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Fantasy Maiden Wars I

by BlitzBlast

Part 20


Palanquin Ship - Bridge
Music: Border of Regular and Irregular Days

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Hah, suck it Reimu! I won!

Not on my route you didn't!

...And that's what's going on with this incident.

I see, thank you.


Palanquin Ship - Hall
Music: Secret Mission!

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The whole party's finally together, so how about we relax?

By the way, where's Keine and Mokou?

Eh, who knows.


New/Changed Attacks

EDIT: Oh huh, I forgot Hina's new attack.

Eh, it's just Hina.


I see you've stopped the game. Thank you for your hard work.

...After linking up with Marisa's group, the Palanquin Ship advances further into the forest and discovers the enemy's stronghold. But there waiting for us is the ally we've fought alongside with until now: Keine.

Is it for Mokou's sake that she's blocking our path...?

Chapter 41 of Fantasy Maiden Wars I: "The Engraver's History".

Keine, why...?!


Okay we're officially reached the part of the game where voting options expand to a ridiculous degree. Once again, try not to spam teams of 3.5's or whatever; give other people a chance to vote.

Total Cost: 42.0

Mima (38)
Yuyuko (36)
Yukari (36)
Suika (36)
Yuuka (37)
Kanako (36)
Suwako (37)
Palanquin Ship (36) [Always forced.]

Reimu (34)
Marisa (38)
Ran (36)

Meiling (35)
Patchouli (32)
Sakuya (38)
Alice (37)
Youmu (36)
Komachi (32)
FA Nitori (32)
Momiji (30)
Aya (28)
Sanae (35)
Hatate (34)

Kurumi (32)
Elly (35)
Rumia (26)
Cirno (27)
Koakuma (36)
Chen (36)
Lily White (35)
Lunasa (34)
Merlin (35)
Lyrica (36)
Wriggle (37)
Mystia (36)
Shizuha (26)
Minoriko (25)
Hina (34)
Nitori (32)
Nazrin (29)
Shou (27)

Daiyousei (28)
Sunny (34)
Luna (30)
Star (32)

As usual, I'm forcing Magic Team. Unusually, I'm also forcing Reimu and Sanae since they have an event next chapter. This leaves you with 31.0 to work with.

Note: I didn't put Reimu and Sanae on a team, so you can give them whatever partners you want.