Kaguya has barely any HP this spell so I can just force my way through anyways, but it's the thought that counts.

I can feel a strong chill. You must be a cold fairy.

I'm an ICE fairy! I can freeze anything.

How convenient. I've been needing some ice to drive away this recent summer heat.

Hah! If you want that, you'll have to beat me first!

To think that such an arrogant fairy would be my opponent.

Those are some pretty gorgeous treasures you've got hoarded up there.

If you're enjoying them, then it was worth taking them out of storage.

Are you interested in treasures too?

If I had to say, I guess I'm not really attached to any of that worldly stuff. Both souls and goods are meant to travel the world. And you know, I think you've hoarded a bit too much of both.

Don't tell me you're planning to take them from me?

You're pretty unfit for eternity. So yeah, I'm taking what I can.

So this is the old enemy Mokou was talking about, huh?

She's Eirin's master, so we better not let our guards down.

But if we combine our power, victory is guaranteed!

My. You're hidden away in that ship, but you're surprisingly strong-willed.

Don't underestimate the time we've spent with each other.

I may not be able to fight on my own, but everyone else can make up fo-

Akyu, your feelings have kept this ship afloat.

Everyone's hopes are aboard this Palanquin Ship. We'll all crush you together!

The Palanquin Ship gets the kill. I had Gain cast too, so this rocketed them all up to the 40s.

...So you overcame this challenge too. You show a lot of potential.

Any shield can be broken with a strong enough force!

If you run home to the moon now, you might be able get out of this with your next treasure intact.

Don't start with that, please. I have no desire to return. Spending my time observing the Earth is far more enjoyable than the boring moon.

Hearing you say that, it doesn't sound at all bad. But...

But there's a huge hole in your argument. You keep talking like you know everything about the Earth, but frankly you don't know a thing.

Oh, why would you say that? I HAVE been living here all this time, after all.

Hah, are you saying that this soil where flowers don't even bloom is the same as the soil out there?

If you aren't affecting the people around you, you might as well not exist.

We'd never see someone who lives like that as a resident of the Earth.

...I don't need acceptance from you natives.

Moving on, the next treasure is quite appropriate for the people of Earth, born only to disappear.

I hope you'll make this worth taking out, and show me a good fight.


Impossible Request "Swallow's Cowrie Shell -Everlasting Life-"

For this task, a prince was supposed to find the cowrie shell all swallows kept hidden in their nests. The obvious joke being that of course those don't exist. After a long game of "do YOU know about this shell?", a ridiculous raid on every single swallow nest in the vincinity, and a gratuitous amount of injuries the prince gave up.

This is a weird spell. Every time Kaguya gets hit, the amount of HP she regenerates next turn goes up by 10%. She still has her barrier too, so she can take a decent amount of damage too.

So this time I actually do wait for everyone to be ready before attacking.

This spell's animation also makes more sense if you know the Lunatic name: Life Spring Infinity.

This is where it all ends. This incident was simply far too dangerous.

So, you're the one who's interfering with Eirin's spell by stopping the night.

So there are people with such talents even on the Earth.

That haughty attitude is exactly why you'll never be able to win against us, nor become a resident of Earth. You'll understand that shortly.

I'll never approve of what you're doing here, Kaguya, but... I pity you for just shutting yourself up in this mansion, even after you left the moon.

You pity me...?

Whenever you move to a new place, it's best to be proactive about making new connections.

It can be fun to learn about new ways of thinking of doing things.

Are you, a human Earthling... trying to take me under your wing? That's not quite the experience I came to Earth to seek.

Reimu and her backup squad take it down.

...You've fulfilled four of my requests.

All right, only one more to go!

Coming all this way sure was tiring though...

It won't be that easy. Many nobles have tried and failed. In fact, no one's ever cleared all of them.... Right, Mokou?


What's she talking about, Mokou?

Oh, she never told you? Mokou's father took on my challenges. In the end though, all he did was shame himself.

Shut up. Don't you dare say one more word about Father.


...Your humiliation of him is where this all began. I became immortal to restore his honor.

So that's how you ended up drinking the Hourai Elixir...

Oh, it was very bold. Too bad it spelled the end of her coexistence with humans.

Why you... You have no idea what Mokou's been through!

Let it go, Keine. I have something to say to you too, Kaguya. You just don't know what it means to live.

What do you mean?

Even with an immortal body, you can form connections. You can change. And if you can hold onto those changes, you can live alongside others.

...I was wondering what was going on here. You seem to be under some passing delusion.

Ridiculous. Someone like you, with an eternal life, playing at fitting in on Earth?

Mokou fits in just fine. What about you though? You keep saying you love the Earth, but you're really just gonna watch?

If all you do is look, you'll never be a part of it.


To live in a place is to become a piece of that place. If you wish to live here in Gensokyo, start by coming to know the taste of the mud.

As long as you're in this unchanging mansion, you'll never be living on Earth!

What's with all this arrogance...? If that's how you're going to be, then take on this final request. The most beautiful challenge of all, the one that stumped your father...

This rainbow danmaku, only rarely seen!


Impossible Request "Jeweled Branch of Hourai -Rainbow Danmaku-"

Supposedly somewhere in the world was an island called Hourai, filled with golden trees that had jewels for leaves. The prince tasked to bring a branch from this island called bullshit, but he was a smart guy. He told all his friends he would be going on a journey, then vanished for three years. Upon his return he presented a branch just like Kaguya asked for, and regaled her with tales of his travels. And as soon as he was done, three craftsmen came in and asked for their payment for the jeweled branch they made for him. The prince was embarassed, to say the least, and Kaguya just gave the branch to its creators.

By the way, have you noticed? Despite all of the requests being "impossible", Kaguya clearly has all of them in her animations. There's a joke that the real reason the requests were impossible is because Kaguya already had all of them.

The danmaku effects boosts the costs of all spirits by 30%. If I was using anything besides Alert and Grit, the two cheapest spirits, I might be worried.

It looks like you're holding something quite valuable.

You mean the Hakurouken? This is something that can only be used by the Konpaku clan.

I never said I wanted to USE it. Treasures naturally belong in a storeroom.

If that's the case, your tools must be crying.

My Roukanken, forged by youkai, will cut through Hakurouken's confusion! Allow me to show you its flash of steel!

It seems you have the power to manipulate time.

...The previous opponent noticed that too. Is my power really something to be so concerned about?

It's a little surprising, but only that. To me, it's nothing strange.

To you...?

But more importantly, I'd like to see more of your ability. I'm looking forward to seeing how many of my requests you can fulfill with your power.

And that's a wrap.

Kaguya drops the Bullet Branch of Hourai, which boosts the level of Support Attack/Defend by one. Or just gives that character the skills if they don't have them. It's really good!